Jackson Browne Solo Acoustic Vol 2

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by cincyjim, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. cincyjim

    cincyjim Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Cincinnati, Ohio
    Jackson Browne - Solo Acoustic, Vol. 2 Set for Release March 4, 2008 on Inside Recordings

    Recorded live at concerts worldwide, the title follows up 2005's GRAMMY(R)-nominated Vol. 1; a new studio album from Browne is due in late'08. Jackson Browne to perform solo dates in the U.S. beginning March 7.

    LOS ANGELES, Jan. 31 /PRNewswire/ -- On March 4, 2008,
    singer-songwriter Jackson Browne will release JACKSON BROWNE-SOLO ACOUSTIC, VOL. 2, the second in a series of live albums recorded at recent solo concerts in the U.S., the U.K. and Australia. Building on 2005's critically
    acclaimed and GRAMMY(R)-nominated Jackson Browne - Solo Acoustic, Vol. 1,
    the album features twelve career spanning songs, with Browne alternately on
    both guitar and piano. Also like its predecessor, VOL. 2 features lively
    exchanges between Jackson and his audiences. The disc will be available on
    the artist's own Inside Recordings label, with distribution through ADA.

    Two selections from JACKSON BROWNE - SOLO ACOUSTIC, VOL. , "Something Fine" and "Redneck Friend," reach back to the artist's landmark 1972 self-titled debut album, about which Rolling Stone wrote in its original review, "Jackson Browne's sensibility is romantic in the best sense of the term: his songs are capable of generating a highly charged, compelling
    atmosphere throughout, and -- just as important -- of sustaining that pitch
    in the listener's mind long after they've ended."

    That rapt connection is felt throughout JACKSON BROWNE-SOLO ACOUSTIC,
    VOL. 2., which also features four songs from Browne's most recent studio
    album, 2002's The Naked Ride Home: "Never Stop," "The Night Inside Me," "My
    Stunning Mystery Companion" and "Casino Nation". Other highlights include
    "In The Shape Of A Heart," from 1987's Lives In The Balance, "Sky Blue And
    Black" from 1993's I'm Alive, "Alive In This World" from '96's Looking East
    and the 1982 Top 10 hit "Somebody's Baby," originally featured on the Fast
    Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack.

    Throughout his career, Jackson Browne has defined a genre of
    songwriting and performing charged with honesty, emotion and personal
    politics. He's been honored with inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of
    Fame (2004) and the Songwriter's Hall of Fame (2007). As influential and
    enduring as Browne's music is his legacy as an advocate for social and
    environmental justice. Recent humanitarian honors include the John
    Steinbeck Award and the Chapin-World Hunger Year Harry Chapin Humanitarian
    Award. In 2007, Browne re-united with his Musicians United For Safe Energy
    (MUSE) co-founders Graham Nash and Bonnie Raitt to oppose a revival of the
    nuclear energy industry.

    Jackson Browne is currently at work on a studio album of new material
    slated for release in fall 2008. Following the March 4 release of JACKSON
    BROWNE-SOLO ACOUSTIC, VOL. 2., he will perform a series of solo concert
    dates in the U.S.

    For more information, log on to http://www.jacksonbrowne.com.

    Jackson Browne concert dates 2008 (more dates to be added):
    03/07/08 Brown Theater Louisville, KY
    03/08/08 Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN
    03/10/08 Von Braun Center - Concert Hall Huntsville, AL
    03/11/08 Tivoli Theatre Chattanooga, TN
    03/14/08 Tennessee Theatre Knoxville, TN
    03/15/08 Montgomery Performing Arts Center Montgomery, AL
    03/17/08 Saenger Theatre Mobile, AL
    03/19/08 Barbara B. Mann Performing Arts Hall Ft. Myers, FL
    03/20/08 King Center for the Performing Arts Melbourne, FL
    03/22/08 Florida Theater Jacksonville, FL
    03/24/08 North Charleston Performing Arts Center N Charleston, SC
    03/26/08 Ferguson Center for the Performing Arts Newport News, VA
    03/28/08 Music Box Theater at Borgata Atlantic City, NJ
    03/29/08 Foxwoods Casino Mashantucket, CT
    03/31/08 Opera House - LACE Benefit Barre, VT
    04/01/08 Calvin Theatre & Performing Arts Center Northampton, MA
    04/03/08 Merrill Auditorium at City Hall Portland, ME
    04/04/08 Providence Performing Arts Center Providence, RI
    04/06/08 Chevrolet Theatre Wallingford, CT
    04/07/08 Sovereign Performing Arts Center Reading, PA
    04/13/08 Fox Tucson Theatre Tucson, AZ
    04/14/08 Ikeda Theater Mesa, AZ
    04/16/08 Wells Fargo Center for the Arts Santa Rosa, CA
    04/17/08 Bob Hope (Fox) Theatre Stockton, CA
    04/19/08 Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium Santa Cruz, CA
    04/20/08 Fox Theatre Bakersfield, CA
    04/22/08 Lancaster Performing Arts Center Lancaster, CA
    04/23/08 Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza Thousand Oaks, CA

