iTunes alternative for streaming to wifi speaker?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Relix, Jan 3, 2018.

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    Hey folks. I'm not a frequent forum regular, but am looking for some advice on my particular issue and I hope you can help a fella out.

    I have a nice Riva Festival speaker that I can stream my music to via Air Play and the Remote app. I like to use an EQ to get the most out of the sound, but since most of my music was ripped from CDs I can't use the (lame) Apple Music EQ on them so I am left with no option for an EQ. So I am looking for a 3rd party alternative to iTunes where I can run the music thru an EQ. So here are the parameters:

    iMac running El Capitan
    Mostly ALAC library
    Riva Festival Speaker
    Control of music play remotely via iOS app

    Can anyone recommend an app where I can stream my lossless music remotely via iPad/iPhone? Thanks in advance! (I did do some searching on the site, but I don't think any of the topics fit my situation).

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