Jimi Hendrix Experience Electric Ladyland (50th Anniversary Edition) 4-CD Box EH/Sony Nov. 9

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by kanakaris, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. sleeptowin

    sleeptowin Forum Resident

    SO, if i have the original track single, then i don't need this new release? burning of the midnight lamp was easily available when i started collecting. i have multiples of it.
  2. Gordon Johnson

    Gordon Johnson Forum Resident

    Liverpool, South
    There are plenty of copies around even now, many in very good condition too.

    But yes, nothing new here it seems. Though the collector side in you just might come out :)

    Or, as in my case the Orange Crush will grab you :)
  3. Gordon Johnson

    Gordon Johnson Forum Resident

    Liverpool, South
    They may well have read it here, or maybe on another forum [without having to wade through a lot of other stuff!]. Maybe someone contacted them direct?
    Or, maybe they decided to change it as they are looking at their over all marketing side of things anyway? After all, both Sony and EH have come in for a lot of criticism recently.

    I do know they do take note of genuine comments that are directed at their processes, some times it takes a while to change things.

    Let's just hope this is not a one off and we can take it as a positive indication of things to come.

    After all, good marketing blurb sells units.

    To infinity and beyond! Maybe just the brick and mortar outlets :)

    I guess we get used to it, a little noise on vinyl is not an issue for me likewise tape hiss on cassette is not an issue.
    Of course, minimising any noise helps so a clean record, reasonable set up goes a long way. I'd rather have analogue noise, including a bit of vinyl crackle in quiet parts than what I find is a slightly artificial sound from elsewhere.
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  4. mark winstanley

    mark winstanley Pick up a fast car, burn my name in the road

    Essentially I am getting this for the 5.1, I have wanted a 5.1 of this album since the format was born. I have a good copy of the album and with the Hendrix estate having released so many posthumous albums, it isn't hard to believe that there wouldn't be much undiscovered treasure in the vaults. So with that in mind I don't really understand some of the dissension i read regarding disappointment
  5. Gordon Johnson

    Gordon Johnson Forum Resident

    Liverpool, South
    Given the level of outs added to this set it is disappointing as there is plenty of material that could have been included, a lot that would have been new to even the hardened collector.

    Maybe we just have to wait a few more years?

    Nice to be so back on topic :)
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  6. John Harchar

    John Harchar Forum Resident

    New Jersey
    The disappointment is there are things we know exist thanks to *ahem* other sources and it would have been nice if they were included. Just going back to the Live & Unreleased radio show/Lifelines box set, there were a number of outtakes there that should/could have been included (the alternate 1983 may been on the Outtakes disc hopefully). The streaming version will supposedly include tracks from posthumous albums recorded from this era. So if you stream, you may be getting Tax Free, Three Little Bears, South Saturn Delta etc. For each of these there are different versions that could have been used instead of repeating what's already been released (I guess a "thank you for not double dipping too much" is in order). I'm probably going to be happy with what I get, then go about adding things from my other sources to make a fuller picture.
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  7. Chris M

    Chris M Senior Member

    Baton Rouge, LA
    IIRC the EH release was 5% fast...doesn't matter as lower generation tape was discovered (and circulated) a few years after the Dagger release. I'm sure EH used the best tape thought to exist. No problem there, the speed is glaring but mistakes happen.

    What is unforgivable is the $80 Ottawa 'fan pack' reissue a decade later than a) had the same speed error and b) did not use the far better, widely available source.
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  8. Experiencereunited

    Experiencereunited Forum Resident


    Well you have to give them credit for clearing this up (after a huge backlash on this site). They even changed the language on the RSD site.
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  9. jhm

    jhm Forum Resident

    Totally agree, mistakes happen, but how hard would it have been to fix the speed problem and reissue it? They did it for Fehmarn later on.
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  10. duneman

    duneman Forum Resident

    Auto-buy for me - esp. for the hi-res stereo and 5.1. As noted before this album is a prime candidate for surround. Yee-hah, am very much looking forward to this. Plan on hosting a 5.1 listening party at my house!
  11. dprokopy

    dprokopy Forum Resident

    Near Seattle, WA
    Is everyone going to sit on each other's laps in the "sweet spot"? :D
  12. SoundDoctor

    SoundDoctor Forum Resident

    United States
    I think that while complaints about lack of interesting content are warranted, I still think that getting the CD set for $50-ish is a deal that can't be passed up. Now the vinyl may be a little too expensive, but I will likely by the CD anyway (even as a vinyl person).
  13. Opeth

    Opeth Forum Resident

    Exactly where I am at, plus all 3 albums with hi res stereo finally !!!!!!!!!!
  14. bluesbro

    bluesbro Forum Hall of Shame

    He said it was a party.
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  15. duneman

    duneman Forum Resident

    That's a good one. There's an off color joke in there somewhere!
  16. Experiencereunited

    Experiencereunited Forum Resident

    Back to the 45. I am glad they are releasing the mono 45 too to go along with the Boxset. Yes it would have been better to include it all together. However, in my mind these mixes are another piece of the ELL 50th that shouldn't be overlooked. Also this release looks to have the cool artwork from the original German? 45 (and in Orange vinyl no less) and is a nice touch. Of course if you have the orignal 45s or The Classic Singles Boxset Vol 2 already this may be easy to overlook.

    There was also a Watchower mono folddown in addition to the 3 they are releasing though that doesn't seem to be making an appearance.
  17. Purple Jim

    Purple Jim Forum Resident

    Little Britain

    Does anyone know if the BOTML in the old 6 Singles Pack was the original true mono mix?
  18. Larry Geller

    Larry Geller Surround sound lunatic

    Bayside, NY
    I just ordered the 2010 Legacy UK version of Smash Hits,, which has both sides of the BOTML 45 on it, hopefully in best ever sound. Fingers crossed.
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  19. Leonthepro

    Leonthepro Skeptically Optimistic Autodidact Debater

    Uppsala Sweden
    Im waiting till someone drops a comparison of the 2010 legacy and the new BG cut. Dont wanna have to buy another one.
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  20. PADYBU

    PADYBU Forum Resident

    Which song are y'all looking forward to hearing the 5.1 of the most? For me it's gotta be 1983 :love::goodie:
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  21. Pouchkine

    Pouchkine Forum Resident

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  22. Dr. Luther's Assistant

    Dr. Luther's Assistant Howling in a Vacuum

    San Francisco
    1983 and Long Hot Summer for me.
  23. shakti

    shakti Forum Resident

    Ramnes, Norway
    Good question, but almost impossible to choose. This album is made for surround, it has been my most wanted surround candidate for a long time and I am super excited it's finally happening. Let's hope we're not disappointed...

    If forced to choose I would nominate...
    Have You Ever Been...
    Voodoo Chile
    Gypsy Eyes
    House Burning Down
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  24. steviebee

    steviebee Forum Resident

    London, England
    I figured the AAA Bernie cut would be worth it - I got my 2010 cheap, used but in overall excellent+ nick, but it'll be nice to have a brand spanky-new copy. It will be interesting to hear them side by side.

    And against my ladies-cover early 70s pressing :)
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  25. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Is there already SACD of this title ( 5.1/stereo)?

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