It Might Get Loud - Name a substitute for The Edge

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by mick_sh, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. mick_sh

    mick_sh Made it, Ma! Top of the world! Thread Starter

    Madrid, Spain
    As much as I like U2, The Edge was not the right choice for the 80s generation.

    Imagine this movie with Billy Duffy from The Cult in place of The Edge.

    Any other candidates that you think that would have been a better choice?
  2. The Elephant Man

    The Elephant Man Forum Resident

    Joe Satriani.
    He can show Jimmy Page and Jack White what it's like to rock'n'roll!
  3. yarbles

    yarbles Too sick to pray

    Yngwie J Malmsteen
  4. poe_man

    poe_man Forum Resident

    Johnny Marr
  5. aphexj

    aphexj Sound mind & body

  6. BadJack

    BadJack Forum Resident

    Boston, MA
    I have no complaints about The Edge's inclusion.
  7. Oliver

    Oliver Forum Resident

    C.C. DeVille
  8. TLMusic

    TLMusic Musician & record collector

    Yngwie would be far more entertaining! :pineapple: Frankly, he'd be more representative of the "shred" guitar style that was ubiquitous in the 1980s. He could talk about how you can see his Great Wall of amps from outer space and other pearls of wisdom.

  9. No Bull

    No Bull Forum Resident

    Mick Ronson
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  10. zphage

    zphage Beatard

    Bucks County, PA
    As much as he is a dead end nowadays, Eddie Van Halen would have been better, and then somebody like Satriani, but I think this is from a European view point so they are not gonna understand the same continuum. White's and the Edge's presence humanize this beyond a muso's indulgence. Edge also has the experience of the level of superstardom that Page has.

    Contemporaries like Joe Walsh, and Carlos Santana also would have been interesting, but would not have appealed to the Jack White and Edge crowds.
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  11. davenav

    davenav High Plain Grifter

    Brooklyn, USA
    The Edge was fine.
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  12. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Bob Mould
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  13. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Diver Dan

    Alpine, TX
    The edge was fine, but Johnny marr would’ve been great too
  14. giantleech

    giantleech Lord of all fevers and plagues

    Joe Baiza.
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  15. walrus

    walrus Forum Resident

    Nashville, TN
    The Edge was great in it. His approach to the electric guitar is unique, and it was a good contrast to Page. (Repeated scenes of Edge rehearsing/recording one of U2's lamest songs, however, definitely should've been rethought before the film's release though)

    Jack White, on the other hand, had no real business being there. "Making your guitar sound like crap on purpose" isn't really the best way to celebrate the instrument. Now get off my lawn.
  16. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I found The Edge to be far and away the most interesting participant in the movie. And his approach to the guitar is very quintessentially 80's. I remember reading an article in Musician magazine back in the day which talked about the "new" guitar heroes of the 80's and how they were interested in textures and not blazing solos, and The Edge and Andy Summers were prominently featured.
  17. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Yeah, maybe I'm just an old fart, but I thought he had no business being there.
  18. sunking101

    sunking101 Forum Resident

    Yorkshire, England
    Exactly. I'd have jettisoned Jack White before The Edge.
  19. mick_sh

    mick_sh Made it, Ma! Top of the world! Thread Starter

    Madrid, Spain
    I love U2, I really like The Edge as a guitar player but boy, is he boring in that movie? Show some enthusiasm, David!
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  20. ribonucleic

    ribonucleic Forum Resident

    SLC UT
    In terms of who would have the most interesting things to say about the craft, I'd go with Steve Lukather.
  21. yarbles

    yarbles Too sick to pray

    Or, if they couldn't get Yngwie, how about The Great Kat?

    Better yet, The Treeman.

    Or Vinnie Vincent.

    Just about anyone would've been better than ol' tea cosy head.
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  22. I would have gone with David Howell Evans.
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  23. bluejimbop

    bluejimbop Forum Resident

    Castro Valley, CA
    Perhaps. But there's precedent:
    "It costs a lot of money to look this cheap" - Dolly Parton
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  24. PCM7027

    PCM7027 Forum Resident

    Other than the scene with Jimmy Page giddy with enthusiasm when he puts on his 7" single of Rumble, the scenes with The Edge were my favourite parts of the film.
  25. deadbirdie

    deadbirdie Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL
    I would've dumped Jack White and replaced him with Noel Gallagher. Now that would be a great conversation. :righton:

    But I guess if I had to replace Edge, per your thread title, I'd go with Johnny Marr.

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