Jimi Hendrix - Let's Talk About How We Would Have Put Together His Posthumous Albums!

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  1. Revised Axis Bold As Love Sessions (May - Oct., 1967)

    Axis Bold As LoveThe (Stereo & Mono)

    Up From The Skies
    Spanish Castle Magic
    Wait Until Tomorrow
    Ain't No Telling
    Little Wing
    If Six Was Nine
    You've Got Me Floating
    Castles Made Of Sand
    She's So Fine
    One Rainy Wish
    Little Miss Lover
    Bold As Love

    From South Saturn Delta
    Little Wing (embryonic Sweet Angel Oct. 14, 1967)
    South Saturn Delta
    The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice (stereo mix)

    Singles Box
    The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice (mono b-side mix)

    From the "Purple Box"
    Taking Care of No Business
    Here He Comes (Lover Man) -April 4, 67, maybe include this with the previous collection?
    Burning The Midnight Lamp (harpsichord fragment)
    If 6 Was 9 (alternate recording)
    Little Wing (alt. instrumental)
    Little Miss Lover
    Bold As Love (Alt. Instrumental)
    In reissued box only: The Stars That Play with Laughing Sam's Dice (mono b-side mix)

    From the West Coast Seattle Boy box
    Mr. Bad Luck (early Look Over Yonder)
    Cat Talking To Me (Instrumental) (with added 80s vocals on the "Fire" cd single)
    Castles Made Of Sand (Alt. recording)

    From Valleys Of Neptune
    Mr. Bad Luck (alt., early Look Over Yonder)

    From Noel Redding's The Experience Sessions
    She's So Fine (alternate version)

    Associated BBC Tracks (mono / fake stereo)
    Recorded Oct. 6, 1967
    Little Miss Lover
    Burning The Midnight Lamp
    Catfish Blues
    Hound Dog
    Driving South
    I was Made To Love Her
    Driving South (alt. take)

    Recorded Aug. 24, 1967
    Burning The Midnight Lamp

    Recorded Oct. 17, 1967
    Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window
    I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man
    Driving South

    Recorded Dec 15, 1967
    Hear My Train A Coming
    Wait Until Tomorrow
    Day Tripper
    Spanish Castle Magic

    Associated Live Tracks
    Monterey Pop Festival, June 18, 1967
    Killing Floor
    Foxey Lady
    Like A Rolling Stone
    Rock Me Baby
    Hey Joe
    Can You See Me
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Purple Haze
    Wild Thing

    Stockholm Sept.5 1967 (from Stages)
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Foxey Lady
    Hey Joe
    I Don't Live Today
    Burning The Midnight Lamp
    Purple Haze

    Olympic Theater Oct. 9, 1967
    The Wind Cries Mary
    Catfish Blues (both from the Purple Box)
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  2. And a special thanks to crozcat who put this list together for the fertile post-Ladyland sessions from Oct '68 through May '69 (see his informative thread here Jimi Hendrix - studio recordings October 1968 - May 1969 :

    "As we all know, Jimi never finished the follow-up album to Electric Ladyland.
    But he sure kept on recording!

    The following are the officially-released, by Experience Hendrix, studio recordings from the first period after Electric Ladyland. And where to find them.
    Except were noted, all tracks are posthumously mixed by Eddie Kramer. The exception is the Blues album, released under the Alan Douglas regime, and mixed by Mark Linnett. It is here because Experience Hendrix rereleased it as it was. No other Douglas releases are included!
    Also, there are no home/apartment/hotel/radio etc. demos/recordings, or Jimi as a guest artist. That´s for other lists...

    Dates are the European way - day/month.

