James Bond 25 - Speculation and Anticipation Thread*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Vidiot, May 19, 2016.

  1. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

    One thing I want to see a sense of fun return to the films. For the last 15 years most of our media has been dark, violent, and nihilistic. That take worked for Craig's run in the beginning but at this point I just want to see Bond get a bit outrageous again. I'm not saying we need to go back to Moonraker levels of excess, but something along the lines of You Only Live Twice or The Spy Who Loved Me would be a refreshing change of pace. I'm starting to feel like the series is taking itself too seriously, like they're afraid to embrace the elements that made the franchise so successful in the first place. Heck, they haven't even been able to get the gun barrel opening right, which is just insane. I almost get a sense that there's a disdain and distrust of the series' most iconic elements; if it weren't for Craig being called Bond I'm not sure I'd even be aware I'm watching a 007 film at this point. I've enjoyed his run but it's just missing something, mainly those classic Bond touches.
  2. AppleCorp3

    AppleCorp3 Forum Resident

    I noticed this starting with The World is Not Enough. In Goldeneye (especially) and Tomorrow Never Dies she had that hard boiled attitude that I liked from Bernard Lee. After that though...she was just too involved. Same for Ralph Fiennes M.
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  3. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Yeah.... meh
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  4. Solitaire1

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    Shoehorn with Teeth wrote the following as part of a post:

    The Spy Who Loved Me (TSWLM) was my first Bond movie (I saw it as part of a double feature with Futureworld). I'd never seen a Bond movie before but I thoroughly enjoyed TSWLM and thought Jaws was a great opponent for Bond, although he was not well used in Moonraker. I suspect that it is best that a significant henchman be used just once.

    TSWLM led me to an interest in the other Bond movies. I didn't enjoy Moonraker as much and my understanding is that the excess in Moonraker led to a pull back with For Your Eyes Only which was a much more grounded-in-reality movie. I haven't seen any of the Craig Bond movies (I've so many other movies to watch that I just haven't gotten around to them), but based on what I've read it seems the first two Craig Bond movies are good, but the series goes down from there.
  5. MPLRecords

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    Rochester, NY
    I thought most people preferred Skyfall to Quantum of Solace.
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  6. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Less M in QOS.
  7. AppleCorp3

    AppleCorp3 Forum Resident

    I think putting Casino Royal and QOS together into one film (maybe tighten up with some editing) and it would be an excellent installment.

    I don’t get the negativity about it, even if I do think Skyfall is a better film.
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  8. MPLRecords

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    Rochester, NY
    Me neither. I put it as the weakest of Craig's films... he's had a pretty good run. The films don't feel as "Bondish" anymore but they're still quality.
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  9. AppleCorp3

    AppleCorp3 Forum Resident

    Good point on the “Bondish” feel. I agree there’s something lacking about them. Quantum always felt like an overlong Epilogue of sorts but I just watched it recently and it was good and did tie up loose ends.
  10. dunkrag

    dunkrag Forum Resident

    I can see this being pushed back to summer 2021... I think they will want to be well clear of pandemic before this comes out..
  11. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    I'm glad you enjoyed TSWLM but please recognize that Jaws was a staggeringly
    stupid thing to introduce into the franchise. The character signals the rot that had
    set in under Michael G. Wilson's creative control. Jaws represents the gradual
    deterioration and everything that goes wrong with the series.
  12. Phil147

    Phil147 Forum Resident

    York UK
    You forgot the 'IMHO' bit...

    Jaws was a great villain in TSWLM, IMHO. I will give you that he should not have come back for Moonraker and go thru the character arc he did there though.
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  13. shokhead

    shokhead Head shok and you still don't what it is. HA!

