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International Amazon sites now adding taxes for US orders

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by aperfecttool, Oct 11, 2020.

  1. aperfecttool

    aperfecttool ├ćnimic Thread Starter

    RDU, NC, USA
    Just wanted to make everyone aware as I just noticed this (you have to click on the smaller fine print to see it):

    Order Summary
    Items: 109.38 USD
    Postage & Packing: 15.32 USD
    Order Total: 124.70 USD
    Order Totals include Tax.See details. ==> click on this to see it

    Amazon.de Order Summary
    Items: 101.98 USD
    Postage & Packing: 14.29 USD

    Total before tax: 116.27 USD
    Tax: 8.42 USD
    Order Total: 124.70 USD
  2. chazz101s

    chazz101s Forum Resident

    For Raleigh, NC, 7.25% is the local sales tax rate.

    8.42/116.27 = 0.07241764857

    Close enough. But still a crock. (Are we to believe that this tax collection will find its way to our state? HarHarHar.)
  3. Scope J

    Scope J Senior Member

  4. Tjazz

    Tjazz Music is my Mistress

    Big Brother is watching
  5. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    You can blame your state for passing a marketplace facilitator law.
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  6. Joseph.McClure

    Joseph.McClure Forum Resident

    Memphis, TN
    Government need money.

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