Is your King Crimson collection complete?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Airbus, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Airbus

    Airbus Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Beirut - Lebanon
    I only have 10 out of their 28 studio and live albums. How important, you think, is it to acquire them all?
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  2. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

    I have all I wish to have from them for the most part except for a few upgrades on record.
    Still searching for that UK copy of RED at a reasonable price.
    I actually found a nm first Island of Starless a couple years ago at a show for a 20 spot.
    I lose interest from the 80's forward so I would say No not important to me to own them all.
  3. Zach Johnson

    Zach Johnson Forum Resident

    Toronto, Ontario
    I have every studio album, and the 3 John Wetton-era box sets.

    The only live albums I have are USA, Orpheum, and Toronto.

    I'd say that every studio album is worth having.
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  4. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    Just about... there are a couple I'm missing.
    Still need to get the 80's box set, and the upcoming new boxes.
    I like the rare vinyl the most.. promos, test pressing, and especially acetates.
    How far, and deep you go is up to each individual.. Incredibly hard to be a KC
    completist anymore.. Not if you also collect Beatles, Dylan, etc. These days it's
    box set mania - for maniacs like me. :p
  5. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    I'm a big fan, but I'm content with the studio albums and a few choice live sets: one from the 80's lineup, the Thrak one, Epitaph, and Ladies Of The Road. I know they improvise a lot, but I still don't really need more than one from each lineup/era. Having said that, I find the current series of live albums pretty interesting just because the expanded lineup and broader setlists provides more variation than, say, a dozen shows from 1973 or whatever.
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  6. mwheelerk

    mwheelerk If you fly a flag of hate you ain't no kin to me

    I am not a completist for any artist (save the three albums from Nick Drake) so I have what I want from King Crimson(In The Court Of The Crimson King, Red, Discipline and In The Wake Of The Poseidon) so my collection is complete for me.
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  7. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    I have 4 studio albums.
    in the court
    larks tongues in aspic
    That's it.The only live album i own is USA.

    I've been living like this for about 4 years. Never felt the need to aquire any more. I feel satisfied. YMMV
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  8. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    I have a run of their studio albums from '69 to mid-70's, starting with Court and ending with USA, on vinyl (also on CD, and going on into their later work on CD).

    I suppose I'm good as of now. I've never gone in for the pricey boxed sets (though I would love to add The Great Deceiver box to my collection). I have bought a few of the 5.1 remixed CD/DVD sets (for Court & Larks) and liked those as well. Crim is one of the few bands I'll double dip multiple times for.
  9. California Couple

    California Couple dislike us on facebook

    Newport Beach
    I only have their first album and I never listen to it, so yes, my collection is complete.
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  10. Goggen

    Goggen Forum Resident

    Have the studio albums from Court to Discipline
  11. jacethecrowl

    jacethecrowl Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    One of my favorite bands, but over time have been able to cut loose Lizard, Thrak and Three Of A Perfect Pair from the collection (well, still have the last of those on cassette somewhere). Have the Starless and Larks boxes but have not been compelled to obtain the others. Perversely, I've never owned The ConstruKction Of Light but am hotly anticipating that box set (love that era live).
  12. Wally Swift

    Wally Swift Forum Resident

    Brooklyn New York
    Lizard is necessary
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  13. onlyconnect

    onlyconnect The prose and the passion

    Winchester, UK
    Important in what way?

  14. Jazzicalit

    Jazzicalit In the Tradition

    Oh no, it isn't. I have only the first two albums (both absolutely wonderful), and then USA and Earthbound (that I like a lot... it contains the most aggressive version of Schizoid Man ever). :)
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  15. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Forum Resident

    I will consider my king crimson collection as complete when I will have the first seven studio lps as UK press (Uk press is enough, I don't have the pocket to chase first uk press as it is too expensive)..

    For the moment, I have In the court (on german polydor), in the wake (on cd), lizard (pink rim uk), islands (german polydor), starless (atlantic us) and red (uk first press)...
  16. fishcane

    fishcane Forum Resident

    i have a nice vinyl pressing of In the Court of the Crimson King
  17. rrbbkk

    rrbbkk Forum Resident

    Is your King Crimson collection complete?

    No, but I have enough. I'll be adding meltdown in Mexico for sure, however.
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  18. Chemguy

    Chemguy Forum Resident

    Yep. I don’t have a single album!

    Okay, I’ve got quite a bit on digital, but it’s not the same, is it?
  19. Pim

    Pim Forum Resident

    I've got the complete 40th anniversary remasters so far, both on CD/DVD and vinyl (still need the vinyl Discipline though). I plan to collect the large boxes as well (only have Court, Larks & Sailors Tales so far), as well as the material from the 2014-now incarnation of the band (including the various Elements sets). Plus some additional related stuff like Fripp & Eno, Fripp & Travis etc.
  20. Sordel

    Sordel Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    My collection is far from complete (four of the megaboxes and maybe fifteen other titles) but it's big enough to make me a look like a devoted fan. I think that any self-respecting music enthusiast should probably be acquainted with three or four of the studio albums. Whether one actually needs to own a copy of them is a secondary consideration these days, but certainly the band is important enough to deserve some earspace.
  21. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    I only have In The Court Of The Crimson King and A Young Person’s guide sorry to say. I’m in for both upcoming Steven Wilson vinyl boxes though. That should be a good start but still a long journey.
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  22. Jachay

    Jachay Forum Resident

    I'm only missing The Construkction of Light for the studio stuff. I was missing Three Of A Perfect Pair until I recently came across a CD copy (EGCD 55 Virgin). Still searching for a decent vinyl pressing.
    Purchased Uncertain Times not long ago, Meltdown has not been purchased yet.
    Not sure I need all the projeKt stuff - I have projecKt four and it doesn't get a lot of playtime..

    I want to go down the box set road eventually, figure i'll start with The Road To Red.
  23. NettleBed

    NettleBed Forum Resident

    new york city
    They had different eras and different sounds, so I don't know that completion is really necessary for everyone who likes some of their work. It would be easier to answer this if I knew what you didn't have.
  24. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    Once the 5.1's for Construkction of light and Power to Believe are done, I will have what I want ... All the others are great, so get rolling guys
  25. MrSka57

    MrSka57 Forum Resident

    Syracuse, New York
    Court, Larks, Red, USA and Beat.
    Got burned on that crappy sounding Epitaph and quit.
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