Jethro Tull 50th anniversary plans

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Daniel Falaschi, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. SJB

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    I wouldn't expect a vast trove of unreleased studio cuts, because those have been well mined for the remixed and expanded albums. I believe a career-spanning live compilation is in the works; not sure how much of that would be previously unreleased.
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  2. dreambear

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    We´re discussing Martin Barre´s upcoming tour. Not Ian´ this case ;-)
  3. Terrapin Station

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    I'm still waiting for someone to make an announcement along the lines of "50th Anniversary plans? Well, I'll be fishing and hiking a bit, then sitting beside the fireplace at home in my favorite rocking chair."
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  4. I'd like to see a career spanning live collection. I loved the show that was in this year's Songs From The Wood reissue, so I'm curious what else is in the vaults. But if it's going to be very expensive like the announcement suggests I'm afraid I'll have to pass.
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  5. "Very Expensive" usually translates to a vinyl release of some sort which I have zero interest in, so my expectations are not high at this time. Frankly I just want them to keep putting out the Steve Wilsom remix boxes -that's all I need.
  6. Kiss73

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    Agreed. Heavy Horses, This Was, and Thick as A Brick (Reissue) hardbook sets would make my year. Throw in Benefit as well......

    Vinyl or a career spanning best of would not excite at all.
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  7. SJB

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    David Rees didn't say "very expensive" or that there was just one, expensive release coming. He said "a whole stack of goodies in the pipeline" which "will be mostly marvellous and all-encompassing, and quite possibly expensive."

    So that means a bunch of things, some of which might suck but still leave room for mostly marvelous - and the "expensive" bit might apply only for those buying the whole lot.

    I'm choosing to be guardedly optimistic at this point. A live collection would be nice, particularly if it isn't mostly recent stuff with a few 1970s goodies sprinkled on top - which has happened twice, once with disc 4 of the 25th anniversary box, and once with the four-DVD Around the World Live collection. Will there be some kind of best-of compilation? Seems likely. I won't complain about that because such a thing tends to be aimed at the general market rather than die-hard fans who already have everything. (I have a soft spot for compilations so, if this one is well done, I might get it anyway.)

    If they go the vinyl box route, it would be kind of boring to package up the albums. Somewhat more interesting: A box of the early singles, in reproduction picture sleeves. Make this a home run by also selling, separately (so no one has to buy what they don't want), a CD of those singles with the picture sleeves reproduced in the booklet. All the UK singles from Sunshine Day through Life's A Long Song would fit, A's and B's, on one CD, with room left for the aborted Lick Your Fingers Clean single.

    Ideally, of course, they're putting together something unpredictable and unexpected. Fingers crossed.
  8. Daniel Falaschi

    Daniel Falaschi Live detective Thread Starter

    What most excites me is the possibility of a multiple disc live set with -as IA himselff said- recordings made over the years on cassettes and whatever formats.
    So, this maybe opens the chance that we might get representations of tours that had only been heard on bootleg quality. What if we get recordings of The Aqualung, TAAB, APP and Warchild tours in soundboard quality? Not bad at all to me :righton::pineapple::goodie:
  9. RickA

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    Tampa, FL
    I would buy them all. Seeing some of these tours personally I would LOVE to have a memento of those great experiences and the opportunity to time transport back to those times.
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  10. SJB

    SJB Beloved Parasitic Nuisance

    Part of my suspects that Ian wasn't taping the shows that early on - or if he was, the tapes were from the wings rather than the soundboard. But I'd love to be wrong. I guess the biggest nightmare would be if there are soundboard-quality tapes from the Hammond era, but we only get three songs from them because if there were more there wouldn't be room on the box set for "Budapest" and "Farm on the Freeway."
  11. ScramMan2

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    He's been acting like a jerk. Had the venue make up big signs for no flash photo. There were other things, I have a blog on another site. I work event security so I see many shows. Have been doing it for 12+ years. I've seen Tull a few times back in the 70's.
  12. Rfreeman

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    Lawrenceville, NJ
    The marketing for this tour is very deceptive in containing the words Jethro Tull 50th Anniversary as the largest thing on the page, and saying in smaller dimmer print that it is Ian Anderson presenting it, and nowhere actually saying that it is a performance not by Jethro Tull but by Ian Anderson. Close to fraudulent really.

    And it comes after a solo album and tour named Jethro Tull (ok, after the person, not the band, but you weren't fooling anyone with that excuse, you were just fooling the people that bought tix thinking they were seeing Jethro Tull).

    And these are basically the only things he has done since disbanding JT.

    Shameful and pathetic marketing cash in behavior IMO.

    You want to milk the name that overtly, work with Martin.
  13. townsend

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    I doubt there is much that could interest me, since my primary interest is "early" Tull (Stand Up through Thick). Now a decent early concert on DVD/blu-ray would get my attention . . . and probably money as well.
  14. Lord Hawthorne

    Lord Hawthorne Currently Untitled

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    If you've ever been onstage, flash photography is incredibly annoying to the performers, especially when multiplied by a large group of camera wielders, and totally unnecessary. The stage is well-lit and even a modest camera can get a good capture without a flash, and unless they're in the front row, the flash won't do them any good, anyway.
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  15. Kim Olesen

    Kim Olesen Gently weeping guitarist.

    Odense Denmark.
    Ian said “I don’twant to be in Jethro Tull anymore” but it is certainly hard to tell that Jethro Tull disbanded some 10 years ago.
  16. screechmartin

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    I would be interested in your blog. Can you point me to the site?
  17. screechmartin

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    I went to see Ryan Adams in Vancouver earlier this year, and before the show his road manager told the crowd about his sensitivity to flash, and said that he was also sensitive to the infrared light that the camera uses to gauge the flash, and is operative even when the flash is turned off. She obligingly provided small pieces of masking tape to cover the red light to anybody who came to the lip of the stage and wanted one. It worked fine.
  18. joepepitone

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    I don't think the 50th anniversary of Mick Abrahams leaving the band is anything to celebrate.
  19. ponkine

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    One of the things I'd love to have is 'Thick as a Brick' ORIGINAL STEVEN WILSON REMIX on CD and Blu Ray, stereo and 5.1
    And with the overdubs free version he mixed as well

    All the stereo versions so far still have the godawful Peter Mew mastering

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  20. The Panda

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    Wouldn't it be nice if someone unearthed a live show?

    getting that first stereo mix on cd would be nice, but man, that would mean more money out the door for something that I already had two cds of. If they put out that early John Evan Band gig, Ian should be flogged in a public square.
  21. I'm glad how it worked for all involved. Mick played the blues and we all got to enjoy what Tull became afterwards.
  22. JonMcK

    JonMcK Forum Resident

    The HD Tracks version has the stereo Steven Wilson mix and master.
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  23. AJ Jeffrey

    AJ Jeffrey Active Member

    20th year box set was incredible
    25th year box set was disappointing in comparison
    40th year SW box sets are incredible
    50th year will be disappointing in comparison (Unless somebody somewhere pulls a rabbit suit out of a hat)
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  24. Keith V

    Keith V Forum Resident

    Jersey City, NJ
    A 50th anniversary box set (i.e. an expanded 20th box set with all the extra songs they found since) would be perfect. Remixed
  25. Daniel Falaschi

    Daniel Falaschi Live detective Thread Starter

    So far the only "confirmed" thing is the career spanning live set. I bet on a This Was SW remix too.

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