Interpol - LP6 "Marauder" August 24, 2018

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by DorothyV, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Oooooh, nice! Probably wouldn't do this today but I did it in 2004 when they were opening the Interpol Space in Berlin. Got both "Bright Lights" and "Antics" signed. :righton:
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  2. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Well, I guess not everything touches everybody. I could post a very long list of supposedly great and seminal albums that did zero for me. :yikes:
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  3. Spaceboy

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    Not everyone is from New York, yet if you look on rate your music it is very highly rated and I just don't get it.
  4. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    You don't need to be from New York to get the album?!

    I remember how "Turn On The Bright Lights" spread. Partly through hype (mainly) in the British weeklies, partly through genuine word of mouth. I remember it touched a lot of friends, acquaintances that normally weren't too interested in new music. Must be the mixture of stylish British melancholy and vintage NYC venom. It was a perfect fit for 2002 and reached people that loved music as diverse as Tindersticks, Joy Division or Television.
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  5. Spaceboy

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    I just don't get it.
  6. TexasBuck

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    Dallas, TX
    Still trying to get my head around this album but I am enjoying it. It's likely going to end up at or near the bottom of my Interpol catalog rankings. However, that speaks more to the quality of Interpol's albums than anything. "Marauder" will likely end up my favorite album of 2018.

    The first two songs are probably my favorites. I didn't like "The Rover" when I first heard it but it has grown on me a lot. "Flight of Fancy" and "Surveillance" are probably next on my list. Anyone else think there is a growing resemblance of Paul Banks' voice to Ozzy Osbourne's? (Just in the higher register) I started thinking that on "El Pintor" and it seems even more pronounced on "Marauder".
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  7. friendofafriend

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    South Jordan, UT
    I've played this album some more, and I do think it has some potentially promising songs. For whatever reason though, I still find it difficult to really enjoy. My first guess about why that is would be the way it sounds and was produced. The BBC video of "If You Really Love Nothing" performance certainly suggests that a different sound could really improve this album for me.

    I like to try to imagine what it could have sounded like with the same songs but Carlos D doing the bass lines and Martin Hannett producing, which would of course have been completely impossible in the second case. But I would really like to hear them embrace their potential similarities with early post-punk and intentionally go for that sound. I'd like it, but I guess a lot of people would complain that approach would be too unoriginal.
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  8. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    Well.... people have been saying that about Interpol since 2002 so.... why not? :evil:
  9. twicks

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  10. friendofafriend

    friendofafriend Forum Resident

    South Jordan, UT
    I just got the U.S. black vinyl version of Marauder, and I do think it is a little more enjoyable to listen to than the cd.

    I guess this album must still be growing on me if I was willing to invest in the LP version. I'd like to compare the sound of the cream vinyl, but don't really feel the need to buy the album a third time yet.
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  11. Jerry James

    Jerry James Rorum Fesident

    Save your money - the (US) cream vinyl is crap.
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  12. jalexander

    jalexander Forum Resident

    Always thought I would like this band but have never had time to check them out. Picked up Marauders on vinyl at Urban Outfitters for $14CDN (about $10USD) today. 30% off sale continues through Cyber Monday.
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  13. jeffmo789

    jeffmo789 Give The Gift of Music!

    New England
    Let us know what you think, but IMO the latest is not in the same league as their overall best album Turn On The Bright Lights.
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  14. 4011021

    4011021 Forum Resident

    I have the cream vinyl and it's flawless. A good record with a questionable production. You kind of need to get used to it I suppose. I put it on and it seems like my tweeters are dead, but by the third or fourth song it sounds more palatable. Than the side A ends, I get up, turn it to side B, sit down, wait for the music to begin and suddenly the same impression of dead tweeters come back.

    I can imagine someone ordering a new cartridge and this records and both arriving at the same time. He installs the cartridge, puts the record on, and wonder if his stylus was damaged during shipping or if he did something wrong while setting up or what the hell is going on.
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  15. Rgfinch

    Rgfinch Forum Resident

    That's exactly right - it sounds like there's something wrong with my equipment. Does anybody other than Fridmann actually think that his overload/distortion sounds good?
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