    I enjoyed jaws in all of them
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  14. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

    I feel like Craig's films have lacked a truly memorable villain or henchman. They finally got around to bringing Blofeld back and it was so underwhelming. I can't see any of the modern villains holding up like many of the older ones do.
  15. Billo

    Billo Forum Resident

    Southern England
    I would like to see Bond just get back to going on missions for 'M' again

    - I SO wish they would drop the 'rogue agent going it alone / traitor right under their noses' tired old formula they serve up in film after film now

    and have Bond with a touch of style, flair, charisma and some witty one liners

    M, Q, Eve Moneypenny are all fine so too the latest Felix, keep them all but besides a few scenes M really only needs to appear purely as Bond's chief giving him his mission as Bernard Lee / Robert Brown's 'M' both did - the overplaying of Judi Dench's appallingly inept M was a big failing in the films for me

    a couple of those films felt more like an 'M' film than a Bond film....

    Also required are a beautiful strong character leading lady, some decent suitably evil hench men / women....

    ... and a credible formidable MEMORABLE leading foe are essential to make Bond films work - no more idiots going 'cuckoo' please...!

    keep the gadgets to a minimum and then both believable and useful in Bond's mission - no more invisible cars please....

    and no more trying to copy or parody other films - once other films tried to copy Bond !

    and please please give Bond back his personality and sparkle - the stone faced 'wounded animal' colourless character who meekly accepts silly put downs to presumably appease feminist egos is pathetic and boring...and no way Bond, James Bond
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  16. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    I agree. It's like they are trying to compete with The Bourne Identity or Mission Impossible. Bond is the original, and it should return to the original type campy movies.

    But, I'm still looking forward to the Bond 25! :edthumbs:
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  17. Billo

    Billo Forum Resident

    Southern England
    They are most certainly trying to copy Bourne and other such modern film series now

    I don't think the early Connery, Lazenby, a few of Moore's Bond films or Dalton's two were remotely campy at all

    and the Bond film series was built upon the sixties early Connery films

    You Only Live Twice was a Roald Dahl story with key aspects borrowed for The Spy Who Loved Me re craft opening up to swallow American and Russian craft to begin a world war between the west and the east
    - the films were of course Ian Fleming book titles only
  18. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    No, Jaws is not a great villain. He is inappropriate, a cartoon suitable
    for slapstick, farce, comedy. The Bond films always had a sense of
    humor but never at the expense of drama and suspense -- they were
    not supposed to be slapstick, farce and comedy. Jaws has no business
    being in a Bond film. The fact that some children enjoyed him in their
    first or second Bond film does not make it right. All it means is that
    they started out on the wrong foot.

    In fact, Jaws was not in the original drafts of the script. To read the
    script without Jaws is a revelation. It's a leaner meaner suspense
    thriller with a measure of unrequited romance for the adults in the
    theater, and yes, a touch of self-deprecating humor. What a superior
    film it would have been. Jaws is idiotic and introducing him into the
    story was Wilson's way of giving the middle finger to everybody.
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  19. shokhead

    shokhead Head shok and you still don't what it is. HA!

    But do you like Jaws?
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  20. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

    Jaws is a great henchman. Silly in places, yes, but memorable and especially fun in TSWLM. The romance angle in Moonraker was pretty dumb but seeing him help Bond at the end was kind of cool.
  21. PhilBorder

    PhilBorder Forum Resident

    Sheboygan, WI
    I think the more serious the better. In the 70's, the franchise had become Austin Powers without the laughs.
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  22. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident

    Dr. No and From Russia With Love get the tone right.
    A perfect balance of seriousness and humor, no agenda, no PC-ness.


    James Bond was never intended to be like Austin Powers.
    That was the negative influence of TSWLM, an entire generation growing
    up thinking James Bond was farce, slapstick and the original Austin Powers.
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  23. All downhill from Goldfinger, eh? It's cause Bond criticized the Beatles in that one, no doubt. :)
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  24. MPLRecords

    MPLRecords Owner of nine copies of Tug of War

    Rochester, NY
    Farce? Slapstick? These words describe Moonraker far better than The Spy Who Loved Me.
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  25. AirJordanFan93

    AirJordanFan93 Forum Resident

    I wasn't a fan of them making him much more comedic in Moonraker. I get he was a character that gained a lot of younger fans but they played him up way too much with slapstick in Moonraker it kind of ruins the character for me.
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