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    This is a great comment. I have two thoughts to add:

    First, if in this alternate universe where AOB or CW had “taken off like a rocket” as mentioned above (and as they should have), I suspect that you are right and that Bruce would have worked longer on his solo career. This would have also given him more leverage at a later point if and when he rejoined Maiden. I am sure that a Bruceless Maiden would have continued to flounder. With Bruce’s added leverage, the result then might have been reunion albums that were more focused and more concise, as AoB and CW were. ...and as Bruce and Adrian clearly demonstrated that they wanted. Although I personally love all of the reunion albums, I suspect they would be even better if more input from Bruce and Adrian were allowed by Harris and would have resulted in more streamlined releases during the reunion period.

    My second point is that, although I have not checked out skunkworks, which I’m sure was due to the overall negative perception as you mentioned above, i also think it might have been hurt by the name skunkworks. AoB, Chemical Wedding,those names suggest you are in for a rocking affair. Skunworks as a title is a bit offputting. Now understanding the connotation from this thread, I can certainly understand what he was going for, but I don’t think that would’ve been a name that lured in the general public (like, say, Piece of Mind, a brilliant album title). Bruce was a bit too esoteric for the general public on this one I think. The result is: I am going to check out skunkworks NOW, thanks The Hermit!
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    Bruce Dickinson, Skunkworks:
    1. Space Race: Very STP Like, but I will say, Bruce got it right here, good structured song and vocal from Bruce. Am engaging effort and a solid way to open the record.
    2. Back From the Edge: Pretty decent choice for a single, and I think it’s a really good tune- great performances from all involved, solid melody and structure. I really like this song, good stuff.
    3. Inertia: While I like Bruce’s voice here, I’m very indifferent to the song otherwise, pretty bland tune.
    4. Faith: Possibly the most Maiden esque tune so far, the riffage kind of reminds me of something from the Powerslave era. Decent song, not as good as the first two, but a decent listen.
    5. Solar Confinement: Decent structure, great vocals from Bruce, but the song doesn’t really rise to the occasion.
    6. Dreamstate: While Bruce doesn’t sound too bad on here, the song is a plodding thud overall.
    7. I Will Not Accept The Truth: And I will not accept this song.
    8. Inside the Machine: We’re picking up steam again, good groove and structure; pretty good so far.
    9. Headswitch: Bruce sounds decent here, but the song is a bore otherwise.
    10. Meltdown: I like the drum intro here, Bruce sounds good, but other than that, I’ll pass.
    11. Octavia: I don’t mind this one, decent structure, Bruce is of course in strong voice.
    12. Innerspace: Good Song, Don’t mind it.
    13. Strange Death In Paradise: I could take or leave this one.
    And now bonus tracks:
    1. I’m In a Band with an Italian Drummer: An attempt at a jokey song, and I always skip it.
    2. Rescue Day: Meh.
    3. GodS Not Coming Back: A short, straightforward rocker, I can deal with it.
    4. Armchair Hero: I skip this one.
    5. R 101: Not Bad, nice change of pace.
    6. Re-Entry: Kind Of Cool, i dig it.
    7. Americans Are Behind: Not horrible, but not really good either.
    I like it better than Tattooed Millionare, but I can live without this record as a whole.
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    Okay Hermit, you convinced me.
    You're right in saying he saw in Maiden a stiffling environment, and with "Accident of Birth" and "Chemical Wedding" he clearly showed them what he meant by modernizing Iron Maiden. My speculation was a bit too much of a stretch, I simply forgot some statements he made back then or didn't consider them in my statement. And I really didn't know he thought about quitting the biz, that's tough!
    Still, as I really can't get into "Balls To Picasso" or "Skunkworks" and consider both of them mediocre copies of trendy sounds, I wonder how that can be.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm no stubborn metalhead and listen to lots of different stuff like soul, jazz and pop.
    I love the Beatles, Curtis Mayfield, Thelonious Monk as much as my metal, but I really think those two albums are uninspired stinkers.
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    Judas Priest's "Angel Of Retribution" was produced by Roy Z, and I think it sounds... cheap, somehow and overly compressed. In my book, his feet ain't big enough for a great production.
    And I really think that Iron Maiden found "their" man in Kevin Shirley. It's also compressed, but he get's Maiden's grandeur, something Roy Z, IMHO, couldn't.
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    I could do a song-by-song review, but it would just be a copy of this. Completely agree. And why would somebody release an album called Skunkworks, thinking it would be a hit? Branding, folks!
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    Bruce Dickinson - Skunkworks:

