Importcds uk buyers beware !

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    For a long time now, eBay and other sites have been adding U.K. sales tax upfront for items outside the U.K. For that reason, I completely avoid such purchases. The best way to get CDs is through Discogs, where you are dealing directly with the seller.

    As you probably know, about 10 years ago, the U.S. stopped surface mail exports. What a horrible decision.

    What I wrote above hurts Mosaic Records, which could really use much more business. U.K. sales tax, the Royal Mail handling fee, and having a large box set airmailed, is just too much for me.

    A similar topic is the United States ridiculous I.R.S. and its thousands of pages of rules and its terrifying power. Legislation connected with that was described as the most idiotic piece of government legislation ever. Some countries will no longer do business with the U.S. It's just too much of a hassle.
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    Thanks for heads up
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    Just been looking at Mofi CD's on importcds website. They are now charging $38 instead of $24. Does anyone know why there has been such a big price hike?
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    Have noticed this, this is about 20 percent, this is the figure you would pay to the uk before the hike. Maybe a mistake but would be interesting to make a buy to see if they put another 20 percent to the uk on top.Wowhd have still got the lower price but when the vat is added its importcds new price.

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