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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Richard--W, Mar 2, 2024.

  1. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Did you see FRWL or OHMSS ?
    How were they received by a modern audience?
  2. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    I saw them both at the time of the release, and my memory is that theaters were crowded, audiences applauded in the right places, laughed in the right places, and enjoyed both thoroughly. OHMSS made $30M less than its predecessor (You Only Live Twice), but it still made a handy profit. Bond actor George Lazenby has said several times the producer wanted to sign him up for at least 3 more films, but he walked away after On Her Majesty's Secret Service, which he admitted in hindsight was a huge mistake.
  3. Doctor Worm

    Doctor Worm Romans 6:23

    I saw FRWL. There weren’t a lot if people there, but those in attendance seemed to enjoy themselves.
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  4. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I've seen all the Bond films projected in a theater since
    1970. Whenever a new Bond film was coming out, there
    would a double-feature re-release six months before. I
    saw each film many, many times. The old films would
    still play in repertory screens in the 1990s when a new
    Brosnan film was coming.

    Except for the Daniel Clueless films. I can't stand him
    or his films. I just can't stand them.
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  5. PH416156

    PH416156 Alea Iacta Est

    Lucky you. I've never seen one of those on the big screen.

    I don't know if they'll project the Blu ray file, though. A few years ago, new 4K restorations were made and they are often better than the Blu Ray.
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  6. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    I seen them all real time and Goldfinger was the big one .. lotta merchandise!!!
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  7. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I meant a repertory screening in the 21st century, but
    no matter. Regarding your avatar, and the editing
    set-up pictured, what's the gear and the program? PC
    or mac? avid or something else?
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  8. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    Me? DaVinci Resolve Advanced Panel, Resolve 18.5, all Mac (four systems in the room), separate computer for Omniscope scopes, five displays, comfy chair, 600TB of storage, no waiting.

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  9. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    I would have preferred Laz in Diamonds & Live And Let Die ( McCartneys music makes it special
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  10. Oh I love the Craig films and I’m an original fan (saw the first three on TV started seeing them in theaters with my dad starting with Thunderball). I’ve enjoyed them all though the Moore films, with the exception of two films, are my least favorites).
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  11. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm impressed. What are the displays? video card?

    I'm a lower budget operative. Davince Resolve 18.6, PC with Ryzen 9 5950x,
    3090ti, 132 ram, 4 TB OS, two 4 TB project drives, 74 TB storage, Davinci
    Resolve mini-panel and editor keyboard, two 4K UHD HDR displays that are
    100% color accurate. I just finished building the thing 5 months ago and now
    it's time to upgrade.

    I shoot in 6K BRAW and deliver in 4k. Audio are DPA and Sennheiser mics
    patched into a SoundDevices recorder, always a stereo Sennheiser on the
    camera for quick on-set playback and screening dailies. Have a chroma-key
    set up with green and blue-screens that I never use. Working on getting a
    camera drone and putting together a car camera-mount / audio kit.
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  12. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I'm glad for his sake Lazenby got out when he did. He starred
    in the most literate and intelligent film in the franchise. He got
    the best script and a director who took care of him. Every film
    that followed OHMSS was a downhill spiral into self-parody
    and puerile slapstick comedy, and that includes Diamonds Are
    Forever and Live and Let Die. He left before they had a chance
    to make a fool out of him. It took a more experienced actor to
    make all that nonsense work.
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  13. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    He was involved in one of my top 4 Bond films. The rest Connery. Saying that I like Roger Moore, clothes horse.
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  14. Vidiot

    Vidiot Now in 4K HDR!

