Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Edition) 4-CD Box EH/Sony Nov. 9

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kanakaris, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Doctor Flang

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    It means that it has been remastered from the original, non-EQ'd stereo masters. That is not always the case.
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  2. It was a rhetorical question to serve the point that their verbiage could very well need a good QC'ing. Though the earbud brigade might not be as estute as the average Hoffmanite.
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  3. fredblue

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    not defending anything/one for crushed DR and other perceived shortcomings, it occurs that a mass-market release set to appeal to the earbud crowd might be less likely to cater to the 5.1 fringe, unless the 5.1 was an afterthought, yet in this case the 5.1 seems to be one of the main draws? bit baffling..
  4. weavzy

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    Six of the tracks from the outtake disc is up on apple music in Australia (its now the 9th over here.)

    LHSN and Rainy Day studio cuts are sensational.
  5. Purple Jim

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    ...but then they sling in a friggin' bootleg quality live tape! WTF? It's the 50th Anniversary box set fer crissakes! What are they thinking?
  6. shakti

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    Do we have any other source to confirm the numbers? It just seems odd that a new remaster comes out with the exact same figures as the 1997 remaster. Also, in the DR listing, the source is given as CD, yet it's referred to as a Blu-Ray. Could it be the DR figures are from the new redbook CD?

    Hey, I can hope, can't I?

    It just doesn't make any sense *at all* to make the high-res squashed. If they need to make a loud disc, by all means...knock yourselves out on the redbook CD. But those who are going to play the Blu-Ray in stereo are going to be the discerning crowd. Why on earth would they compress that more than strictly necessary?

    (For the record I don't have the Axis SACD yet, but I hear it's great and dynamic sounding).
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  7. dee

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    Well that's promising...
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  8. Lownote30

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    I'll definitely give you my impressions when I have a listen. Bernie has never badly mastered anything for EH, or anyone for that matter. It can't be a mass marketing thing as all the other releases Bernie has mastered for EH sound great! Those were all marketed and hyped quite a bit, too! I'm very skeptical of those DR numbers if Bernie did indeed master this release. His remaster of Axis sounds great and is in line with his mastering style. Same with Machine Gun, Cry of Love, Rainbow Bridge, and the many other titles he's done with the Hendrix name on them. My current go to for EL is a Polydor needle drop. I've never heard anything that Bernie has done sound botched. I'm pretty confident that if he mastered this release, it will sound good, and it won't be squashed. That's just not his deal.
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  9. Lownote30

    Lownote30 Bass Clef Addict

    Nashville, TN, USA
    That is suspicious. I would be angry as well if EH squashed it after Bernie mastered it. That's a slap in the face to him and his talent!
  10. Doctor Flang

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    Helsinki, Finland
    I got my copy today. Here are some of my first impressions based on a very quick leaf through. Probably due to flu and general tirednes,s my hearing isn't very good today, so i won't even try to be specific about the sound quality, and especially dynamics.

    The original album: Remastering is very different compared to the 1995 remaster. A lot more tape-hiss. In fact, i can't remember even the original Polydor disc sounding like this.

    Bonus material: A let down, as was expected. Can't help thinking that Tax Free, Three Little Bears, Cherokee Mist, South Saturn Delta, and another songs that were recorded during the period, should have been here.

    Hollywood Bowl: Rough sound quality with distorted vocals, but a top-notch performance. I don't mind it being here.

    5.1 surround mix: Ok, it might be my hearing, but this sounds weird. Some tracks sound great, with nice immersive sound, but others sound very odd. The biggest problem seems to be that it clearly has been impossible trying to replicate the original phasing sound. The intro of House Burning Down is totally powerless. It sounds awful. Midnight Lamp sounds very freaky and powerful, but at the same time he whole thing seems to go out-of-phase in a way, that it sounds just strange. Worst of all, some tracks are a lot louder than others. Have You Ever Been is a lot louder than Crosstown Traffic, for example. But i'll give it a proper listening another day, when my ears feel better.

    The documentary: It's in SD and it has no subtitles, altough the previous DVD had.
  11. David67

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    No amount of negativity is going to dissuade me from picking up what will be only my second 50th anniversary box set tomorrow WHEN I POP INTO HMV. The other being Fresh Cream.

    Hoping of course the red book is an improvement on previous mastering. The extra content is a nice bonus.

    And if AP release Electric Ladyland on SACD, I'll buy that too.
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  12. jhm

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    I believe when they say "uncompressed" in this instance, they are referring to the fact that it is 96KHz/@24 bit lossless as opposed to lossy compression (such as with standard DTS, Dolby Digital or AC3). I'm quite certain they aren't referencing the dynamics at all (unfortunately).
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  13. Pouchkine

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    Is it possible that Bernie Grundman only did the CD and LP in all of this?
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  14. tlake6659

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    It's not that surprising if the CD/Blu-ray are digitally compressed. A lot of Bernie's masterings for major labels have peak limiting. West Coast Seattle Boy had it, same with the CD/HD Download of the Band of Gypsies (fortunately the SACD didn't). The SACD of Axis was done for an audiophile company, which is why it wasn't limited.

    I wish it wasn't but I'll stick with my 2 disc Reprise CD for the stereo mix. I'm mainly getting this for the 5.1 mix so hopefully that is worth it.
  15. David67

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    Does Rainbow Bridge and Cry Of Love have peak limiting?
  16. In this day, though, you can't use the term "uncompressed" in the audio world without conjuring up little red nightmare squares with low digits in them. I mean, CDA is "uncompressed," as well, as it too is lossless. So, now they're just throwing out ill-advised catchphrases to drum up sales.

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  17. KipB

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    Savoring all this discussion ... and encouraged by the mention of “tape hiss” in the post a few back. Listening to my Track Electric Ladyland part one from Reckless Records in London a couple years ago. House Burning Down is blazing right now ... I’m hoping to check the new one out on Spotify before I make a decision ... I mean, I have seven versions of this music already... but I want this new one to sound great ...
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  18. Oh yes, I was going to mention this, too, but I forgot. Yeah, that's encouraging.

    It's been attributed to Neil Young, but whoever it was, somebody said, "The music is in the hiss." :)
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  19. Jimi Bat

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    From the stupid question department. When your at the loudness wars web site and they list the DR numbers reading from left to right in the comment section is the DR number is listed before the song title? I'm talking about some of the older listings.
  20. jhm

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    You generally have to open the info file (if one's been included) to match the score to the track).
  21. Dr. Luther's Assistant

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  22. Wayne Hubbard

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    Does LHSN have vocals?
  23. Edgard Varese

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  24. Dr. Luther's Assistant

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    I can't wait.
  25. Dr. Luther's Assistant

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    That'll be my 45 bucks right there.
    Everything else is gravy, now.
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