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    Opinions, reviews, advice? 90 db sensitivity, would be matched with a Rogue Cronus Magnum.
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    I've never heard them but I have read repeatedly that the T3 was better sounding than the T1. Probably they sound forward, critics might call them bright, aficionados would say extended and resolving. The Rogue would have no struggle with them. But, They usually say the 100 sounds better.

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    I have two pairs of L80Ts converted with T3 crossovers. They're okay.

    I own over a dozen JBLs and I have to say these are probably my least favorite. I have one pair on permanent loan to a non-audio-interested friend and he thinks they're great. Among the various 10-inch 3-way JBLs available the L96, 4410, 4313B, and that ilk are all better examples, which explains why they command higher prices. You don't say whether you're buying or if you already own them and just looking for amp-pairing experience, but I'd give the nod to the similarly priced L5 every time over the L80T.

    If you've got them already, 100-WPC is more than enough and you should enjoy them quite a bit. I've run them successfully on as little as a 55-WPC Crown D75A and settled into them with a 100-WPC (solid state) Crown PS200 as a pretty good match.
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    Saw a pair of the 3's for sale with nos woofers and nice cabinets for $450.

    Had never heard of them and was wondering if they were any good.

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