Jethro Tull "Minstrel in the Gallery" expanded April 2015

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Claus, Feb 3, 2015.

  1. Glen Leat

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    Got my copy today and played the 5.1 version. Fantastic sound. The whole package of these recent JT reissues is brilliant and shows other artists how to make us buy stuff we've already purchased two or three times and still feel we're getting value for money.
  2. tootull

    tootull All elements agree

    This was the hardest Tull album for me to get into by 1975. Today it is my favourite Tull album.
  3. JamesLord

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    I like it too. Interesting to note that (according to the sleeve notes) Anderson hates it because it was 'too slow' and blames Barrie Barlow's then current obsession with Captain Beefheart for the dragging tempo!!
  4. Geir

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    How does the live album sound? There isn`t much talk about it here, worries me a bit..
  5. R E Faust

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    London, UK
    My copy dropped through the post box yesterday and I have listened to the 5.1 of the album and live show. For those worried, the live show sounds great - it's just a shame the running time is only 1h 15m or so :)
    I do like the album - more than Warchild for instance - in particular Baker St. Muse so take that into consideration but I think this is another superb release. The album mix is great - just a couple of minor things that jar a little in comparison to the original but I'm sure once I spin it a few times I'll get used to it.

    After that I only had time to spin the Quad of Baker St. Muse and if anything it's even better than the 5.1 if you want something that's closer to the original sound. It's amazing this was never released in the day and it's brilliant it survived and has been added to this release.
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  6. rstamberg

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    My Denon 2910 is slowly dying, likely to be replaced by an OPPO BDP-305D next week. Anyway, I was spinning my DVD-Audio Disc of ELP's TARKUS when the HDMI video cut out and the disc wouldn't play audio off it without shorting out, coming back, going out again. Ditto my DVD-Video Disc from T. Rex's ZINC ALLOY boxed set. The unit's still playing audio CDs okay, but yesterday went nuts about a half-hour into a friend's homemade CD-R. So, in short, MINSTREL IN THE GALLERY in 5.1 is something I've got to hold off on for now, dammit.

    Actually, the Denon 2910 served me pretty well for ten whole years +. Too bad
  7. Sordel

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    My copy of La Grande Edition arrived today: lovely packaging again with a nice full book. One thing that strikes me now as rather condescending is the way that they stress in the bullet list for this release that it was an "all-girl" string quartet: still, very in keeping with the aesthetics of the day I suppose.

    I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with this.
  8. keiron99

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    Stockport, UK
    Still waiting for my vinyl to arrive, hopefully in time for the weekend and I can sit down with a a couple of ales and enjoy it.

    Slightly off topic, but does anyone know what other Tull albums are going to get the Steve Wilson treatment? Really hoping that Songs from the Wood and Heavy Horses are included.
  9. Plan9

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    Toulouse, France
    The series stops now... for the moment. SW has not mixed other Tull albums and is on tour until this fall.

    It will maybe continue next year.
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  10. jjjos

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    I'm really hoping they tackle the synth albums. I'm very interested to know what Under Wraps would sound like in 5.1. But I know that likely will not happen.
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  11. Yes. According to Martin Barre, there are loads of electric guitar buried up in that original mix.

    But who knows what the future holds? Who would have thought a few years ago that an obscurer gem like MitG would have received such a deluxe treatment in the end?
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  12. tootull

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  13. JAG

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    not sure it is all that did go Gold and the title track was a top ten hit in the US
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  14. ribors

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    I'm not so sure Minstrel in the Gallery can be considered an 'obscurer gem'...its been a fan favorite for some time. Under Wraps seems like a big stretch, though could be one of the most interesting to hear remixed... maybe combine with Walk Into Light in one set? I'd certainly buy that one and any deluxe title up to and including Crest of a Knave...afterward they'd have to have some pretty good bonus material (though I doubt we're in danger of ever seeing a deluxe Rock Island).

    I think likely candidates could include Songs From the Wood, Heavy Horses, and Bursting Out...I hope they continue the series to get these and keep going beyond. I'd like to see Too Old next, as it would be a good sign we'd eventually see some of the more obscure titles like Stormwatch, A, Broadsword.
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  15. I know Minstrel sold really well. I was just under the impression it had fell into relative obscurity with the passing of years. It seemed at some point the original vinyl was almost "a dime a dozen" on the used market. Here in Quebec at least...
  16. JAG

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    Northeast USA
    I just watched the video from the link provided and 2 things come to mind.

    Anyone who thinks this music, performance, or whatever is subpar is nuts!!! That is just brilliance! You can't come close to this today!

    2nd thought is just that. Where are these type of musicians anymore? Is music dead? Not just the brilliant songwriting but the personalities and characters. Watch that video, these guys weren't just musicians in a band but real personalities with different sounds and contributions. I guess it is all gone because today everything is so pretend and sterile.
  17. tootull

    tootull All elements agree

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  18. pbuzby

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    It has become somewhat obscure, no radio play, and every Tull album has been going cheap for years. As far as the box sets, though, I've thought that once they did Passion Play the floodgates were open.
  19. Rne

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  20. JAG

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  21. Kimiimacman

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    It's not just musicians and music, it's sport too esp F1. To me it's all just too commercial, a bunch of professional nobodys. Money money money. God, I sound like my mother.
    Glad I got that one off my chest. Back on topic now. Sorry.
  22. Atmospheric

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    For me, the real problem with Bursting Out is the very poor acoustic guitar and grand piano sounds. Quacky nasally '70's era under-saddle acoustic guitar transducers, and the wretched Yamaha CP-70 electric grand piano have ruined more live recordings of that era than I care to remember. A real shame because the performance is outstanding on that record.
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  23. Feminism had been quite a major issue for a few years (see early 70s news magazines or Gloria Steinem/Ms.) by the time this album came out. I think the "all-girl" comment was intentionally tongue-in-cheek, knowing that it would get a reaction. Also giving it a kind of olde-timey vaudeville poster sense.
  24. Parkertown

    Parkertown The Art of Drumming

  25. Two other things are great about that film. The performance of this song is in the original key all the way, including the post-instrumental section, and the acoustic section includes all of the choruses (incl. "He titillated men of action..."), both of which differences I personally have never heard in any later version.

    ...Oh and a third plus: Ian omits his annoying, nasal "We-e-e-e-ell... We-e-e-e-ell..." introducing the instrumental part!

    I must say though that Jeffrey seriously muffs a line or two from that middle bit! But I am real glad this film finally saw the light of day!
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