Is Gary Moore appreciated in the States?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by redfloatboat, Jan 21, 2019.

  1. unclefred

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    His tone in his blues work is monstrous and you know it's him when you hear it. His bends and sustain were remarkable. I've seen some good stuff on youtube. After SRV revitalized the blues for the public, Moore got some airplay with Still Got the Blues and with The Messiah Will Come Again.
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  2. Soopernaut

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    He wasn't in the same league. He was better.
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  3. planetexpress

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    Gary Moore was certainly popular enough on the radio in the States in the early 90's. I do remember getting an import copy of BBM's Around the Next Dream (which I guess you could call a poor man's Cream) before it hit America so maybe I'm a little biased...
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  4. angelo73

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    He sure is under this roof
  5. Claus

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    Well, my favorites from Gary Moore

    Thin Lizzy - Black Rose
    Corridors of Power
    Run to Cover

    The other albums have some good tracks, but lot of fillers. Anyone remember his album G-Force?
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  6. dlokazip

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    I bought Victims Of The Future in 1984 after hearing "Shapes Of Things" and "Murder In The Skies". I was completely blown away by the album. I recommended it to everyone I could, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears. Nobody seemed interested.

    So, I would say that he is underappreciated in the U.S.
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  7. sunking101

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    Yorkshire, England
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  8. sunking101

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    Yorkshire, England
  9. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Yorkshire, England
  10. easyge

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    Gary was my favorite guitar player. He could be so tasteful. He had the ability to take other people's songs and make them his own. Songs like "The Loner", "The Messiah Will Come Again". Check out the live version of "Parisienne Walkways" on his album "Blues Alive". Just great playing! I love both his hard rock and blues albums. My favorite is probably the 1987 album "Wild Frontier". The Celtic influence really makes that album stand out against his hard rock albums of the period though I don't like the electronic drums. I still feel the Lizzy album Black Rose is their best and Gary fit in with Scott Gorham perfectly.

    He could play so many styles ranging from jazz, rock, blues to heavy metal. His flexibility reminds me of Tommy Bolin whom was another great player. Listen to his playing on "Song for Al" on Don Airey's K2 album. Don said he knocked that out in a couple of hours. He just killed it when he played Hendrix's "Red House" on the Stratocaster tribute video.

    I read about his death on the internet as the guitarist for "Skid Row". I was shocked that it was him thinking it was the guitarist from the 90's US band Skid Row. He was a huge loss. Unfortunately I never got to see him perform live.
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  11. qrarolu

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    I recently listened to G-Force and believe it or not it reminds me of the music of "Fame" (TV series) in a good way.
  12. Well I'm in the USA and I've been a huge fan ever since I heard 'Black Rose' back in 1979. I find Eric Clapton boring and I LOVE Jeff Beck but for me at least, I place Gary above them both.
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  13. Baldmann

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    George liked him...
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  14. Mark From Eire

    Mark From Eire Forum Resident

    Gary with the original Skid Row, this is their first single which also features another well known singer

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  15. rockstarFotog

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    I have known about him because of my affection for the music of Peter Green. I read about Peter giving Gary his guitar so I wondered who is this guy that Peter would give his famous guitar to. Since my favorite genre is blues-rock or other blues influenced music, I checked him out. I am now a fan. RIP.
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  16. slipkid

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    Despite hating his blues period Gary is my favorite guitarist ever.

    I got turned onto him through Thin Lizzy's Black Rose album (have always been a major Lizzy fan) and explored his solo catalog in the early 80's starting with Corridors of Power and was beyond blown away.

    My experience here in the states is that NO ONE outside of guitar players and major hard rock freaks have the slightest idea who he is and could care less about him. So yeah, I would say he is not "appreciated" over here.

    I've tried to turn non-guitar-players onto him over the years and they simply were not interested at all. Guitar players usually seem to know who he is/was though (due to being in various guitar mags over the years).

    A microcosmic story about how he has very little name recognition over here is that there is someone where I work whose name is GARY MOORE. When I first met him I shook his hand and said "YOU'RE MY FAVORITE GUITAR PLAYER!!". He had NO IDEA what I was talking about - now if this guy's name was Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Eddie Van Halen, Peter Frampton, Duane Allman, etc - players who are known to the general public that would have been a different story.

    I'm very fortunate in that I did get to see him live in a small club at the height of his powers in Philly, called The Trocadero. It was a FREE SHOW sponsored by a radio station. Think it was around the time of Victims of the Future but I'm not sure, would have to look it up. I took some photos but they turned out like crap (I was up in the balcony with a tiny point & shoot camera). I may be misremembering but I think the show had a good turnout, much to my surprise.

    Very bummed he passed away right when it looked like he was finally going to make a return to rock with a celtic edge again.

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  17. sunking101

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    The best version of Parisenne Walkways IMO.

  18. Headfone

    Headfone Nothing Tops A Martin

    In addition to his fluid mastery of the fretboard, he played with a great deal of passion. I've always felt that his Hendrix tribute concert (that we're fortunate to have captured on film) surpasses any other effort I've heard to interpret / recreate the spirit of the music. Jimi would have given a thumbs-up, I believe.
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  19. dubious title

    dubious title Forum Resident

    Watched some of the above posted videos and am left feeling emotional. Blues rock guitar is really not my thing, but for some reason these are some of my favourite musical performances on video.

    The raw emotion and technical ability Gary possessed is otherworldly. I think Jimi would have more than given a thumbs up, I think he might have left the room.
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  20. bartels76

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    Wild Frontier is wildly underrated.

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  21. ShockControl

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    My Dad was on his TV show. When the show switched sponsors, Gary sold my Dad his Buick.
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  22. deredordica

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    I'm 50, and pretty well-versed in music, but had never known who he was until very recently, when I discovered his Corridors of Power LP, which I rather enjoyed (but not enough to keep). I didn't realize he was in Thin Lizzy. Guess I'm not that "well-versed in music" after all...
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  23. Python

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    I got to see him once on the Wild Frontier tour in '87...that was my favorite album of his, didn't love his blues foray (the the song, "Still Got The Blues," was fantastic, I still love to [try] to play that on my guitar!)

    He did have a minor rock radio hit with "Led Clones," with Ozzy taking a lead-vocal guest spot...
  24. Timothy Aborn

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    Milford, NH 03055
    Gary Moore was more known in Europe and Japan than the States. If anyone over here really knew of him, it might've been for "Still Got The Blues." He was always known more to musician's than the public, sadly.
  25. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley 5.1 should be mandatory for my favourite albums

    Great guitarist.
    Corridors of Power through to After the War are excellent

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