James Bond 25 - Speculation and Anticipation Thread*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, May 19, 2016.

  1. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    My vote is for Tom Hiddleston. I've been hearing his name being thrown around as the next Bond for some time now.

    It would be even more perfect if he got the role and used the same hair as he does playing Loki. ;)

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  2. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    This Downton Abbey guy has the inside track....
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  3. PhilBorder

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    Sheboygan, WI
    I think he's a bit more street wise too than a few years ago:

  4. SizzleVonSizzleton

    SizzleVonSizzleton The Last Yeti

    I always wonder what the endgame is for the Bond franchise. Do Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson have children who are being groomed to continue these films long into the future. Are there going to be Bond movies made in 30 years?

    I guess even as a pretty big fan I feel like it's just about enough already.

    We get used to what we're used to. The idea of a different actor playing Indiana Jones and we get up in arms. But if the Bond franchise gets inevitably stale, just change the actor every 15 years. Until the end of time? "Ladies and gentlemen I present, as the 24th actor to play James Bond......"
  5. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    Tarzan, Sherlock Holmes, Batman, etc....decades and decades old. Still they keep coming.
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  6. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    I agree on Brosnan..he was my second favorite and I've enjoyed his movies out of Bond...
  7. Starless

    Starless Forum Resident

    Slightly more (BBC) reliable....

    "Daniel Craig hasn’t yet decided on whether he wants to do another Bond movie. Reports in the past 24 hours have suggested that the actor, who’s starred in four 007 movies, has turned down a deal to make any more films in the series.

    But separate, authoritative Bond sources have independently confirmed to BBC News that Craig hasn’t made any decision about his future as 007, and that “no decision is likely to be made for a while”.

    Earlier this year MGM, which controls the rights to the 007 franchise, told investors that the series was operating on a three-to-four year cycle, which means that the next Bond film isn’t due in cinemas until late 2018 at the earliest."
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  8. AlecA

    AlecA Forum Resident

    New Hampshire, USA
    Change it up and have a female Bond.

    Bond, Jane Bond.
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  9. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    I'd prefer Fassbender, since he can, y'know, act!

    Maybe Cavill can act, but I've not sensed a lot of talent in "UNCLE" or the Superman flicks. He comes across like a handsome guy and not much more... :shrug:
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  10. The Hermit

    The Hermit Wavin' that magick glowstick since 1976

    I'm hoping The Craig does one more Bond film (which he has an option for, so it wouldn't require any further contract negotiations), if only to go out on a strong note, and redeem Spectre if they choose to bring back Bloferhauser... hiring Martin Campbell would be a smart first step.
  11. Chris C

    Chris C Music was my first love and it will be my last!

    I'm surprised that they didn't end the last Bond movie with the line …


    I actually liked him as BOND and I really feel that my interest may finally be over for the Bond films, as I know that it was Craig who made me stay this long. The sad truth of the matter is, that it's all been said and done at this point and they can't even find anybody worthy enough to do the theme song anymore, let alone a person to play James Bond. I may just have to drive up to Cleveland this week, where they are currently filming scenes for "FAST 8" (Fast & Furious series), just to see something blow up. At least I can enjoy it before they take it back to Hollywood and muck it all up with their damned over the top special effects!
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  12. Jeff Kent

    Jeff Kent Forum Resident

    Mt. Kisco, NY
    A female Bond would be excellent.
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  13. Cerebus

    Cerebus Forum Resident

    I never warmed to Craig, but I think it was due more to the films than the actor. The only one I really liked was Casino Royale.
  14. Y'know, I'm up for a female Doctor Who or a black Bond but a Jane Bond still just seems wrong.

    Not that I wouldn't watch the heeeeeello out of that but still.
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  15. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    Oh my! Idris Elba. I've said before and I'll say it again, that guy is pure hambone when it comes to acting. I like to watch his films to see how he'll over emote even the simplest line. IMO, he's the new William Shatner.
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  16. Lovealego

    Lovealego Forum Resident

    Danville, CA
    I think Craig is a great bond and Fassbender would be a great candidate to pass the torch to. Not sure Fassbinder would do a multi picture deal though. Doesn't seem him style.

    I thought the first half of Spectre was great. It started to go downhill when the entire MI6 organization and program seemed to just really be a handful of people. What happened to the idea of there being more 00 agents? There was something disproportionate going on with it. It felt like a small ops team instead of a full blown secret service.

    Also the villain Waltz was not near as threating of a character as he played in Inglorious Basterds which was a big let down.

    What I will most remember about Spectre was I saw it a couple weeks after the Missions Impossible flick and thought MI was much better. Of course that had a lot to do with preconceived expectations.
  17. smilin ed

    smilin ed Forum Resident

    Let's save Jon Hamm for Philip Marlowe.
  18. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    Think of all the postal workers with bad backs and retail clerks with bad knees and feet who suffer for decades at $14 an hour until retirement, and my sympathy for some guy who get $100m for four month's work, most of it spent inside a private trailer having his face powdered, grows profoundly nil.
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  19. He was in two GREAT Bond films and two MEH films. Not his fault for the two mediocre ones ..... 1 and 3 were perfect IMHO
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  20. Sasha Baron Cohen? :tiphat:
  21. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    Once again, I'm reminded how appalled I am by men who can't think of women as anything but sex objects. Where DO they get these ideas?
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  22. Ghostworld

    Ghostworld Forum Resident

    Loki's black mullet has forever erased him from my perception as Bond.
  23. PlushFieldHarpy

    PlushFieldHarpy Forum Resident

    I don't follow James Bond films, but I wonder if he wasn't bought out so they could reboot the franchise? Especially since SPECTRE was not so well-received. Who could turn down 100 million to jump around in front of a green screen?
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  24. dbz

    dbz Bolinhead.

    Live At Leeds (UK)
    err...Daniel Craig and his wonky knee, allegedly. :)
  25. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

    hmmm..who talked about sex objects? These are not dramas with deep meanings. Bond films have always included hot ladies, sometimes young; sometimes a bit older but frankly I believe that casting Bellucci just because she is Bellucci was a step too far.

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