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  1. aorecords

    aorecords Forum Resident

    Wait. Should we start a new thread?
  2. Paul J

    Paul J Forum Resident

    Too bad Ray misunderstood the Double Jeopardy question, thinking it had to be a Saint.

    Really rooting for Ray, but every time he’s introduced all I can think of is Scott Baio’s character’s name in Arrested Development, Bob Loblaw (which I think is a nod, or whatever, to the actor Bob Balaban).
  3. HGN2001

    HGN2001 Mystery picture member Thread Starter

    Well, it will help all of us to not be looking at 2022 dates anymore...
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  4. aorecords

    aorecords Forum Resident

    After my inquiry Pizza did make a new thread.
    Jeopardy! 2023
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