    "Space Race"
    , cool little mid-tempo rocker opens the album. Solid, spacey feeling song, good vocals from Bruce and it already shows that this is gonna be totally new and different side of Bruce (that you weren't necessarily waiting back then).
    Even if this sounds a bit softer, guitar-oriented alternative rock compared to the previous album and it's feelings, I think it's really catchy and great opener for the album. I dig this and I liked the whole album when it was released.

    "Back From The Edge", this is good and pretty nice that it was picked as the single. I think the intro feels a bit similar to the previous song, but then when it starts to go, it feels like it's hitting you in the head and you can't let go at all.
    This is yet again great song and I dig the performances, Bruce sounds great and I dig the guitars riffing. All in all, second song on the album and all the performaces are what the song needs. Some spacey feeling again here..I dig it!

    "Inertia", now it's change for the moment and little different to what was on the first 2 songs here. We have a mellow, sweet start and then at around 0:40 it goes and Bruce's voice grabs us along. Really uplifting feeling once it takes off.
    Catchy and you're all the time like little busy but not at all bored here while listening. Strong song similar to the previous ones, this has also sort of spacey feeling (for me atleast) and Im glad that this works since I don't have to skip any songs on the album.

    "Faith", heavier sound and riffs like some of the Maiden stuff, I dig the guitars here. Pretty straightforward feeling song and the main highlight for me is the chorus, which catchy and grabbing, I like it part the most. Solid song but possibly a little lesser song.

    "Solar Confiment", another one with spacey feeling in the guitars and riffs. Great song and I think this is once again really grabbing and catchy piece. Great vocal from Bruce, absolutely wonderful as they show his true skills and I dig the guitar-solo.
    I think everything really works on this song and this is definitely among the best songs on the album for me.

    "Dreamstate", the dreamy song really. Not bad, I think this is another interesting song here and I dig the guitars here. Have to listen to few times more actually.

    "I Will Not Accept The Truth", I can't help but mention that now as I've listened to this song couple times today, the vocals sort of feel little like Chris Cornell for me, I think Soundgarden could have made this or covered it.
    Again song with some dreamy and trippy feelings. Not particularly outstanding, straightforwards going song and I think Bruce's vocals are the highlight here.

    "Inside The Machine", gets us back to the game and this is funky heavy riffing grabbing you instantly going. Bruce's vocals are excellent and powerful. Solid groovy song, but it maybe doesn't get to the next level.

    "Headswitch", definitely the riffs sound like Soundgarden (could have been on Badmotorfinger) and I think this is nice addition since the vocals sound different. This is short burner and it's very good one indeed.

    "Meltdown", Im not sure why but the song maybe won't engage me too much, but I give it that the Bruce's vocals sound great. Uplifting feeling and chorus is once again the highlight of the song. Decent song anyways.

    "Octavia", digging the groove and guitars here. All the performances shine and on this one the verses blend nicely, as they're calm and then the chorus comes, pushing it to the skies. One of the songs, that I had almost forgotten.
    Bruce sounds great here, like I said, I really dig that calm feeling during the verses and the chorus just takes it up. Guitars are great here. This is great and I dig it!

    "Innerspace", space feeling continues (not only in the lyrics) as I feel that these songs just got that atmosphere there. Somewhat Maiden-feeling and this one has heavy riffing. I dig the feeling and groove here. Good song again.
    By the way, lyrics use that same line "Nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change" as it was found from that wonderful b-side "Darkness Be My Friend".

