In Your Opinion: True Best Of's & Greatest Hits

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JFSebastion, Nov 24, 2022.

  1. JFSebastion

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    Maricopa Arizona
    First off, any genre of music , on any musical platform. Even though I am making my selections purely on vinyl and in the Rock genre in particular, all are welcome.

    Some of the choices some might select could only work on CD , because that is the only format it was released on. Some Artists like the Rolling Stones have countless Best Of packages, someone like Led Zeppelin have few or one. At the time of this Thread, some Artists haven't released part of their later catalog on Best Of record. An example might be Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Their double album of Greatest Hits stops at 1993. Short of his best album Wildflowers ( most people's choice for best album). Still it makes my list, because its concise and does something else, the Best packages do. It offers new songs exclusively to that package , Mary Jane's Last Dance and the Cover of Something in the Air.

    So here goes. .

    The Beatles 62-66 & 67-70
    I chose this package over the
    Beatles 1 set, for obvious reasons. The Beatles were not just a hits making group. Too many Classic songs would have to be left off.

    Eric Clapton - Complete Clapton

    And yes, " Complete " is already outdated. Still this 2 album set crosses over many decades and different bands Eric played in. So Cream and Blind Faith and Derek & the Dominoes are all here. This will have to do until a more complete retrospective is created

    Lindsey Buckingham: The Best Of

    Again, possibly a work in progress. His Self Titled 2021 album, cut by Chris Bellman has some standout cuts that would fit nicely along side the 6 LP set. So in depth a set, it literally could replace most of his studio albums. Well over half of his Out of the Cradle album is here. While only Trouble, the single from his quirky first album is offered. Still a grand set from a criminally overlooked singer and tunesmith.

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Greatest Hits

    So only half of their decades long career is here. I would love to see what the second half of his recording career might be if kept in concept. Yes, there are bigger sets released, but for me, this has no low points. All Killer and No Filler.

    The Rolling Stones : Hot Rocks 1964 - 1971

    Another Killer set. Incomplete, but nearly perfect in its own universe.

    Neil Young - Decade

    Still another set that falls far short of Mr. Young's long span career, but much like Complete Clapton, it starts out with Buffalo Springfield ( maybe best band name ever) and runs up past the mid seventies. Amazing.

    So that's a start. What do you guys have spinning on the turntable or in the CD player?
  2. human riff 999

    human riff 999 "Let Me Be Who I Am, And Let Me Kick Out The Jams"

    There are a lot of Mac compilations....but this one is perhaps the best of the Peter Green Years as it has Studio and Live songs....the live was so important....and I like your thought Hot is not complete...missing some important Exile songs like Happy and Tumbling Dice....and maybe IORR.....but really covers the Brian years...and Taylor stuff that was important.....but MTs importance was live shows much more!!!!!!.... do not need Angie Heartbreaker Hot Stuff Miss You....all that later stuff is second rate compared to these songs...hits but maybe ****s to me....

    This Mac one covers Original Fleetwood Mac Accept No Imitations pretty well

  3. alchemy

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    Sterling, VA
    Best of`s i bought and liked when they first came out on LP.

    Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits
    Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits Volume Ii
    Byrds`s Greatest Hits
    Jimi Hendrix - Smash Hits
    Flying Burritos - Close Up The Honkey Tonks
    Hank Williams - 40 Greatest Hits
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  4. maui jim

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    West of NYC
    Since James Taylor never made a great album his GH on WB, is an absolute must.
  5. human riff 999

    human riff 999 "Let Me Be Who I Am, And Let Me Kick Out The Jams"


    Nice ones here.....Burritos one is really fine one.....a fav....good stuff on it!!!!!! Where to start with them if one is curious....great post!!!!!
  6. human riff 999

    human riff 999 "Let Me Be Who I Am, And Let Me Kick Out The Jams"

    For dure....only I do not like Steamroller Blues...filler for me....replace with Blossom and Just Like Heaven....but its essential!!!!!!!!!!!
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  7. KenJ

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    Flower Mound, TX
    I like these

    Chuck Berry - The Great 28
    Eagles Greatest Hits
    Bob Marley - Legend
    The Cure - Staring at the Sea
    The Very Best of 10cc
    XTC - Fossil Fuel
  8. Frozensoda

    Frozensoda Forum Resident

    I’d have to go with the greatest selling hits comp of all time.
    Eagles: Their Greatest Hits (1971–1975)
  9. Paul Gase

    Paul Gase Everything is cheaper than it looks.

    This Is The Moody Blues

    2 of my favorites.
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  10. Fischman

    Fischman RockMonster, ClassicalMaster, and JazzMeister

    New Mexico
    Ultimate Petula Clark

    This Is Easy: The Best of Marshall Crenshaw

    Joe Jackson - Greatest Hits

    Dusty Springfield Ultimate Collection
  11. human riff 999

    human riff 999 "Let Me Be Who I Am, And Let Me Kick Out The Jams"

    The MC5 is easy to complete as they are no more....of all the Comps out there....this one covers it pretty well....I might leave Miss X out for Tutti Frutti.....but its another good start if you are not familiar with them....I might try to add the 3 live songs from Tartan Field good!!!!! but this is definitive as it gets for them!!!!!!!!!

