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    Based on the spring/summer European/UK tour dates listed in the package, I would guess it was released in the spring of 1993...
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    Days Of Rust

    We hit the vocals and band straight away.
    I am unsure of any particular sequencing issues, but I'll rethink that when we have been through the album.

    Dirty money
    Washed rich
    Suck my honey
    It's a cinch

    Use your delusions
    To get ahead
    I'm not faking
    A single breath

    You say these days are made of rust
    Counted out
    Counted out in loss
    I've got plans to prove them wrong

    I got manners
    Like a comedy
    If you push to hard baby
    It's a thin veneer

    Some of these days are made of rust
    Counted out
    Counted out in loss
    I've got plans to prove them wrong

    Got the new deal
    It's like a wish
    See me wanting
    All of this

    Use my delusions
    To get ahead
    I'm not faking
    A single breath

    You say these days are made of rust
    Counted out
    Counted out in loss
    I've got plans to prove them wrong

    You say these days are made of rust
    Counted out
    Counted out in loss
    I've got plans to prove them wrong

    You say these days are made of rust
    Counted out
    Counted out in loss
    I've got plans to prove them wrong

    Songwriters: Michael Hutchence / Andrew Farriss
    Days of Rust lyrics © Warner Chappell Music, Inc, Universal Music Publishing Group

    Interesting lyric ... it almost seems like a reply to the band's critics of the time .... I am not really aware of them really, but I get the impression form posts here that the guys had been catching some criticism.... This seems like a semi-veiled hit back.

    I don't necessarily hear this as being particularly grunge-like. We have aggression and power, and a fairly dense kind of sound, but to me it just sounds like Inxs a little more amped up.
    Without particularly analysing it much closer, this seems like a good opener, Just one of those straight out of the box openers that gets the attention.

    I like the staggered drum pattern in here, I think it give the song a more interesting feel than a straight four would have.
    I think the guitar arrangement is really good. The bass is solid, but seems more like a solid base here than a particularly funky or melodic sideline.

    For me this is a solid opening that gets the attention. I think the song is really very solid. I like the chordal riff that we end up closing the song with too.

    Excellent opener

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    Reference guide

    The band's origins

    May 1980 Simple Simon / We Are The Vegetables

    Aug 1980 Live Paris Theatre, Sydney

    Oct 1980 Inxs (debut album)
    On A Bus
    Just Keep Walking - On TV
    Learn To Smile
    In Vain - live - interview
    Roller Skating - live
    Body Language
    Newsreel Babies
    Wishy Washy - live
    Just Keep Walking b-side Scratch

    Mar 1981 The Loved One/The Unloved One

    Sept 1981 Stay Young/Lacavocal

    Oct 1981 Underneath The Colours
    Stay Young
    Big Go Go
    Underneath The Colours
    Fair Weather Ahead
    Night Of Rebellion
    What Would You Do?
    Just To Learn Again
    Prehistoria - bside

    1982 INXSive

    Live 8/12/1982 -Sydney

    Four Corners - Flavour Of The Month

    After Dark Interview

    Oct 1982 Shabooh Shoobah - Ad
    The One Thing - 12" - live - countdown
    To Look At You - 12" - live 84
    Spy Of Love - live
    Soul Mistake - live
    Here Comes - live
    Black And White - live
    Golden Playpen - live
    Jan's Song - live
    Old World New World - live
    Don't Change - Countdown
    Space Shuttle
    Phantim Of The Opera
    Sax Thing
    You Never Used To Cry
    Here Comes II
    Go West
    Long In Tooth

    1982 Freedom Soundtrack - with Don Walker
    Speed Kills
    Forest Theme

    Stop The Drop - live Feb 83

    Inxs at LA Zoo

    Mar 1983 Live At Perkins Palace

    May 1983 US Festival

    Sept 1983 Dekadance US
    Black And White 12"
    To Look At You 12"
    The One Thing 12"
    Here Come II new version

    Apr 1984 The Swing
    Original Sin - single - video
    Melting In The Sun - video
    I Send A Message - single - live - live - live
    Dancing On The Jetty - video
    The Swing - live
    Johnson's Aeroplane
    Love Is (What I Say) - video - videos
    Face The Change - live
    Burn For You - single mix - live
    All The Voices - video
    Jans Song/To Look At You (live)
    The Harbour
    Johnson's Aeroplane alt.