    "Strange Death In Paradise", not bad but it does indeed feel that this one just plods around, not finding "it". Not terrible but it could have atleast have some really catchy and uplifting chorus or something.


    "I’m In a Band With An Italian Drummer", I think the joke works actually, this is the kind of funny b-side you would expect. And it could have been something you could have expected to hear from Frank Zappa.

    "Rescue Day", pretty basic and ok but I kinda dig the guitars.

    "God's Not Coming Back",
    short rocking piece, similar feeling to what "Headswitch" was on the album. Solid short burning song but maybe it was dropped for reason.

    "Armchair Hero",
    nothing special, typical leftover and song that's suitable for b-side.

    "R 101",
    something different and good change of feeling/pace. I somehow get (perhaps) little Led Zeppelin feeling of this, maybe their album "III". Cool little song but it surely couldn't have been on the album as it's just so different.

    this is also different, but I think it's cool. As with the previous song, this wouldn't have been suitable for the album.

    "Americans Are Behind"
    , funky piece and I got slight feeling of some FNM or RCHP from this. Nothing special, not terrible but certainly b-side material.

    I liked the album when it came out, it sounded different compared to his previous albums which was essential thing to happen. And the actual album is very easy to listen to all through without having to skip any song.
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    Bruce Dickinson - Skunkworks (1996)


    Every time I listen to this album I want to apologize to Bruce. I didn't get it at the time. I had been growing more and more disillusioned with the whole Maiden thing after the disappointment of Fear of the Dark-Raising Hell-Balls to Picasso-X Factor. I read that Bruce was now going to do an "alternative" album and I laughed about it. When it came out I went to my local Tower Records and gave a quick listen to the album, skipped around on most of the songs, and it indeed did sound like Soundgarden in places. Even by that point, Soundgarden was passe to me and I didn't want to hear Bruce play that kind of stuff. So, I didn't buy it and didn't care to ever hear it. Forward to 2 years later in 1998 and I've been blown away by Accident of Birth and Chemical Wedding. I thought, I'm going to give this Skunkworks album another chance. I bought it and it seriously rocked my world. How could I miss this excellent of an album the first time around? I should've trusted Bruce that he knew what he was doing. To the songs:

    Space Race - I love the 6/4 groove throughout this song. I also love seeing Bruce's love of sci-fi and space travel come out in his lyrics. It wouldn't surprise me if Bowie's Space Oddity played a big role in his childhood. This song is a perfect intro for the album. It has this great chugging quality and already we hear Alex Dickson throwing out some great guitar work.

    Back From the Edge - Another pounding, relentless rocker. Bruce's voice sounds great here. I like that Bruce is working from a more standard framework here, but still managing to fill it with quality parts. Catchy song with a cool slide solo from Dickson.

    Inertia - Starts as a nice breather and lyrically this one's about the band's trip to Bosnia and surviving within a war zone. Great use of the slide again. I love hearing these three guys (Dickson, Dale & Elena) just rip it up during the short solo section. Seriously great players and I appreciate that they're not stereotypical "metal guys". It was such a great move for Bruce to bring in a young backing band. Cool song.

    Faith - Some Soundgarden influence coming through. Bruce isn't really over-singing on this song and it's good to see his restraint. I love the changing choruses and how it's not the same thing every time.

    Solar Confinement - good drive and I like the funk of Chris Dale's bass playing. Is this another "space" song? I know this album's not a concept album, but with a lot of the lyrics I get that feeling. I feel that way about Tyranny of Souls too, but that's definitely not a concept album. I think it's just the way that Bruce presents these songs. Dickson's slide really ties these songs together too.

    Dreamstate - kind of a slow plod on this one, but it's a nice breather. More of a "mood piece". Not the best on the album, but certainly enjoyable.

    I Will Not Accept the Truth - I don't get the hate for this one. It continues the feel from Dreamstate. Bruce's vocal is kind of weird and not just the vocal effect. I do agree that this one sounds the most dated, with its anger and all. I love the mellow parts of this song and the vocal change-up after the solo is good.

    Inside the Machine - strange lyrics on this one. Has a Smashing Pumpkins vibe musically. I like it, but it's probably my least favorite on the album.