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  12. The 10-song The Best of Chuck Berry: The Millennium Collection includes everything you need to hear by the true king of rock ‘n’ roll.
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  13. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    Probably the greatest greatest hits album ever: Squeeze Singles - 45’s & Under
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  14. DPK

    DPK Forum Resident

    The Jam- Snap!
    Pink Lincolns- Milking It
    The Cure- Staring at the Sea
    The Flaming Lips- Greatest Hits
    Public Image Limited- Greatest Hits So Far
    Descendents- Somery
    NOFX- Greatest Songs Ever Written... By Us
    Wilco- What's Your 20?
    Dinosaur Jr.- Ear-Bleeding Country
    Pearl Jam- Rearviewmirror
    The White Stripes- Greatest Hits
    REM- In Time
    REM- Eponymous
    REM- And I Feel Fine
    U2- those 2 "best of" CDs
    Lemonheads- Laughing All the Way to the Cleaners (even though it doesn't have any Ben Deily tunes)
    Afghan Whigs- Unbreakable
    ALL- ALL
    Snuff- Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other
    Green Day- International Superhits
    Dead Milkmen- Death Rides a Pale Cow
    Further- Where Have You Been
    Boyracer- Punker Than You Since '92
    Boyracer- Boyf--ingracer
    Mr. T Experience- A History of the Concept of MTX
    Screaching Weasel- Weaselmania
    Yo La Tengo- Prisoners of Love
    J Church- Ecstacy of Communication
    Tim Easton- Before the Revolution
    Paul Weller- Modern Classics
    Paul Weller- More Modern Classics
    Alice Donut- Freaks in Love
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  15. c-eling

    c-eling They're made of light,We never would have guessed

    A favorite- the Australian 2002 Legendary Hall & Oats :)
  16. Michael Macrone

    Michael Macrone Forum Resident

    San Francisco, CA
    Besides some great ones already mentioned, I'd like to also single out:

  17. SpiderJohn

    SpiderJohn Pronouns? I don't need no stinking pronouns

    Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Gold & Platinum"

    REO Speedwagon "A Decade Of Rock 1970-1980" goes up to (but not including) "Hi Infidelity" era


    Little River Band - "Greatest Hits" (a good pressing sounds awesome, and some really fantastic tracks)
  18. Spastica

    Spastica Run aground on the floor for you....

    Modesto, CA
  19. Kingsley Fats

    Kingsley Fats Forum Resident

    I'm afraid that you are deluded if you think that everything that anybody needs to hear from Chuck Berry can be condensed down to 10 tracks.
  20. klaatuhf

    klaatuhf Forum Resident

    Sydney, Australia
    My favourite Best of albums LP's/Cassettes that were the first albums I ever had by these artists that then encouraged me to buy their entire catalogues:
    The Beach Boys: 20 Golden Greats
    Bread: The Sound of Bread
    America: History
    Neil Diamond: His 12 Greatest Hits
    David Bowie: ChangesOneBowie
    Jim Croce: Time in a Bottle - Jim Croce's Greatest Love Songs (1976)
    Creedence Clearwater Revival: Chronicle 1 & 2
    Elvis Costello: The Very Best of Elvis Costello & The Attractions 1977–86
    The Bee Gees: Best of The Bee Gees (1969)
    The Shadows: 20 Golden Greats

    The Who: The Story of The Who (1976)
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  21. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    Back in the 1970s, greatest hits records -- not later anthologies or comprehensive sets but greatest hits pulled together at the peak of an artist's commercial run -- were some of my favorites. They were records everybody had more so than full albums, and they were often the best way to hear pop music of the '50 and '60s when singles, not albums, dominated the focus. I could of must haves for me would be:

    Elvis' Golden Records
    Aretha's Gold
    The Byrds - Greatest Hits
    Sly & the Family Stone - Greatest Hits
    War - Greatest Hits

    All those contemporaneous Motown ones, but especially Four Tops - Greatest Hits
    Temptations - Greatest Hits 1

    Best of Sam & Dave

    Of more recent vintage I'd add
    Madonna Immaculate Collection
    Pink - Greatest Hits...So Far!!!
  22. Another Steve

    Another Steve Senior Member

    After about fifty years, I'd decided this 2CD compilation is all the Led Zeppelin I needed.

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  23. Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly 1964-73 rock's best decade

  24. Michael Macrone

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    San Francisco, CA
    Also noteworthy because, at the time and for many years thereafter, it was the only way to get "Hot Fun in the Summertime," "Everybody Is a Star," and "Thank You (Falletinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" on an LP. And as an LP it holds together brilliantly—a great album in its own right.
  25. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

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