    April 1984 Dekadance
    Original Sin - Dance Mix
    I Send A Message - ext
    Burn for You - ext
    Dancing On The Jetty - remix
    Melting In The Sun - remix
    Love Is ( What I Say) - remix

    1985 The Swing And Other Stories (video)
    The video

    Merry Christmas (fan club)

    Oct 1985 Listen Like Thieves
    What You Need - 12"
    Listen Like thieves - 12" - video
    Kiss The Dirt - video - 12"
    Shine Like It Does - live
    Good + Bad Times
    Biting Bullets
    This Time
    Three Sisters
    Same Direction
    One X One
    Red Red Sun
    Sweet As Sin
    I'm Over You
    Different World
    Six Knots

    1985 The Living Inxs

    1985 Oz For Africa

    Feb 1986 Do What You Do - Pretty In Pink

    Dec 1986 Dogs In Space

    Dogs In Space
    Golf Course
    The Green Dragon
    Rooms For The Memory - movie version

    Jul 1987 Laying Down The Law - Lost Boys

    1987 Australian Made

    1987 Inxs and Jimmy Barnes Good Times - live

    Oct 1987 Kick
    Guns In The Sky - Kookaburra mix - Kick Ass Mix
    New Sensation - Nick's 12" mix
    Devil Inside - video - radio edit - 12" mix
    Need You Tonight - full video - Mendelsohn Mix - Ben Liebrand Mix - Andrew Farris
    The Loved One
    Wild Life
    Never Tear Us Apart - video - alt.
    Mystify - video - Chicago demo
    Calling all Nations - Alt. mix
    Tiny Daggers
    On The Rocks
    I'm Coming (Home)
    Move On

    Aug 6th 1988 Toronto Live

    1988 Kick The Video Flick

    1989 In Search Of Excellence

    Sep 1989 Max Q
    Sometimes - video/straight rock mix -Rock House ext. - dub
    The Way Of The World - 12"
    Ghost Of The Year
    Zero-2-0 - Terry Todd Remix
    Soul Engine
    Monday Night By Satellite
    Love Man
    Zero 2 0

    Sept 1990 X
    Suicide Blonde - earth - devastation - milk - demolition - 7" nik - performance - video
    Disappear - 12" - live - Morales Mix
    The Stairs
    Faith In Each Other
    By My Side - demo
    Who Pays The Price
    Know The Difference
    Bitter Tears - 12" -instr
    On My Way
    Hear That Sound

    Everybody Wants You Tonight
    Middle Beast
    What You Need Cold Cut Force
    The Other Side
    Soothe Me

    Nov 1991 Live Baby Live
    part 1
    part 2
    part 3
    part 4
    part 5
    Shining Star

    Aug 1992 Welcome To Wherever You Are
    Questions - Instrumental
    Heaven Sent - Gliding Version - video - waltz
    Communication - live
    Taste It - video - 12" - live
    Not Enough Time - remix - video
    All Around
    Baby Don't Cry - video - orchestra mix
    Beautiful Girl - alt video - live
    Wishing Well - Instr. mix - ext. mix - alt version
    Back On Line
    Strange Desire - original
    Men And Women

    The Answer
    The Indian Song
    It Ain't Easy
    11th Revolution
    Deepest Red
    Light The Planet
    Firma Terror
    In My Living Room
    Underneath The Colours Chicken Mix
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    Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

    Thanks to WTWYA, I was literally fully back on the bandwagon with INXS and ready for the followup album. I was not disappointed. If WTWYA is considered their Sgt. Pepper, then FMDH is their Exile On Main St. - Sloppy, loose, and very aggressive all over the place. The main problems it had was that some of the songs sounded unfocused overall and just got by on momentum and thanks to the final tracklisting on the official album release, it doesn't flow quite as well as the tracklisting for WTWYA did with the energy in the new album stalling in spots. By now the band was dealing with Michael's head injury and subsequent fallout from it, the massive pressure to compete AGAIN to fit into the current music scene that basically swallowed them up whole to the point it felt that they finally "conceded" a bit by writing more grungy/aggressive songs just to get somewhere in the market but received even further pushback from the scene. It also didn't help that Atlantic Records was not even bothering to heavily promote the album. It was just dumped into the marketplace without barely any promotion; even less than WTWYA received upon its release. I only knew about its release from reading various music magazines at the time. Bought the record on release day (what else is new) and eagerly played it right away. Despite what I've previously said about the album, I still felt that they were still breaking new ground and still branching out in all directions. For this alone, I consider this their second best album because they were still pushing themselves and coming up with great songs that rivaled the best on WTWYA.