    Headswitch - total Soundgarden riffs. I like it, but it's obvious where it comes from. I love the relentless punch of this one, but Bruce's voice still sounds really relaxed as everyone else is slamming forward. It's an interesting effect for the song. Messy solo, but I guess something melodic wouldn't work. The song's brevity works perfectly for it.

    Meltdown - great tribal feel on this one, with some Iommi-like arpeggios. Bruce sounds really great on this song. He strikes a perfect balance between the screeching rasp and the standard singing. Cool riff on the bridge followed by a great solo. I love hearing Alex Dickson play.

    Octavia - starts off with a really cool riff and I love the guitar octave effect. I bet that's where the song title comes from. Great bridge; the arpeggios are right up my alley. Really love this song.

    Innerspace - I love the way these last few tracks build. It might be because I love the last song on the album, but I just feel this relentless push with this one and it sets up for the finale. Fantastic playing on here from all these guys. I think it sets up lyrically for Strange Death because of the mention of nuclear war and life beginning again.

    Strange Death in Paradise - here it is, the epic of the album. Again, I don't get why this one isn't loved more. This is one of my favorite solo Bruce songs and one I listen to many times a week. Lyrically it's incredibly powerful. Gives me goosebumps. Dealing with the atomic blast in Hiroshima and the effect of it ("where were you when it fell from the sky?") is such a heavy topic. There's this huge emotional weight here and it especially comes out in the lines of the 2nd verse..."I am not guilty, I made no difference, I wasn't born and I wasn't made on that day". Wow! This hits me so hard. It's this indifference we can feel to tragedy (I had nothing to do with that, I wasn't even born!), but it's the weight we have as humanity. In a sense, we all caused killing each other with these massive bombs that destroy whole cities and mess up the environment...and our countries still have these weapons and keep building them. The threat is thrown around by current world leaders as if it's no big deal to drop an atomic bomb on a city. The emotion in Bruce's singing here is real and hits me deep down.

    The music is just pushing and pushing, this wonderful slow groove. I love it when we get the break for the slow section and then how it builds and builds back up with Bruce almost chanting the song's title. Powerful song, both lyrically and musically. I never get tired of this one.


    One of the things I noticed about listening to this yesterday and today is that while there isn't a lot of differentiation between the songs, all of them flow together as a whole. I can listen to them individually of course, but I think they're best experienced as a full album. I like the consistency of the songs and songwriting. There is something to be said for when an album sounds like all 4 of them were in the same room at the same time and put the whole thing to tape. I love this album and I probably listen to it more that most of Bruce's albums, even though I love the next two even more.


    I'm in a Band With an Italian Drummer - written by bassist Chris Dale, it's a very Zappa-influenced track. I don't listen to it all the time, but it does make me laugh, esp. the "drum fills".

    Rescue Day - I can see why this didn't make the album, it doesn't stand out enough from what was included. It's a good tune, but not essential.

    God's Not Coming Back - kind of jokey, but decent. I love the line about Ian Gillan.

    Armchair Hero - originally called Share It or Lose It and was played on the Balls to Picasso tour, with a different chorus. This could probably be interchanged with 4 or 5 songs on the album and it would fit in just fine.

    R 101 - I'm sure it's completely intentional, but this is hugely similar to Led Zep's Bron Y Aur Stomp. I like having it as a B-side since it shows more of the talent of this band, along with the funk tracks. Shows how great of players they were and how they could play in any number of styles. I don't think the lyrics have anything to do with the R 101 air crash (see Empire of the Clouds), but it's a really interesting foreshadowing to that song.

    Re-Entry - more Led Zep 3 which is fine since I love that album. Feels like a song left out from this "space" concept. This one is my favorite of the B's. Great acoustic vibe here.

    Americans Are Behind - another goofy one written by Chris Dale. It's fine, but doesn't warrant repeated listens. Brings out the Chili Pepper funk in full force. I appreciate how Bruce dives in all the way to these kind of goofy songs.