  2. JA Fant

    JA Fant Well-Known Member

    Great news. Thanks
  3. bluzrip

    bluzrip New Member

    Valkaria, FL, USA
    I've already got tix for 3/20. His last solo show there was great.
  4. Bill

    Bill Senior Member

    Eastern Shore
    My copy of his second album, For Everyman, has Redneck Friend as track one, side two. Looks like I've got a real collector's item.
  5. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Dayton, Ohio, USA
    My old 8-track copy of "For Everyman" had it, too--hasn't it always been on versions of this record?
  6. jpmosu

    jpmosu a.k.a. Mr. Jones

    Dayton, Ohio, USA
    By the way, is it safe to even utter the words "8-track" on this forum? ;)
  7. music4life

    music4life Forum Resident

    South Elgin, IL
    Jackson REALLY needs to release a concert DVD. The only thing that's been out is "Going Home", and that's just more or less a documentary.
  8. stevef

    stevef Active Member

    Irvine, CA

    "Two selections from JACKSON BROWNE - SOLO ACOUSTIC, VOL. , "Something Fine" and "Redneck Friend," reach back to the artist's landmark 1972 self-titled debut album..."

    This is incorrect.
    "Something Fine" is from Browne's debut album Jackson Browne (which some refer to it as "Saturate Before Using").
    However, "Red Neck Friend" comes from For Everyman, his excellent second album.
    These two tracks have always appeared on these albums.
  9. rpd

    rpd Forum Resident

    How is this CD? Worth buying?
  10. mrmaloof

    mrmaloof Active Member

    If you're a Jackson Browne fan, yes, this is well worth buying. The song selection tilts more to new songs from The Naked Ride Home, but the acoustic performances are great. If you don't have either Solo Acoustic album I would get Vol. 1 first, but Vol. 2 is a worthy partner to it.

    - Joe
  11. monewe

    monewe Forum Resident

    The Japanese copies of both albums have a bonus track. So hunt them down on eBya as they are still going cheap there.
  12. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    vol I - bonus track is/was "the rebel jesus" and is available at best buy i think,. at least that is where it was originally released.

    vol II from best buy gave you a free digital download of "walking slow" (if i recall correctly) and japanese bonus track is"shadow dream song", which is pretty exclusive as far as i know.

    get them both, they are stunningly good and his stories are wonderful.

  13. Gary

    Gary Nauga Gort! Staff

    This is something I have to pick up!

    It's not overcompressed, is it? :sigh:

    ....please tell me "no"....
  14. mrmaloof

    mrmaloof Active Member

    It's voice and solo guitar and piano. It's difficult to really brickwall this type of material without drums and bass. I imagine there's compression on it, but I think it sounds excellent. I went to one of the concerts on this tour and these recording capture the unique spirit of this tour like few live recordings do.

    This thread got me to break out Vol. 2 again and it really is superb. Does anybody know if there is a listing somewhere of which songs and stories came from which shows? The intro to Something Fine sounds very similar to the concert I went to. Maybe it was the same story at each show, but none of the other intros sounded familiar to me.

    - Joe
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  15. uffeolby

    uffeolby Forum Resident

    Västerås, Sweden
    To me both this and the corresponding volume 1 are extremely good and natural sounding.

  16. dee

    dee Forum Resident

    ft. lauderdale, fl
    I think so too.

    Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate is out there somewhere too available as a download courtesy of a promotion/bonus track as part of one of these volumes.
  17. smilin ed

    smilin ed Forum Resident

    Can't comment on two - except to say the selection is less impressive than the first, but after seeing a great acoustic show, I bought volume one and thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it's a little sterile sounding.
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