Interesting Review of Cartridges on YouTube

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by allied333, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. Mugrug12

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    San Francisco
    You're going to get rid of it without listening to it because of a dude on YouTube?
    Why don't you try them both and sell the one you don't prefer? Even if he projects confidence you could totally still have better ears than him and an equally valid opinion.
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  2. patient_ot

    patient_ot Forum Resident

    How did you arrive at those capacitance numbers? You need to include the cabling and the internal capacitance of the phono preamp.
  3. JohnO

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    Washington, DC
    My gut feeling is the possibly "brighter" AT could work and sound well with a tube Allied 333.
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  4. StuJM84

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    Kent, UK
    This exactly. 1 persons rubbish is another persons treasure.

    You should at least give both of them a fair crack in your system before deciding which to keep. Remember that the Youtube chap is going to have a completely different system, in a completely different room set up to yours and his taste will be different too. His opinion is no more valid or incorrect as anyone elses and should just be used as a helpful way of choosing your cartridge, not the last word in it.
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  5. missan

    missan Forum Resident

    Seems a more than usual biased review to me. Nothing one can form an own opinion on.
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  6. allied333

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    Fenton, MI
    You are spot on regarding a factory stock Allied 333.
    My Allied 333 is just whisper of the original performance due to completely recapped with K40Y-9 including the important tone controls, new power supply caps providing less than 5 volts AC ripple vs 18 volts stock & adding RCA 12AX7 black plate tubes (best from a lot of vintage 12AX7s). Waiting for various 6BM8s to arrive to finish tuning. I have Amperex Bugle Boy, Mullard England, Siemens, AWA Thorn & Philips Miniwatt 6BM8s arriving soon. I am using 1963 Matsushita 6BM8s now and this Allied 333 is very clear & detailed without being harsh right now. It is a far cry from the original somewhat veiled performance. Yes, I am a tube nut all the way!
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  7. Cosmo-D

    Cosmo-D Well-Known Member

    His reviews are great. I particularly like his adjectives. He describes the bass as "meek and clang-gy".
  8. Helom

    Helom Forum Resident

    I particularly like the blanket statements.
  9. Sir Talbot Buxomly

    Sir Talbot Buxomly Forum Resident

    Glasgow, Scotland
    His videos are entertaining and I hope he keeps doing them.

    But, at the end of the day, he's just one voice in a sea of millions.
  10. Mugrug12

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    San Francisco
    Meek and clang-y were one of the best U.K. jungle groups.
  11. loki7177

    loki7177 Active Member

    Exactly he is only one voice so you have to take it for what it is worth. What he hears and his associating equipment may differ greatly form yours. However, I really enjoy his content because of his enthusiasm for the hobby and his ability to articulate what he hears, and english is probably his second language.
  12. Leonthepro

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    Uppsala Sweden
    Im sure you would be happy with almost any 100-200$ priced cartridge. Test different ones if you have the patience and will, otherwise dont worry too much.

    I often recommend Ians videos but there is also often opposition to what he thinks. Your setup might prefer something else, in the end I doubt the differences are as big as presented for most listeners and he seems to have a pretty revealing system to boot.

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