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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by dougb222, Sep 16, 2016.

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    I don't hate Under Wraps, but it's telling I've never repurchased it on CD. Not really sure what Wilson would do with it ~ hard to know, though, what track layers might be hiding on the masters. For those wishing for a more classic Tull treatment, he won't magically be able to insert Barlow's or Conway's drums, of course. An acoustic demo of "European Legacy" might be nice, a la "Under Wraps 2." But the album's 80s synth stylings are really what it's about, in the same way SFTW & Heavy Horses are the English folk version of Jethro Tull. Would certainly be interesting to see what approach a remix would take.

    While I defend its right to exist for what it was, I adore the flute-driven instrumental "Under Wraps" on A Little Light Music and prefer it to either version on the original album itself o_O
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    Broadsword is where I jumped off the Tull train previously (not sure why as I love that album)........Under Wraps is the one Tull album I have I am not familiar with at all, so I would welcome a set....however you kinda think if we make it to Under Wraps, they may as well complete the set.
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  3. Vaughan

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    Under Wraps is an excellent set of songs. It hasn't dated well, for obvious reasons. But the songs win out.
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    I wonder if the 50 for 50 release will reveal early teaser remixes for a couple of the This Was tracks. Actually will the early hits even be the remixes at all?! Heck, maybe there could be remixed tracks from Stormwatch and Broadsword too but is that asking too much again?! ;)
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  5. Vaughan

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    Back on topic I'm probably more excited about Wilson doing This Was than I am Stormwatch - This Was is such a great album, and for a good while it seemed we'd never get the debut done in this series. Fantastic news.
  6. tinnox

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    Heavy Horses is so good and looking forward to This Was should be fantastic and Stormwatch as well, like to see Benefit thrown in as well in the book format any news on that
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    I really hope the series will continue into the 1980ties. I mean, Broadsword is something that should certainly be included, and as we know there's lots of material that wasn't on the album, but has later been released; hopefully some unreleased stuff too.

    As for 'A' I don't think any additional material from the Tull sessions exists; we had the Slipstream Hammersmith thing added to the remaster, which sounds crap, so if they have the multitracks for it, they may be considering giving it a 5.1 release, this time the whole live set without the silly videos assuming all of it was filmed. But who would want to see it anyway?
    More interesting would be to have the Tallis (Tullies?) and Barrie's Tandoori Cassette material on it - even though not directly connected to 'A', but certainly being something that the fans would want to hear.

    As for 'Under Wraps' (and 'Walk Into Light', which in fact could also be included in such set) there's one thing: since there is a drum machine there, it probably hasn't even been recorded on a separate track and there are only the time codes for on the multitracks. If so, adding a real drummer to these recordings could actually be considered. I guess Doane would be a natural candidate for doing this, not sure though if he would be able to do so now. I also guess Steven Wilson would not be that much interested in doing that stuff, but if they would bring Jakko instead, we could expect having Gavin Harrisson doing the drum job. Or some other drum magician could be hired for that (Marco Minnemann would be my favourite). Some of these drum parts are actually quite hard to play live.
    Actually, more re-recording could be done too, e.g. some of the synths could be substituted with the string quartet. That's something that had been done for Freddie Mercury's Barcelona re-release few years ago - this has been originally done with synths and a drum machines, the re-release is all live with a real orchestra.
    'Under Wraps' live sets were actually great, and there's one from the US on the youtube whch never had an official release, so that could be included too - hoping they have the multitracks for it.
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    Some of Ians best songs. Add to that that UW has many prog elements. I’d venture as far as saying that it was their last prog album (production aside).
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  9. Claus

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    Stand Up was the first goof JT record and Heavy Horses the last good one. I don't need another book in my shelves.
  10. aoxomoxoa

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    Thanks for updating us :rolleyes:
  11. Dok

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    Claus, when This Was and the rest of the Tull book sets get released I'm coming over there and they better not be hiding on any of your shelves!! :laugh:
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    I'm not sure I agree with the comments that Under Wraps has aged poorly. I just see it as a lackluster production that didn't serve the material. There's some charm to those old drum machines and synth sounds. Problem is, the mix really lets them down. That being the case, a remix alone may be enough to serve as a revelation should they get to this album (and I hope they do). I tend to have warmer feelings towards Walk Into Light, so I'd be less inclined to cheer for a remix (though I'd certainly give it a chance as the others have been great - even on albums I enjoyed to begin with), but wouldn't complain if it got added to the Tull canon proper since I gather not many have heard it.

    I'm less enthused at the idea of re-recordings unless they're an accompanying "bonus" to the release as a whole. Barcelona was a nice surprise both because the "star performer" is no longer with us and since there wasn't much by way of bonus audio to include in an anniversary edition, but I still view it as a supplement to the original rather than a replacement.

    Obviously, none of this is rote gospel and just my preference. Especially if SW bows out after Stormwatch, I'm curious to see the direction the release campaign goes once we leave the '70s. Fingers crossed that they're still treated with the same generosity and care the series to this point has been praised for!
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    Let's face it, JT lost it after the Passion Play album. The magic was gone and never returned.
  14. You can face that if you like. I’ll continue to enjoy the many post-Passion Play Tull albums ‘cause I think most are good to great.
  15. WonkyWilly

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    I tend to agree, though I think Minstrel is on par with A Passion Play, and I have a soft spot for Songs/Horses/Bursting/Stormwatch.
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  16. tootull

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    Nothing goofy about this post, no siree. Though Broadsword was huge in Germany, so sad that you don't think it's the last good one.;) Especially good with the bonus tracks.
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  17. tootull

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    More like this, let's face it, JT lost it after the Thick As A Brick album. The magic was gone and never returned. ;)
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  19. tootull

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    Hey tootull, did you catch my question in the HH thread about the mystery "Hare Krishna lyric" song?
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    And we all have different opinions of course. Though TAAB and A Passion Play are my favorite Tull albums by far, I really enjoy Warchild, more so Songs from the Wood and even Stormwatch. Minstrel in the Gallery still hasn't done anything for me after several listens. I think that minus a couple of dips in quality here and there, Ian kept it together pretty darn well all throughout the '70s.

    As for This Was, I never bought the 2-CD set so I'm perfectly fine with adding a box of that album to my collection.
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  23. This Was and Stormwatch, as well as a book version of Benefit (with the Carnegie Hall concert added on) and the demastered version of Thick As A Brick would nicely complete my Jethro Tull collection. Loving the SW remix series and the completeness of these book sets.
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    Honestly, I still rank it as the most disappointing new release I've ever purchased. It was the first Tull album to come out after I discovered the band and I was actually embarrassed for my favorite group when I played it around my friends. Was so happy when Crest came out (except for what had happened to Ian's voice).
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    Yay! This Was will be! Looking forward to adding this to my coveted Jethro Tull library!
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