    I knew upfront that the record wasn't going to have a chance. I didn't hear ANY of the tracks on modern/alternative radio in Minneapolis. Nothing. By chance, I got to see the video for "The Gift" randomly once on air around that time and that was it. I was further dismayed when the album entered the Billboard charts at #53 and fell completely off a month later. Now I was pissed at the record label for just letting a great album like this vanish into nothing. Within a couple of months, any new copy I saw at the record store was already in the cutout bin. Soon after, I started reading in print from various members of the band openly complaining how the record label did nothing to increase its chances to be a big album and let it "die on the vine". I really wish this could have gone somewhere big.
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    "Days Of Rust"

    Within the first few seconds, I immediately felt I was listening to an aggressive Rolling Stones track with Michael channeling his inner Mick Jagger that had massive swagger being spit out over the lyrics. Raw and ragged, I thought it was a great album opener to start everything off. The fadeout of the song was a perfect intro to "The Gift".
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    Did other bands pull this stunt? I remember buying "The Gift" single just to get the U.S. tour dates on the packaging and thinking it was a pretty desperate move by the band.

    Now that I think of it, *this* would have made a great album cover for FMDH:
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    Days Of Rust: Good opener that starts things off with a bang, but like I said, the mix has always sounded off to me. Wonder if the "Use your delusions/To get ahead" line was a shot at GnR...
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    Before we get too deep into FMDH, we should add to the thread this 1992 Documentary on WTWYA that somebody just uploaded on YouTube a week ago. I don't recall seeing this until now.

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    Days of Rust: 4/5. Straight out balls-to-the-wall rocker really. No pretensions, no gimmicks, no second spared. Should have grabbed more ears than it did.

    Dr. Aftershave: In reference to your comment about the album being ignored. The fickleness of rock executives = worse morals than used car salesmen. 99 percent did not have a clue atthat time. It's been at 100 percent for decades now.
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    I've been working as a record engineer since 1994 and as a post-production sound editor in TV since 2005. I'm quite aware about the higher powers making decisions with their head up their own butt that kills any potential for any project to take off in the marketplace.
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    Arlington, Va
    Understand that mate. I'm dealing with a very different but similar situation.
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    Days Of Rust

    As a statement of purpose, this is a decent album opener. As a song on its own, it’s a bit nondescript however. It gets by on energy and aggression, but there isn’t much development.

    The drums might be the best thing this song has going for it. I agree with you there.

    I think it is telling that on the full-length video album “Days Of Rust”, “Make Your Peace” and “Viking Juice” are all placed near the end, but on the CD release two of those are in the first three tracks of the album. I like Days Of Rust the best out of those three, but I wouldn’t lead off with it. For example, would Listen Like Thieves work as well with Biting Bullets on track one Side One, and then right after the monster song What You Need it got followed up with One X One? Those two songs are on the back end of the album for a reason - and that should be the case here with a couple of these early tracks on FM, DH.

    It really does seem as if INXS were pressured to put the guitar-oriented tracks up front. But who are we kidding here? This album wasn’t going to suddenly become a hit just because the guitar songs led off the album. This is INXS and they do so much more than straight ahead rock songs. If the album was going to be a hit then it’d be on the strength of all the other great styles and talents they bring to the table - and those are all here too but they’ve been de-emphasized.
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    McKinney, TX, USA
    As an intro to The Gift, Days Of Rust works out pretty good as an opener. I agree.
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    For some reason, Days of Rust makes me think of another Australian band, Midnight Oil. It’s a fairly generic rocker and doesn’t leave much impression on me. I can’t quite explain why, but somehow it’s missing that magic INXS touch.
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    I’m a fan of “Days of Rust”. I think it felt a little generic to me, too, for a long time, but over the years, the more I came back to this album, the more I liked “Days of Rust”.

    Recently, this song came up in my Apple Music weekly Favorites Playlist and it actually sounded and felt pretty great on its own. It might not be one of their very best, but I think it’s a worthy, straight-up rock ’n’ roll cousin of many of the tracks on Welcome to Wherever You Are, and overall, a pretty solid track.
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    Days Of Rust is a very powerfully compelling & rebellious hard rock song. There are fantastic guitar riffs in every part of it. And Jon's drumming is so incredibly solid, that metronomes would cower in fear. My favourite part, is when the intensity level is incrementally increased when the bridge builds to its climax before shifting gears by dropping back into the verses. Simple but effective as hell. And despite the heavier style, it still sounds like INXS being INXS. A great opening track.
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    Excellent points. And I agree with most of the above. However, from their labels' perspective, if they don't hear the obvious 3 or 4 hit singles to sell to radio, they're not going to spend much $$$ promoting the album. And this applies to just about any album from any artist. I'm fully aware that there's plenty of politics involved in these decisions too. But even I can admit that there weren't really any obvious smash hits from FM, DH. Though, The Gift was nearly a top 10 hit in the UK and hit the top 20 in Australia.

