“It Won't Be Long” by The Beatles*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by douglas mcclenaghan, Jun 11, 2021.

  1. teag

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    Fantastic vocal by John.
  2. segue

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    that Under Armour do-rag in that video is regrettable.

    Great song though.
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    born in 66 so i missed the disappointment of the first Beatles cut played on a Canadian album being Anna (go to him)....

    IWBL rocked to get an album jumping and i much preferred the Beatlemania! album

    listening recalled as early as 1969
  4. Rfreeman

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    It predated IWTHYH
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  6. Vinyl Socks

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    For many years in my youth I could hear the exact sound of the pops and clicks on my older brother's Beatles records - when recalling them in my mind. Our memories have it all down perfect, down to the next song coming and the noise on the LPs. '62-'66 and '67-'70 track orders were burnt into my skull for years until I hit high school.
  7. bRETT

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    Yeah, I think US people were more inclined to overlook it because they'd already heard "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" and "I Saw Her Standing There" on the same side.
  8. ODIrony

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    It would be nice if this were the Beatles playing it. The vocals might be real, but the rhythm guitar and drums are NOT original.
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  10. DTK

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    Yet another day, yet another mop top thread. Life goes on.
  11. Yovra

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    He does, but Macca does THAT octave leap in one of the last choruses!
  12. Yovra

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    I'm glad you shared your thoughts about this.
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  13. Purple Jim

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    A killer early Beatles song.
  14. misterdecibel

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    What else sounded like that in 1963?
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    And you here makes it complete.
  16. At the time this was recorded, nobody could touch these guys - particularly on prime Lennon rockers like this one. Incredibly sophisticated compositional and harmonic structure - particularly with those chromatic chord changes in the bridge - and the performance just explodes off the wax. This track as much as "She Loves You" or any of several others immediately put the world on notice that there was something very special going on here indeed.
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  17. elaterium

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    I’m always struck by the use of ‘jazz’ chords in early Beatles songs. They may not have known what they were doing from a theoretical standpoint but their ears knew.
  18. Rfreeman

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    That leap to the falsetto B at the end of the final ooh, and holding it a few beats in 5 part harmony, was definitely the toughest part vocally for me pulling this off at our show.
  19. DK Pete

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    This is definitely a redone backing track..but I can swear I've seen this clip before with the complete Beatles recording being lip synched...
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  20. DK Pete

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    Talk about an incredible EP.
  21. Joe N

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    Great song. There's a reason it's the opening track on With The Beatles. It jumps right out and grabs you. As others have pointed out, it's a pretty sophisticated composition.
  22. Folknik

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    A lot going on indeed! Raucous beat, those frenetic rapid-fire "Yeahs", inventive chord progressions, a very melodic bridge, and that lush harmony at the end. Great rock'n'roll song.
  23. DK Pete

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    Levittown. NY
    While I place I Want To Hold Your Hand at the toppermost of their earliest material, It Won't Be Long is always the very first song that comes to mind when I think of that combination of "great, fresh, powerful recording of a song brimming with positive energy and excitement." It's also my favorite earliest example of the charismatic quality John's double tracked studio voice had.
  24. Mackaveli

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    One of the first Beatles songs I fell in love with and top 5 early Beatles cut. It's a bop
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    Posts like the one you responded to remind me of this guy:

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