Jean Michel Jarre 2014 remaster?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Riccardo2, Aug 14, 2014.

  1. Yost

    Yost Always Wondered How Other People Did This

    Catalogue number. Check
  2. Rael

    Rael Well-Known Member

    If it is regular shop it will surely be a 2014 remaster. You can look at the back covers that are different in several editions. 2014 remaster looks like that: [​IMG]

    while 1997 remaster will look like that:
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  3. Yost

    Yost Always Wondered How Other People Did This

    Basically the remasters are on Sony. The original releases are on Polydor.
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  4. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Miles Runs the Voodoo Down

    I’m in the process of getting rid of all the 2014 remasters as they’re just too loud. I substituted these for the 1997 remasters. I’m hoping to find all of the originals at some point. I love Jean-Michel Jarre’s music and I thought the newest remasters have been butchered by loudness and lack of dynamic range. His music deserves so much better.
  5. Rael

    Rael Well-Known Member

    Actually the loudness and DR is not so tragical in them (they usually 1 or 2 DR lower than 1997 ones). what bothers me with them are EQ choices - emphasizing of bass seems to be Dadwater's obsession... I always need to use bass/treble knobs while playing them (or O3 and now Equinoxe infinity)
  6. Mbe

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  7. krafty

    krafty Forum Resident

    Same here.
    I am being even more radical.
    Oxygene 800 015-2 03 W. Germany Matrix for me. Dropping the 1997 remaster. Let alone new ones.
    Les Concerts in Chine, original big jewel case version. Dropping the 1997 remaster. Let alone new ones.

    The only remaster I consider an improvement is Chronologie 1997 Masterdisk, over the original.
    I have lost at least ten night sleeps on this decision, but that is what Jarre must know when he employs a guy
    like Dave Perreau to remaster his works. But in the case of Chronologie, I'm talking about Scott Hull's own merit.
    The original Chronologie was very loud and badly mastered. The waveforms are as loud as the 1997 version.
    Scott Hull managed to pull more detail from the treble and bass. So it is definitely the "definitive" version for me.

    Now I am looking for a CD-only version of AERO. Because I am selling my CD+DVD set.
    This DVD, 5.1 thing never ever got into my brain... (and those eyes from Jarre's gf/wife were so BORING...)
  8. krafty

    krafty Forum Resident

    Let's not forget that Geometry of Love has a HUGE HUGE HUGE flaw on the 2018 remaster.
    Some synths are missing entirely from GoL part1, and they are mono in GoL part2.

    "Thanks" to Dave Perreau/Dadwater... (I am truly disgusting this guy...)
  9. Yost

    Yost Always Wondered How Other People Did This

    Luckily I have the original. It got kind of pricey, I see.
  10. Yost

    Yost Always Wondered How Other People Did This

    Interesting observation on Chronologie. I have to check out the 1997 version, then.

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