Inside Llewyn Davis

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  1. I lined it too. Will buy it when it vines out on VHS. DVD
  2. audiomixer

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    Well, my faith in humanity restored. No Golden Globes for "Inside Llewyn Davis". Rightfully so...
  3. The Panda

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    But American Hustle has now been christened the "Academy frontrunner" by the media......I know there are people here who just adore (cough cough) that film.
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  4. audiomixer

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    I still hope that "12 Years..." gets the nod at the Academy Awards.
  5. mindblanking

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    Played hookey from life and went to see this today. I really enjoyed it. The music was great and the acting was first rate top to bottom. It drew me in but, unfortunately, once it had me it didn't take me anywhere. I'm not someone who needs a lot of plot but I do need something to root for... Something. I felt like this became redundant after awhile. Well made, of course but hit the same notes too many times in a row. I'll give it a 7.5 out of 10.
  6. Ghostworld

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    Hmm. too bad.
  7. johnny 99

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    I saw this last night.
    I was blown away. This movie borders on being a masterpiece to me.
    Oscar Issac deserves an Academy Award for Best Actor here.
    It was an excellent film IMO
    Timberlake was fine in the small role he played; John Goodman was amazing in his small role. Carey Mulligan eas good as well.
    But Isaac steals the show here.
    It helps if you know what they were going for here; the depiction of the time period (early 60's New York) was amazing
    Just a fantastic film overall.
    It 's insulting that this film didn't garner at least 5 or more Academy Award nominations. It should have.
  8. johnny 99

    johnny 99 Down On Main Street

    That may have been the best film I saw overall in the last 12 months.
    Everyone has a right to their opinion, but Inside Llewyn Davis was very unfairly snubbed this year and weaker efforts were given nods.
    That's the way I see it.
    Maybe the film is too deep for some, I'm not sure.
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  9. Cheepnik

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    I'm seeing a lot of dashed unrealistic expectations on the part of people who disliked Davis. No, there aren't tons of songs in it, because it isn't a musical. No, there's no real plot to it, because it's a character study, not a linear story. But the acting, photography and editing were first-rate, and the development of even the smallest characters was rich and even profound at times. As they always seem to do, I have a feeling the Coens accomplished exactly what they set out to accomplish, and the audience is free to get on board or not. I'd rank it among their five best.
  10. smilin ed

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  11. Andy Lee

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  12. Monosterio

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    I think the film being a box-office bomb has something to do with it. It's totally gone from theatres here.:(
  13. progrocker71

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    It has earned about $10 million in the US so far, there are no foreign numbers available yet so I'm assuming it hasn't opened in many other markets.

    Here are the rest of the smaller nominees:

    Nebraska - $9 million,
    Philomena - $59 million worldwide
    Her - $12 million
    12 Years A Slave - $52 million worldwide
    Dallas Buyers Club - $16 million
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  14. audiomixer

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    Rightfully snubbed in my opinion. One of the most overly hyped films of the year with very little substance.
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  15. Dillydipper

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    Gee, hype preceding a film? Why, that's sacrilegious...! *cough*Anchorman2*cough*

    I get the feeling nobody working on this could agree on what this film was going to be about. It certainly wasn't about anything the public thought it was going to be about. If this was supposed to be their
    O Brother... about the folk scene, sorry thanks for playing...if this was about pleasing all the old geezers in NYC who've been living there since 1961, maybe they got something there.

    I get the impression somebody wanted this to the "anti-'Gump'": a movie about an interesting period in cultural history, only in this one, the character manages to go from place-to-place without
    anything of significance happening within his line of sight. A good metaphor and example would be, we find out Cary Mulligan got pregnant, but we didn't get to see how. :hide:

    Or, maybe it was the result of a drunken bet: "...and I sez I can make a film to plug John Goodman in, where he takes all the air out of the middle, serves no purpose, then is yanked out of the plot with
    no repercussions of him being there...*hic*..."

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  16. audiomixer

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    Hype meaning that they hyped it as look into the early 60's folk scene. A soundtrack with lots of music; a film with hardly any.
  17. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    Well, I wouldn't know anything about that...I have a feeling the publicists put just what they wanted to out there, and other people, building on the buzz, heard what they wanted to hear, and "completed the thought".
    I've seen the trailer enough in my local indie cinema over the past couple months, and in retrospect, it "hints" at a lot of the things I guess they wanted certain audience members to take for granted.

    I will say, whoever was behind that crossover-promotion of the George Washington Bridge did a slam-bang top-of-mind-awareness whenever I see something on the news, I'm ready to see Llewin
    Davis interviewed before going to commercial.

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  18. remain_in_light

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    I just wished I'd bought the LP for $5 when it was released. It was a special locally.
  19. Barry Vaughan

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    Or: wrongfully snubbed & more substance than some its audience could handle.

    You didn't get it.
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  20. audiomixer

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    Oh, I got it...
  21. I did for that price and it's great.
  22. clashcityrocker

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    My 2 cents. In the first minute I knew I'd walk out before it finished and after 40 miserable minutes I finally did. What a mess! Phil Ochs should be reanimated and then made to go el kabong on the Coens' heads. In the film we follow this cynical untalented jerk around and watch him belittle other people he feels are inferior ie. a naive singer, a loving fan, a caring sister etc. Then conversely we watch other cynical characters attempt to bring him down ie. John Goodman's junkie freak, a unscrupulous label owner, an uncaring club owner. Then we have to sit through some punched in perfect T-Bone Burnett folk concoctions that have nothing to do with the 1961 folk scene. Yes, they sound nice but is he this great folk singer or is he this untalented hack? I could go on about the insincerity of this film but I think you get my point. The NYC hipsters will dig it but anyone with a heart will see through it's cold cynical veneer. Now how do I reanimate someone...
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  23. progrocker71

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    If you decide you're going to walk out of a movie after the first minute...then you've obviously made up your mind prior to seeing the film and you could have just saved yourself the cost of the movie ticket.
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  24. Im a 59 year old west coast man with a huge heart. I liked it. And even more the second time. The soundtrack is great too. But i understand those who don't like it and excepted a feel good historic accurate bio pic of the era. Which it is not.
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  25. The only time i ever walked out on a film was when I was in NYC and an hour in i realized i left my laptop bag under a table at a cafe. I jumped and ran ten blocks and it was still there under the legs of two beautiful women...
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