Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Edition) 4-CD Box EH/Sony Nov. 9

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kanakaris, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain

    Got it - CD version.
    Dimensions of book 300 x 265 mm
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  2. Orthogonian Blues

    Orthogonian Blues Forum Resident

    London, UK
    My super duper deluxe EL vinyl set arrived yesterday... but I won't have a chance to dig into it until at least Sunday.

    When I do, I'll offer my inexpert opinion here.
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  3. Ripthisjoint

    Ripthisjoint Active Member

    Stuttgart, Germany
    Great!!! Please tell us about the sound of the new Bernie Grundman remaster!
  4. FangfossFlyer

    FangfossFlyer Forum Resident

    York, U.K.
    Just been notified that my LP set has been delayed :mad:
    But there again The Beatles anniversary White Album set will be delivered today :)
    Listening to Dylan's More Blood, More Tracks LP whilst I wait (probably the best LP of the decade so far!) :cool:

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  5. lennonfan1

    lennonfan1 Forum Resident

    baltimore maryland
    waiting on those surround reviews.
    ordered along with the White deluxe weeks ago, the White should get here but they haven't notified of shipping for Jimi yet, this is Deep Discount I'm talking about.
  6. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    Baton Rouge, LA
    Gave the outtakes a quick listen and really enjoyed the two Long Hot Summer Night takes. Great to hear Jimi and Al Kooper so clearly. The Sound Center version of Angel is major upgrade for me. Haven't played the 1983 outtake yet, this one is new to circulation.

    Hollywood Bowl quality is as bad as reported.
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  7. Lovecraft

    Lovecraft Forum Resident

    Isle of Bute, UK
    Too early for any consensus on the new remaster then...? Yes, I'm angling:winkgrin:
  8. TheLoveDrags

    TheLoveDrags Forum Resident

    Mine is being delivered by Amazon. I guess in certain areas there is an Amazon delivery service...
    My Dylan box set was sent this way as well and arrived a day late...
    If they had sent it UPS or USPS I would have gotten it on time...
    So, chance #2: We'll see... LOL
  9. Incredulous_Observer

    Incredulous_Observer Forum Resident

    Lincolnshire, UK
    I've just listened to the 5.1 mix and thought it was fantastic. Discrete, not gimmicky, constantly active rears, consistent volume and very immersive. No issues at all with the fidelity or the mix for me.
  10. Deek57

    Deek57 Forum Resident

    Mine arrived half an hour ago, about to check it out, 5.1 first..
  11. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain
    Just a quick zap through the CD, comparing it only to the 40th Anniversary edition.
    First impressions on the fly: a bit more tape hiss as said earlier here. It does sound a little different. I don't have a high end rig so I'm no "sound" expert" but it does sound a little more raw, closer to the tapes perhaps. Some of the rich, mystical production seems to be a little lost.
    I must give it a proper listen this evening.
    Hollywood Bowl is raggedy, raw fun. Foxy Lady and Fire are incomplete.
    The solo demos are very clear (maybe too clear).
    The studio, band takes are OK but some are rudimentary rhythmic run-throughs.
  12. Received my EU vinyl box this morning.
    Packaging is very nice, as is the booklet.
    Vinyl has some dish warping so I will have to run them through the vinyl flat / groove pouch before giving them a spin.

    I did notice that the outtakes 2LP set has“mastered by Bernie grundman” in the credits, but it doesn’t have his initials in the dead wax.
    Can anyone check the US version to see if it’s different?

    The main album and Hollywood Bowl set all have BG in the dead wax.
  13. kanakaris

    kanakaris Forum Resident Thread Starter

  14. John Fell

    John Fell Forum Survivor

    He doesn't think much of the Hollywood Bowl show in the review.

    The previously unreleased show from the Hollywood Bowl, September 14, 1968, is more problematic. The thin, mono audio falls between cassette quality and worse (Mitch Mitchell’s drums often sound like they are recorded by a tin can on a string, Hendrix’s vocals are occasionally distorted to the point of ear-wincing annoyance), the Experience only plays one track from Electric Ladyland (released about two weeks afterwards), and the barely hour-long performance is substandard for Hendrix, especially in comparison with far superior concerts out there. Only the faithful will be able to sit through the whole thing. If this is the best Hendrix live the compilers have left, we are truly getting to the bottom of the barrel.
  15. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant Howling in a Vacuum

    San Francisco

    I really just can't believe this.
    It's truly bizarre.

    All you can really do is act like the concert isn't actually part of the package. Like it got shipped with it by accident or something.
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  16. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    On the good side, we know there's still better left to come out.

    Why this is out here and now? :shrug:
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  17. steviebee

    steviebee Forum Resident

    London, England
    My US vinyl set is in flight. Touchdown scheduled for 22 Nov here in the UK.

    Wonder if I can get the day off? :D
  18. Cokelike-

    Cokelike- Forum Resident

    Columbus, Oh
  19. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant Howling in a Vacuum

    San Francisco

    Literally 15 seconds after I posted the above, I received an email from Experience Hendrix suggesting that I purchase Electric Ladyland 50th merchandise.

    I think they may be onto me.
    If I disappear, tell my Wife and Daughter that I love them...
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  20. dee

    dee Forum Resident

    ft. lauderdale, fl
    I tried to cancel the order late last night, before Friday midnight, but my 'request' was not granted by Amazon. Sorry to go OT some. Speaks to the disappointing sonic reviews of the concert disc. Maybe the blu ray with a few outtakes will be the saving grace and worth the purchase...
  21. tmtomh

    tmtomh Forum Resident

    Experience Hendrix has been known to hold back better stuff so they can spread it out over multiple, future releases.
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  22. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    To put it mildly... :D
  23. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant Howling in a Vacuum

    San Francisco
    And, ridiculously enough, knowing all of this, I still probably would have purchased a stand alone of Hollywood Bowl from Dagger Records.

    This is such an odd way to "celebrate" Electric Ladyland.
  24. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Same here, they could've gotten another $15-$20 out of me but...

    But I'll still probably like it...
  25. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    Right now these seem to be the only things from the set making the rounds streaming-wise, they're appearing on iTunes and Tidal as well. Wonder if that "original album plus tracks from posthumous albums for streaming" idea fell by the wayside. Yet another thing I'll have to do on my own I guess...

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