    T.T.G., October 1968:

    20/10 –
    Messenger instrumental (West Coast Seattle Boy)
    Untitled Basic Track instrumental (WCSB)

    21/10 –
    Calling All The Devil´s Children (WCSB)
    Hear My Freedom jam (WCSB)
    Electric Church (jam) see 29/10 – Red House

    22/10 –
    Look Over Yonder (Rainbow Bridge / South Saturn Delta)

    23/10 –
    New Rising Sun instrumental (WCSB)

    24/10 –
    Peace In Mississippi instrumental (Valleys Of Neptune CD-single and reissued Purple Box)

    29/10 –
    Here He Comes (Lover Man) (SSD)
    Gloria (Jimi Hendrix Experience, aka Purple box)
    Red House w/short intro from Electric Church, 21/10 (Blues)

    Record Plant, February 1969:

    11/2 –
    It´s Too Bad (JHE)

    Olympic, February 1969:

    14/2 –
    Slow Version instrumental (jam) (Hear My Music)
    Ezy Ryder / Star Spangled Banner instrumental (jam) (HMM)
    Blues Jam At Olympic instrumental jam (HMM)

    16/2 – (+ ) = drums/bass overdubs by Mitch/Noel 1987
    Room Full Of Mirrors (+) (WCSB)
    Shame, Shame, Shame (+) (WCSB)
    Crying Blue Rain (+) (Valleys Of Neptune)
    Lover Man (+) (VON)
    Sunshine Of Your Love instrumental (VON)

    17/2 – (“live” rehearsal before the Royal Albert Hall-concerts)
    Fire (VON)
    Spanish Castle Magic (JHE)
    Hear My Train A-Comin´ (JHE)
    Red House (VON)

    22/2 –
    Hound Dog Blues (jam) (WCSB)
    Solo instrumentals: (all on HMM)
    MessageTo Love
    Gypsy Blood
    Valleys Of Neptune (guitar)
    Valleys Of Neptune (piano)

    22/2 or 26/2 –
    12 Bar With Horns instrumental (jam) (Love Or Confusion CD-single)

    26/2 –
    Noel´s Tune (take 1) instrumental (Noel Redding – “The Experience Sessions”)

    Mercury, March 1969:

    15?/3 – (jam-session w/The Buddy Miles Express)
    Blue Window mix: Jimi/Warren Dewey 15?/3, later edited by Eddie (Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues)

    Record Plant, March 1969:

    18/3 –
    Star Spangled Banner solo instrumental (RB / JHE)
    Hey Gypsy Boy (People, Hell And Angels)
    Let Me Move You vocals: Lonnie Youngblood (PHA)
    Georgia Blues vocals: Lonnie Youngblood (Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues)

    25/3 –
    Jimi/Jimmy Jam instrumental jam (HMM)

    Olmstead, April 1969:

    1/4 –
    Midnight instrumental (War Heroes / SSD)

    3/4 –
    Trash Man instrumental (HMM)

    Record Plant, April - May 1969:

    7/4 –
    Hear My Train A-Comin´ (VON)
    Stone Free (+ 9/4, 14/4)
    version 1: JHE
    version 2 (+ 17/5): VON
    Lullaby For The Summer (+17/4?) instrumental (VON)

    14/4 –
    Ships Passing Through The Night (possibly begun 5/4, 6/4) (VON)
    Young/Hendrix instrumental jam (WCSB)

    21/4 –
    Room Full Of Mirrors (JHE)

    22/4 –
    Mannish Boy (Blues)

    24/4 –
    Bleeding Heart (VON)
    Drone Blues instrumental jam (HMM)
    Crash Landing (PHA)

    14/5 –
    Jam 292 instrumental
    take 2 (called Jelly 292): (Blues)
    take 4: (HMM)

    21/5 –
    Bleeding Heart
    version 1: (Blues)
    version 2: (PHA)
    Hear My Train A-Comin´ (PHA)
    Villanova Junction Blues (PHA)"
  3. crozcat

    crozcat Forum Resident


    There´s some confusion about Straight Ahead - it definitely doesn´t sound like a finished mix to me...

    Here´s what the book Ultimate Hendrix states:
    August 20: ...tape box notes suggests that a final mix of "Straight Ahead" was achieved.
    August 22: ...with the August 20 "final" mix of "Straight Ahead" replaced by another mix.
    August 25: Hendrix and Kramer worked well into this day... A mix of "Straight Ahead" was deemed final...