    Inertia/Faith/Innerspace/The Prisoner (live) - the band sounds fantastic live, really powerful. This musicianship of this band is outstanding. I don't love the editing, but the concert that's found on the Anthology DVD set is great. The version of The Prisoner is cool. They play with this almost reckless abandon that's so different from Maiden. So great to get these live EP tracks on the bonus disk.
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    I initially said that I'd handle Adrian 90's stuff for @Musicman1998 , but I had to suddenly leave town last weekend. I'm resuming with this and the next few posts, mostly just for cleanup duty. For this album Adrian brought in singer Andy Makin, who has more of a Layne Staley voice rather than the "Vince Neil" quality of Hans Solli from the first album.

    Psycho Motel - Welcome to the World (1997)


    The Last Chain - The pre-chorus has a line/riff that's a near-lift from Anthrax's Be All End All. Other than that, it's a good song, nice and heavy. Great chorus. The solo is a bit too Jerry Cantrell for my liking.

    A Quarter to Heaven - I really like the descending riff on here. In some way this song reminds me of parts of Alex Lifeson's Victor album. The song moves well, but it's not amazing. Adrian's solo is really good, though.

    Rain - cool chorus on this one. I get the sense that Adrian found his feet after the first PM album. The songs feel a lot stronger. Good bluesy/Hendrixy solo on this song.

    Believe - eh, not that interesting of a song. At least Adrian plays a nice solo. I like the lyrical turnout at the end with the word "believe".

    With You Again - Dave Murray! Adrian Smith! Together again! I love the way both solos compliment each other and then they go into the harmony part at the end of the solo section. It's great to hear them playing together and in a non-Maiden song to boot. The song is a nice break from the heavy stuff.

    Into the Black - the intro reminds me of Alice Cooper's Under My Wheels with the way the guitar strings bend. I fully expect to hear "the telephone is ringin'". Pretty boring song.

    Underground - decent, the only memorable part is Adrian's slide melody

    Welcome to the World - good melody on the chorus, but the rest isn't anything special until Adrian's solo which is really good.

    Something Real - it's fine, but the album's a fatiguing listen. There's not a lot of different-sounding stuff here.

    No Loss to Me - heavy groove riff that reminds me of Pantera, in a lighter way. Worst song on the album so far, there's not much here.

    Innocence - Finally we get to another mellow song. This one was written by drummer Mike Sturgis. Decent song, but kind of basic slow, ballad thing.

    I'm Alive - features Scott Gorham of Thin Lizzy on additional guitar. Song's got a bounce to it, but it's nothing special.

    Hypocricy - This is the original Japanese bonus track. Pretty weak track.

    Wait - Features Solli on vocals so I assume this was recorded when he was still in the band. This and the next one were bonus tracks on the remaster. Doesn't really fit in with the sound of this album. It's not that great anyway.

    Just Like a Woman - Also with Solli, a Bob Dylan cover. This is pretty much a power ballad the way they play it. Dreadful.

    Welcome to the World is a better album than the first Psycho Motel, State of Mind. Not by much, though. I see it as Adrian getting stronger with writing again. I'm glad that Davey gets a guest spot, that was a highlight of the album.
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    Two interesting Bruce things. In 1995 he had Dream Theater on his radio show and and for one of the in-studio performances, he sang Deep Purple's Perfect Strangers with DT:

    Also, in 1997 he guested on opera singer Monserrat Caballe's album Friends for Life, singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody with her!

    Montserrat Caballé & Bruce Dickinson - Bohemian Rhapsody
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    Always loved this song. Bruce's voice really works with the song and he does quite well with it. Thanks for the link. I was not aware of this one. Some pretty awesome guitar playing at the end.
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    Holy Sh!t That's the Sh!t right there!!! Love this song so much and Bruce just nails it live here, he's so talented. But lets not forget Dream Theater's huge part in this and not F'n the music up! DT are such an underrated band and are all so very talented.