    Actually, this was included on the, I'm Only Looking, 2 DVD set, from 2004...'m_Only_Looking_–_The_Best_of_INXS
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    Vancouver, BC
    I don't know? And I also don't know why you think promoting a tour with a compilation of mostly deeper album cuts is a "stunt" or a "pretty desperate move by the band"? I thought it was a good idea...
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  20. twicks

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    I'm talking about putting your upcoming tour dates inside a CD single to goose sales to fans; don't think I own any other CDs with them. But yes, maybe 'desperate' is going too far.
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    Vancouver, BC
    You're telling me there weren't any tour date listings in magazines or posters, etc.? And remember, these were the pre-internet days. So there weren't as many promotional options as there are now...
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    Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

    I'd recorded the long-form video album from the TV and we must've watched it 1000 times. Coming off the back of WTWYA I was very much back into the band, and I loved the new songs (particularly I'm Only Looking, Cut Your Roses Down, Freedom Deep, The Messenger) and their visual representations. If memory serves, much of the directorial talent was sourced by Richard Lowenstein through RMIT in Melbourne, so it also seemed like a cool philanthropic move to give exposure to new talent.

    Not sure if it was on Rage or on commercial TV, but it was also intercut with interviews with the whole band, none of which have resurfaced in any of the youtube clips I've seen with the 'frames on the tree' as the central motif.

    I've always assumed that my feeling that, while I love many of the individual songs, that it doesn't quite hang together as a cohesive album in the same way as WTWYA does, was just because I was more familiar with the sequence on the video album first. But many people in the thread feel the same in terms of the sequencing. I've by now listened to the album many more times, but I still never really know what song is coming next!

    Also, such a great title, but I think I remember it first being announced Full Moon Dirty Heart. My vinyl repress says Full Moon, Dirty Hearts on the front, Fullmoon, Dirty Hearts on the spine, and Full Moon, Dirty Heart on the label. What the?

    Also, the worst INXS LP cover, if not by anyone of all time. I wonder if it was a grunge thing? This is just us, back in the van? Tim's been dragged backwards through a hedge, Jon looks comically smug, Garry is bringing the sauce...awful photo, rubbish font.

    I too think that Eno was farming himself around mixing random songs here and there rather than working with them in the studio. I think he's just slapped some reverb on and flanged the vocal.

    While I'd listen to Chrissie Hynde sing the phone book, it's never felt like a 'duet' to me; more a 'co-sing'. Great approach, but it doesn't feel like they were in the same room. I'm sure they weren't in actual fact, but it sounds that way too.

    I still think it's a really strong set of songs, and I always use it as Exhibit B (after WTWYA) in demonstrating the disconnect between the quality of their work and their commercial fortunes.
  23. Interpolantics

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    Days of Rust

    A gut punch of an opening track. Despite the issues with the tracklisting I really like the one/two of this and The Gift. If I was to recommend an INXS album to a non fan who likes their music a bit heavier this is the album I would refer them to. I think the opening two songs on the album would surprise many people who are only familiar with Kick era INXS.

    The song itself powers along with serious bite. It's something of a mission statement, INXS are back and can rock as hard as the best of them.
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    McKinney, TX, USA
    I think you are correct because her vocals have a separate producer from the rest of the album. Instead of Mark Opitz, they are produced by Chris Kimsey. Thus they probably sent her the tapes and then she added her singing separately.
  25. David Jakubowski

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    I believe Sundays are "catch-up days" so I hope this okay today…

    I came up with a modified Full Moon, Dirty Hearts tracklist based on the video version. I tried not to alter this tracklist too much from the video version since it’s band-approved on some level. It might not be perfect, but I kinda like it. My thoughts on the changes I did make:

    I wasn’t quite satisfied with “Kill the Pain” as the album closer. It’s just not “big” enough for me as a closing statement. It feels to me more like the acoustic set in the middle of a rock concert, so I moved it to track 6, which would be the end of side 1 on vinyl, and that way, still be a closer of sorts.

    Inspired by the idea of a ballad as the album opener and closer as in the video tracklist, I moved the title track to the end. It’s much bigger and feels like a better statement to leave things on.

    Listening through this playlist, I think it works pretty well. It definitely could benefit from more space in between songs as the video provides, and I would love the ending more if there was some sort of instrumental “Freedom Deep” reprise, even if brief. (Anyone here a Depeche Mode fan? Think the short “Everything Counts” reprise at the end of Construction Time Again. Or Band on the Run if you prefer McCartney. Etc. etc.)

    1. Freedom Deep
    2. The Gift
    3. I’m Only Looking
    4. The Messenger
    5. Time
    6. Kill the Pain
    7. Please (You Got That…)
    8. Cut Your Roses Down
    9. Make Your Peace
    10. Days of Rust
    11. Viking Juice
    12. Full Moon, Dirty Hearts

    What does everyone else think?

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