    So, which mix was actually released...? :confused:

    ...and will we get to hear another vintage mix? :righton:
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  4. fredhammersmith

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    Montreal, Quebec
    Listening to it chronologically right now. What a blast!
  5. footlooseman

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    Trying to make a single lp that could/should have been released in late spring 69.

    Stone Free
    Lover Man
    Hear My Train
    Peace in Mississippi
    Look over Yonder
    Red House
    Room Full of Mirrors
  6. That's a good one, mine may be like this:

    Side 1
    New Rising Sun (edit) -great way to start the album
    Here We Go (Lover Man) -at last, a home for this kick@ss rocker
    Hey Gypsy Boy -a nice slow burner
    Here My Train A Comin' (not sure which version to include)
    Calling All The Devils' Children -the raucous blasphemous version Jimi mixed

    Side 2
    Stone Free (assuming this album was released before Smash Hits)
    Look Over Yonder
    Peace In Mississippi
    Bleeding Heart (PHA version)
    Trash Man (edit) this is a great jam that has some of my favorite Jimi guitar work -the Midnight Lightning edit is pretty good!

    3 instrumentals is a bit much for an album, but these 3 are just too great not to include.
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  7. footlooseman

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    I love the instrumentals also and would put more in if it could be a double lp, gotta work on that one. What I would have liked is a long sequence or segment like 1983 to fill a side. Those jams are not as colossal as Voodoo Chile as interesting as they are and it seems they wouldn't be succinct enough for a commercial record for this period. Now maybe if he was immersed enough he could have pulled it together but would he have wanted too?
  8. alchemy

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    Sterling, VA
    I too the instrumentals, the little jam bits, even the turning of his guitar.

    I would love for someone to put them all in to a Voodoo Soup. Have it start out as some big collection of noise, like a mash up, almost like a Symphony tuneing up. Then the misc parts of the instrumental pieces would start jumping out of the soup, then back in, so something else could pop out.

    It wouldn't be pure Jimi, but I think it would be fun.
  9. footlooseman

    footlooseman Forum Resident

    Like Neil's Arcweld or the GDs Grayfolded!
  10. fredhammersmith

    fredhammersmith Forum Resident

    Montreal, Quebec
    That would be alchemy.
    Purists would hate it but Bill Laswell did great things with Miles Davis material.
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  11. alchemy

    alchemy Forum Resident

    Sterling, VA
    Natives are already restless on how Jimi has been presented since 1970.

    Their are in the vaults some great riffs, jamin', goof 'n around, muffed takes, uncompleted song fragments that don't work in the conventional song/album way. I wish that the powers that be, could figure out a way that makes them comfortable to release them.

    I know a few fans, if given the proper access and permission could come up with some very creative stuff.
    But as you mention the purist would have to get new pacemakers put in
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  12. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    I don't think that's true unless the listener is a Hendrix novice.
  13. wildstar

    wildstar Forum Resident

    ontario, canada
    Hendrix novices were exactly what Douglas was after - he always made his albums for the latest generation (he told an interviewer when questioned about some of the fairly important/fairly obvious tracks he excluded from Voodoo Poop, that he left those ones off because his teenage daughter didn't like them), and he pretty much despised Jimi's hardcore fan base - that's the impression I got from the few interviews I've read with him anyway.
  14. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Douglas was a commercially oriented producer, yes. I don't think he despised the hardcore fanbase, and also he wasn't precious about the recordings and not as hardcore about monetizing everything Jimi. All those lovely outtakes we've lived with for decades were sourced from Douglas; he didn't care about selling everything to the fans.
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  15. Colocally

    Colocally One Of The New Wave Boys

    Surrey BC.
    Irrespective about how they were or should be released. What blows my mind is how much he recorded in such a small tune. Both live and studio.
  16. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Jimi basically used the studio as a very expensive rehearsal facility from late 1968 onwards. It's fantastic for us fans that he did, even though hearing, say, 50 failed attempts at Mannish Boy in a row, can be frustrating even for a hardcore fan. He sometimes lacked ability to judge his own performances and severely needed an understanding producer who could think on the same level.
  17. FarcicalEpiphany

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    Smyrna, GA, USA
    There is always going to be room for second guessing and nitpicking, but overall I’m reasonably happy with the Experience Hendrix releases. Plenty of artists have been handled much worse.