    Hollywood, USA
    GUI displays are 2.5K Dell UltraStudios, then a widescreen LG for scopes, an a 55" calibrated LG G3 for hero color. I'm using two Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K 3 Extreme 12G's (probably overkill), one for the hero display, one for scopes. 2019 MacPro with 256GB of RAM, Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPU, 2 x 4TB internal SSDs, then 10 different G-Speed Shuttle RAIDs (some spinning drives, some SSDs), plus the Resolve Advanced Panel control surface. The secondary system is a Mac Studio M1 Ultra with 64GB of RAM and a bunch of SSDs plus a Mini Panel, along with a calibrated LG 32-EP950 display, mainly used for renders (in the background so I can do other things). And then the third system is a laptop used for conform and uploads. The fourth Resolve system is just the Resolve Project Server, Omniscope, and a backup Resolve install "just in case."


    I've worked on about 1200 films in 40 years, 60 network TV series, and remastered roughly 300 films in the last 12 years, mostly for Vinegar Syndrome. I'm licensed for Dolby Vision, I'm a certified Blackmagic Resolve trainer, and I still try to stay busy. I only do color, but I consult on post issues here and there. It's been an interesting time here in Hollywoo -- sometimes too interesting. :sigh:

    Getting back to Bond: I've only gotten a chance to work on one Bond film, which was On Her Majesty's Secret Service back in the 1980s for RCA SelectaVision Videodisc (if anybody even remembers that). On the short list of the most difficult films I've ever done because of the sheer number of cuts -- it's a very, very, very fast-paced film, because they tried to cut half an hour out so it wouldn't be 3 hours long. All they wound up doing was cutting half a second from every shot in the movie, which made it incredibly fast-paced and jumpy. Still a good film, but you wonder how the 3-hour version might have been.
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  15. Richard--W

    Richard--W Forum Resident Thread Starter

    There's a lot to unpack here. In the morning.
    That's a lovely system, just lovely.
    Blackmagic and DaVinci Resolve is a blessing, isn't it...

    I've bought several titles from VS. Tough Guys Don't Dance
    wherein Ryan O'Neal seems to be directing himself. Dr.
    Terrors House of Horrors is incoming.

    A lot of fans would welcome a 3-hour version, I assure you.

    I had discussions with Peter Hunt about his methods. How
    he trimmed frames out of the fight in Tracy's hotel room.
    The continuity is perfect, but my brain didn't catch up with
    my eyes until I played it back in slow motion (something I
    couldn't do in the theater). We talked about that, too,
    holding onto a shot long enough for the brain to register it.
    This discussion came around again with the advent of the
    Bourne films which copy-catted his approach 30 years later.
  16. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    OHMSS : 3 hour version ? Yes please.
    Options .. guess hard to surpass original theatrical version.
  17. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Memory serves me well the bond wow factor was Goldfinger .. merchandise puzzles/ corgi cars books ., other paraphernalia.. big WOW factor Thunderball.—Jet pack.
  18. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Soundtrack ?
    John Barry surpassed himself in 1969 with OHMSS .. but, also Midnight Cowboy.
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  19. MikeF63

    MikeF63 Forum Resident

    Derbyshire, UK
    Sorry to be a pedant but the theme song was sung by Lulu not Twiggy (hope I haven't missed someone else already picking that up).
  20. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Bond / Barry - best soundtrack ?
    Either YOLT Nancy Sinatra ( song better than the film ).
  21. Spaghettiows

    Spaghettiows Forum Resident

    Silver Creek, NY
    Yes, I realized that too late.
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  22. Doctor Worm

    Doctor Worm Romans 6:23

    OHMSS is definitely one of the best in the series, though their dedication to the source material, while admirable, did lead to one of the biggest continuity errors in the franchise. Still, it's a superb film in every respect and I think Lazenby had a lot of potential.
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  23. finslaw

    finslaw muzak to my ears

    If they tracked down Laz’s voice track and slowed most of the sped up action we would have a legendary rerelease. It is still a top 5 for me. I would love Laz in the next 3, but Moore from Tswlm to Octopussy, then 3 for Dalton.
  24. MrCJF

    MrCJF Best served with coffee and cake.

    United Kingdom
  25. Doctor Worm

    Doctor Worm Romans 6:23

    LTK is sooooo good. Dalton was an excellent Bond who was just never given the chance he deserved.
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