Jimi Hendrix Both Sides of the Sky - new album coming March 9, 2018

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    New Jimi Hendrix album with unreleased songs coming in March

    Unreleased songs recorded by Jimi Hendrix between 1968 and 1970 will be released next year.

    Experience Hendrix and Legacy Recordings announced Wednesday that they will release Hendrix’s “Both Sides of the Sky” on March 9, 2018. The 13-track album includes 10 songs that have never been released.

    Hendrix died in 1970 at age 27. The new album is the third volume in a trilogy from the guitar hero’s archive. “Valleys of Neptune” was released in 2010, followed by “People, Hell and Angels,” released in 2013.

    Eddie Kramer, who worked as recording engineer on every Hendrix album made during the artist’s life, said in an interview that 1969 was “a very experimental year” for Hendrix, and that he was blown away as he worked on the new album.

    “The first thing is you put the tape on and you listen to it and the hairs just stand up right on the back of your neck and you go, ‘Oh my God. This is too (expletive) incredible,” said Kramer. “It’s an incredible thing. Forty, 50 years later here we are and I’m listening to these tapes going, ‘Oh my God, that’s an amazing performance.’”

    Many of the album’s tracks were recorded by Band of Gypsys, Hendrix’s trio with Buddy Miles and Billy Cox. Stephen Stills appears on two songs: “$20 Fine” and “Woodstock.”

    “It sounds like Crosby, Stills & Nash except it’s on acid, you know,” Kramer, laughing, said of “$20 Fine.”

    “Jimi is just rocking it,” he added. “It’s an amazing thing.”

    Johnny Winter appears on “Things I Used to Do”; original Jimi Hendrix Experience members Mitch Mitchell and Noel Redding are featured on “Hear My Train A Comin’’’; and Lonnie Youngblood is on “Georgia Blues.”

    Kramer produced the album alongside John McDermott and Janie Hendrix, the legend’s sister and president of Experience Hendrix. Kramer said though “Both Sides of the Sky” is the last of the trilogy, someone could find new Hendrix music in an attic or a basement, which could be re-worked.

    He also said they have live footage of Hendrix, some just audio and some in video, which they plan to release.

    “It was amazing just to watch him in the studio or live. The brain kicks off the thought process — it goes through his brain through his heart and through his hands and onto the guitar, and it’s a seamless process,” Kramer said. “It’s like a lead guitar and a rhythm guitar at the same time, and it’s scary. There’s never been another Jimi Hendrix, at least in my mind.”
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    Maybe after this we could get Black Gold....

    I wonder how many actual new "songs" though, as opposed to previously unheard recordings..
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    I'd been hoping for some more Hendrix studio recordings. I personally really enjoy both Valleys Of Neptune and I'm excited to see what there is that's still is that's worth a listen from the Hendrix archives!
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    Agreed. These archival releases are never perfect but I'm generally happy with what the estate has issued as part of the Sony/Legacy deal. It's always a thrill to get to listen to some Hendrix I've never heard before!
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  5. Happy to read about this. I suspect some of the songs will be formative versions of songs we already know (like Hey Gypsy Boy from P,H&As) and we get another Hear My Train a Comin'. Still this makes my day!
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    Did anyone really believe Eddie Kramer when he said PH&A was the last studio release? Nice to see some additional music being issued from the archives. Looks like the rumored release of the Maui 1970 live tapes has been postponed. I would like to see the entire tracklisting, but I suspect there will still be no release of studio versions of Midnight Lightning (full band) and Machine Gun. One hopes Kramer did not resort to his "Frankenstein" efforts that he employed on the previous two releases.
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    During the documentary about Hendrix there was a segment with Eddie Kramer playing the different layers of Jimi's guitar work on a tune (Castles Made Of Sand?). I found them fascinating but more importantly, beautiful to hear. I thought than and still do, I'd jump on a record of Jimi's work, by itself, sans any other musicians, a la Joe Pass's Virtuoso series. A record of his 'quieter' tunes compiled from his 1st 4 records, solo, would be an instant hit! Jimi Hendrix- Virtuoso, perfect title if you ask me!;)
  8. scotti

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    Excited for this one! Early Christmas present! Too bad we have to wait until March...my turntable is already stoked about this release, it can't wait! Will have to feed it Axis: Bold As Love and Band of Gypsys later, to calm it down...
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  9. DTK

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    Nope, never bought that.

    Yes, I wish so too. Kramer's Frankensteining is disgusting.

    I have mixed feelings.
    Hooray, we get to hear some new music.
    Major bummer, EH are still trying to make commercial albums from unrelated sessions instead of giving Jimi the respect he deserves and creating thematic anthologies with contemporary material presented in the right context, like the Miles Davis box sets.
  10. DTK

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    Note that "The Things I Used To Do" (Lifelines) and "Georgia Blues" (Martin Scorsese Presents) are previously released.
    "Woodstock" is circulating since several years. It's a pre-CSNY take with Buddy Miles and Jimi, who merely plays bass.

    Wonder what take of Hear My Train they have dug up.
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  11. Darrin L.

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    ...or the Dyan Bootleg series, focusing on one session at a time.
  12. Moe Schmo

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    Not a fan of these barrel scraping releases. If it was worth hearing we would have heard it by now.
  13. JayB

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    I respectfully disagree here..any new Hendrix I haven't heard interests me.
  14. Moe Schmo

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    Good for you. Will you listen to it more than once though?

    In my opinion these kind of releases are cheating both the artist who never intended the material to be released and the naive buyer who may be fooled into thinking they are getting something worthwhile.
  15. dead of night

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    Did Hendrix do anything besides write and record songs?
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  16. slane

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    I suspect the album title is a reference to this track, a version of which is presumably on the album?

  17. scotti

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    Just a question, but if Hendrix was recording some new material and was planning on some of it to make up a forthcoming album, then unfortunately died, how can you say he never intended any of it to be released?
  18. DTK

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    Seriously, his other major interest was hanging out with and having sex with lots of women. He was also into drugs. Ask Janie Jinka "Hendrix" about it ;)
  19. Darrin L.

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    Well, fortunately for us, Hendrix tended to record everything, whether it be jam sessions or rehearsals. I think it was part of his creative process.
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  20. DTK

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    None of the material on this album was planned to be included on Jimi's 4th studio album. And that's the only release he planned before his death.
    Jimi was fairly certain about when he had completed a recording to his satisfaction, and none of these recordings met his yardstock.
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  21. Well, I'll weigh in and say only a handful of tracks were completed to Jimi's satisfaction at the time of his death and these would have been released as you say (and has been released previously), but much of the content in these releases is incomplete and certainly was not ready for release per Jimi's exacting standards (much of it not in a final mix by Jimi). Still, I find joy in Jimi's playing and am glad they are releasing this material. His legacy will remain intact and he is done caring about how his music is presented.
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  22. pool_of_tears

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    He played guitar ;)
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  23. PearlJamNoCode

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    Don't have high hopes for this. Why did it take 47 years for this to come out? If it was worth releasing, wouldn't it have been done earlier?
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  24. jhm

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    We don't know yet if "$20 Fine" is actually a song we've not heard or what they titled one of the unreleased (but still circulating) instrumental jams with Stills from the same session as "Woodstock".

    I suspect the slow tempo "Hear My Train 'A Comin'" that Alan Douglas used at the end of his Frankensteined version of "Hear My Train..." from the orginal :Blues track listing is a likely contender to be included. It's not been released in any other form that I'm aware of, but circulates as part of the hybrid version of course (the main portion of which was the BoG version eventually released on People, Hell & Angels).
  25. Jimi's pretty prolific for a dead guy.

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