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Japanese Jazz Pressings: eBay/discogs seller?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Michael Renwick, Jul 4, 2021.

  1. Michael Renwick

    Michael Renwick Forum Resident Thread Starter


    I am hoping to find a reputable seller of Japanese Jazz pressings, if you wouldn’t mind sharing PM me!
  2. captouch

    captouch Forum Resident

    Bay Area, CA
    I bought a record from ebayseller jazzbluesjapan. Packed really well and shipped fast, arrived with a thank you note. He has great reviews on eBay for what that’s worth.

    While the LP was graded accurately visually, it was very very noisy on playback even after a vacuum wet cleaning. I thought “that sucks” and was going to live with it since the visual grade was accurate, but decided to contact him and he was very understanding and asked me to propose what he thought was a fair resolution, which I did and he readily accepted.

    So while you may ask why I would still recommend him: sometimes it’s when something doesn’t go quite right that you get a truer indication of the character of the seller - how and how willingly they work with you to get to a mutually satisfactory result. He did that, so I will take the fact that the LP was noisy as a one-off and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from him again.

    BTW, I was able to eventually ultrasonically clean the record and much of the noise did clear up, but not everyone has access to an ultrasonic machine.
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  3. bresna

    bresna Forum Resident

    York, Maine
    After you were able to clear it up, did you contact the seller again? It seems fair for you to be as understanding about this as the seller was.
  4. Michael Renwick

    Michael Renwick Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yes, I am familiar with this seller, thank you. I’m currently watching his auctions. Unfortunately I’m. It a huge fan of auction and would just prefer a buy it now, non the less he seems to have top notch stuff.
  5. princesskiki

    princesskiki Kiki's Mom

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  6. Michael Renwick

    Michael Renwick Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thank you!
  7. Audioblazer

    Audioblazer Active Member

    Jazzbluesjapan . One of the best , if not the best in eBay . Bidded & won at least 20 blue note japan . Probably 1 of the cheapest DHL express shipping cost
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  8. 99khan

    99khan Forum Resident

    "facerecords" is my go-to eBay store for japanese pressings. Have bought @ least 50 LPs from them in the last 5 years or so. They also have a store in NYC but independently run from the Tokyo store. "jazzbluesjapan" is a great store I agree.
  9. riverrat

    riverrat Forum Resident

    I've looked at some auctions from this seller, but decided to pass after looking at their feedback (150+ negs in past year) and strange grading system, e.g. VG+: "Record shows sings of wear with scuffs or deep scratches".

    But to be fair, it looks like they describe their system better than the last time I looked at one of their auctions, and if you've bought 50 lps from them and still recommend, they must be doing something right.

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