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  1. Winer

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    Bay Area
    Ordered new Johnny Cash Columbia Complete box set. Box came with almost no packing material and one side of the shipping box was pushed in/crushed. Opened and found box set dented and ripped. Asked for a replacement and was sent a shipping label. Received a partial refund yesterday rather than another box set. Emailed about remainder of refund and filed a complaint with Paypal. I've never had issues with ImportCds before, but not happy about this one.
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  2. Mooglander

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    What the hell!? That is horrific! :wtf:
  3. Ken Dryden

    Ken Dryden Forum Resident

    When using PayPal for a transaction, make sure it is through a credit card instead of a bank account. That gives you additional leverage if PayPal fails to make it good.
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  4. Winer

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    Bay Area
    Agree and I do. I use an Amex. They have always have me covered.
  5. bug2362

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    West Seattle, WA
    I have received numerous broken jewel cases with Import CD’s
    I now try to order from MillionsofRecords (formerly ErnieB’s) via EBay
    They ship in a box and closer to me as a West Coast seller…
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  6. Mirrorblade.1

    Mirrorblade.1 Forum Resident

    Yeah, thats the problem using compressed cardboard mailer..
    I wish they use bubble mailers.
  7. Winer

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    Bay Area
    Issue was resolved by Paypal in my favor. Funny that after it was resolved Import CD tried to take credit and apologized and said they were issuing a refund. Will put Import Cds to the back of the bus after this incident.
  8. Glad to hear it worked out for you.
    Your experience on top of other horror stories convinces me to continue not using them.
    Haven't placed an order there in a very long time.

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