I've now watched all 51 Emma Peel Avengers episodes

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Steve Hoffman, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. frecklesgirl

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    Okay, came across this randomly, never heard of this show at all. From what I gather its a british 60s show about spys.

    Would this show appeal to me? I can try to do it on netflix streaming when I have time, but I have so much to watch and so little time.

    Is it action, mystery, comedy? I mean what is the appeal of it? I quickly looked at some pictures, the dude in a suit and all, the woman in black leather. Im not sure what this show is. How would it appeal to a 20 some woman? Or would it..??
  2. frecklesgirl

    frecklesgirl New Member

    So its similar to the x-files in a way? I can relate to that, ive seen several of that show. You guys got me curious as to how good this show is:love::love:
  3. aaronfirebrand

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    My comments are confined to the 51 episodes featuring Diana Rigg.
    By any standard, it's a very good show. More tongue-in-cheek, less paranoid than X-Files. Even the more serious moments were tempered by the joie de vivre and good natures of the leads. Even the villains were (mostly) amicable and accepted defeat politely---if they hadn't been killed by their own schemes.
    The Avengers was an intelligent and stylish series from beginning to end. One of the most impressive things about the show was how creative it was, not just the storylines, but the acting, cinematography, the sets (usually real buildings, not soundstages), the music---it all came together in The Avengers. It's still enjoyable because quality is timeless. It occurs to me that the show, unlike most everything else, is truly for everyone: polite, sophisticated, imaginative and most of all, fun.
    If it had none of the above to recommend it, the presence of Diana Rigg still justifies the investment of time and money.
  4. Mr Wensleydale

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    Derbyshire, UK
    Along with "The Prisoner" the best British series of the Sixties. Can be summarised in one word: stylish.
  5. FastEddy

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    IMOP: The Avenger series had a very good, well engineered sound track ... and that certainly contributes to its ratings as "classic" ... Although Ms. Rigg's character, a "film noir" type action figure and a "stylish" looker, certainly helps.

    By the by, has anyone collected the Mrs. Peel Action Figures? Are these pre-Barbie?
  6. I had a major crush on Emma as a kid. Didn't miss a single episode.
  7. Another reason you should be using your iPad. ;)
  8. Ghostworld

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    Ah, how in love was I with Emma Peel? Absolutely! I watched the Avengers all though high school (back in 70s) and Diana Rig was my dream girl. So sexy, elegant and deadly!I loved her. But, it was not to be and ended tragically. Back in the 70s or early 80s she toured with the Royal Shakespeare company and she came to Lehigh University with the troupe. My uncle got us third row seats. This was my chance - I would get to see Mrs. Peel in person! The night of the show, I savored each glimpse of my darling Diane Rigg throughout the perfomance. It was a dream come true to be so close to that quiet, lovely beauty. I couldn't stop grinning the whole night. Finally, she has her big moment during the production - her time to deliver a soliloguy. It was a speech from the Scottish play-- with Diana as Lady McBeth. Ms. Rigg stepped into the spotlight, so beautiful to behold -- I was in estasy. Here I was, merely a few feet away from my dream girl - Mrs. Peel! She was only a few lines into her speech - and I was so intense on her word and beauty -- that I swallowed some spit down the wrong side of my throat and began coughing! Here was Diana Rigg delivering her intense soliloguy, and there's a 19-year-old coughing non-stop in the third row for nearly a minute! You know how it is: You just can't stop those choking coughs! Then, my beloved Mrs. Peel looked down and GLARED ANGRILY RIGHT AT ME! Ahhhhhhhhhggghhh. Talk about a moment of utter desperation, hopelessness and heartbreak! The end of my chance with Mrs. Peel!
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    Okay gonna try an episode today. Is there a particular year or episode thats on netflix stream that I might like? Oh ya, just dont assume it has to be particularly feminine, I just want one that will represent the show at its peak, so I can decide what I thinks. I dont have all day to watch numerous shows.
  10. wolfram

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    Berlin, Germany
    I would recommend an episode from Season 4. It's the first of the two seasons with Emma Peel (Diana Rigg), which are considered the peak of the series by most. Season 5 is the first in colour and loses a bit of the class the b/w episodes had, so Season 4 is the point to start really.

    I'm not sure about a single episode, but Season 4, Episode 5 "Castle De'ath" is a good one. But there are a lot of great episodes and others might have other suggestions.

    Maybe the show will not have the same impact on you as on many old guys here, who saw it as kids and were not used to beautiful women kicking bad guys a$$es. But the Main Title music alone is worth the try.

    Have fun.


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  11. frecklesgirl

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    Netflix only has season 67 and 68. I tried but they dont stream the other ones. So which out of those 2 seasons?
  12. Mr Wensleydale

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    Derbyshire, UK
  13. wolfram

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    Berlin, Germany
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    Getting a bit long in the tooth, are we? Anyone who can remember the original airings of The Avengers and paid close attention to Diana and her talents (ala Joe Bob Briggs) is at least as old as I am. ... :wave:
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    I have all these episodes. Time to sit down with them again, methinks.

    The Master Minds is my favorite. Although The Cybernauts is a close second.
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    My thought also! Fire up that iPad!
  17. cartoonist

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    I got the new book "The Avengers: A Celebration" (50 Years of a Television Classic) for Christmas. The book had this nice color photo from the black and white Christmas episode entitled "Too Many Christmas Trees".

    I'm a day or two late posting my photo scan, but I guess it's better late than never.

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    Nice smirk she has. :love:
  20. Steve Hoffman

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    Thanks. Here is some color silent footage from the early Emma era..

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  21. Steve Hoffman

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    Reopened by special request.
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    great thread. I was a kid living in England when the EP Avengers episodes first aired. I had a huge crush on her.
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    Great thread indeed.
    A oldie, but a goodie.
    Think I prefer the B&W Emma Peel -Avengers episodes, more interesting. Just to think if she hadn’t left the show for James Bond’s OHMSS, there may have been another season of The Avengers with Emma Peel.
  24. muzzer

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    Imagine being Guy Garvey and DR your mother in law. I think I’m right in saying.
  25. PhilBorder

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    Good show, but its no 'Girl From U.N.CL.E.'

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