    Thanks for posting this as I would never have found it in a million years :righton:
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    IIRC there’s a live version of that floating around. DT and Bruce from LA. I’ll try and dig it up tomorrow for ya.
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    I just wanna at this point, up the Irons!
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    Neither thing will ever happen, not in a month of Sundays; 'Arry won't let anyone produce who he can't control, and Janick Gers is a permanent part of Maiden now... for better or worse (and I really like the guy personally but never felt his playing was right for Maiden, and that's not even getting into his Looney Tunes antics onstage, or the fact that Maiden simply don't need three guitarists!).

    No problem, we all don't like the same things, it would be a pretty boring world if we did... certainly nothing to apologize for; I personally can't stand Queensryche's Operation:Mindcrime, it's pretentious twaddle to my ears, and I consider it easily THE single most overrated album in rock/metal history... but I fully accept and understand that a lot of people really love it and consider it a masterpiece... I don't, different strokes for different folks and all that, it's all cool :cool:.
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    Bruce Dickinson - Alive In Studio A
    I have also liked this live-double ever since it came out, I remember that as this was released I actually liked the performances that I mostly listened to this a lot instead of the studio-versions.
    Basically, of course the studio counterparts of the songs are great and preferred, but here on this album we get to hear that great Skunkworks-lineup which got the songs totally work differently in the live-setting.
    The lineup is steady and they play really well as one infused well-working machine.
    I totally dig this killer-album and agree with @Cheevyjames that the lineup was on fire and brought totally new fire to these songs.
    Great release and as it’s now been sometime that I last listened to it, I guess revisiting is in place.
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    I do not not expect this to happen either, I only said I would like to hear what it would sound like. I like the way the Bruce albums sound where he was involved and I love his guitar playing and tone.

    I like each of Maiden's last five records but honestly don't always hear three guitars in the music. Not sure what three guitars brings? Steve said he always wanted three guitars in the band (paraphrasing a quote from Dickenson's book) and I wish he would've expounded on that statement. If there are interviews (articles or YouTube clips) of any members talking about that I'd like to see them posted on this thread. I look forward to reading some of the takes on the songs from the guitar perspective once we get to BNW onward. I play a little bit but I don't know theory or songwriting. Look forward to what others have to share.
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    Alive In Studio A

    I passed on this when it came out because it looked boring going by the tracklist. Going by the rave reviews on here, it seems I made a huge error. I just ordered a brand new copy for $10 off of Discogs, and I look forward to righting my wrong.
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    I know we'll get into this more in depth when we hit the 2000's, but I do agree with you that it's not always obvious what they're doing. I still don't think they've reached their potential with 3 guitars. I will say that they got better with each successive album. It seemed a lot on BNW and DOD there was always a guitar just doubling the vocal melody and that's not very exciting. I know that Janick, Dave and Adrian are all very aware of the sonic space they take up and in adding a 3rd guitar they've all probably pulled back a bit, as opposed to still going full force. Those guys have always been big on taste and subtlety (Janick's solos excepted) so pulling back and doing more with less is probably their MO.

    Shirley's production doesn't help things either. It's not as muddy as Steve's, but also not as crystal clear as Birch's. I agree with everyone who said that Roy Z would've made a great producer for the band. You KNOW he'd make the guitars sound fantastic.
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    Best way to distinguish the three guitars in the current form of the band is Rock In Rio in the 5.1 mix. Dave, left speaker with Janick on the right. Adrian is solely anchored in the center channel.
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    I assume the 5.1 mixes on Flight 666 and En Vivo are the same channel-wise. I don't have a 5.1 setup, so I haven't tested it. Speaking of, how are the 5.1 mixes of these shows? Is it worth it to get the setup?
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    That dvd is what brought me back to maiden, because to be honest, i left them behind at the no prayer album.
    Im one of those weirdos that really likes the post 2000 albums. Amolad and bos being amongst my favourite albums they ever made.
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    Me too.
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    The blurays of en vivo and flight 666 are probably worth it alone. The dvd of rock in rio is also. Quite remarkable concert videos, although a lot of people complain about the fast chop video editing
    In fact i think i prefer all my concert dvd's these days because of the fuller sound with 5.1
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