    I don’t know if this is a harbinger of anything, but it does look as though First Rays is only available from third party sellers on Amazon now. Maybe a First Rays “do over” is coming or maybe Cry Of Love and Rainbow Bridge are considered “core catalog” once again and First Rays is out in which case they might want to do another leftovers compilation to take the place of South Saturn Delta.
  18. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    Well he did say in an interview that he wanted to just burn the vast majority of the tapes (since he considered them unreleasable - but I do wonder if what he really meant was unreleasable with HIS name on as producer). He said he wouldn't actually burn the tapes though as he's sure some crazed fanatic would hunt him down and kill him if they found out he'd done it.

    Are you saying he "leaked" outtakes to bootleggers? Well if so at least it got the stuff out there - stuff that his ego wouldn't allow him to release officially under his own name as producer.

    IMO Douglas was an egomaniac and Janie is a moneygrubber. Both are flawed characters of course, but given that dubious choice, I prefer Janie.

    PS - I don't think Douglas actually controlled the estate or had any say about how to "monetize" Jimi. IIRC he was put in charge of creating albums for whoever actually owned the estate at the time, but he didn't make any non-musical, financial or business decisions. Basically unlike Janie he couldn't authorize 'Jimi Hendrix diapers' even if he wanted to.
  19. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Yes most if not all of the boots are from reference tapes Douglas made. He didn't care if they reached the collectors.
    I don't know what he could or could not do as far as business goes, you might be right. For ethics and personality I certainly prefer Alan to the Janie b*tch. At least he was honest.
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  20. wildstar

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    ontario, canada
    On the subject of "other ways" to reconfigure Jimi's posthumous works, I'm in the process of creating what I think (at least it makes sense to me) was his 'People, Hell & Angels' concept. It was a triple album alternate plan to his double album "First Rays" concept.

    Triple album - so:

    LP1 - People (,)
    LP2 - Hell (&)
    LP3 - Angels

    If true it might explain the mystery of why he had Eddie pull the over two year old 'My Friend' tape from the vault (which is what Eddie said prompted him to add it to the COL album. Its possible that Jimi may have felt he needed another song for the "People" LP.

    Its a theory - maybe even a crazy one but it makes sense to me. Anyway if you stretch the timeline (as Jimi may himself have done in pulling the "My Friend" tape) its pretty do-able.

    I'm still working on "People" (it can use one more song - 'Linda' could work depending on how listenable/unlistenable the (I'm assuming) frankenstein'd composite version we'll be getting soon is - plus I'm having a hard time coming up with a satisfying running order for it.

    "Hell" probably can't be properly compiled until EH eventually puts out the studio version of "Machine Gun"

    I have been able to come up with a decent stab at an "Angels" LP though - and here it is:

    Side 5:
    Power Of Soul
    Message To Love
    Valleys Of Neptune

    Side 6:
    Nightbird Flying
    Pali Gap
    Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
    Belly Button Window
  21. fredhammersmith

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    Montreal, Quebec
    Nice playlist
  22. fredhammersmith

    fredhammersmith Forum Resident

    Montreal, Quebec
    Spectacular day at the office, isn't it?
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  23. funkydrummer

    funkydrummer Well-Known Member

    That Both Sides of the Sky cover is now the worst posthumous Hendrix crime committed.
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  24. vinyldreams

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    Main St.
    Whoever came up with that mess really dropped the ball big time. As far as the "trilogy" albums, thought the PHA cover was superb though.
  25. fredhammersmith

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    Montreal, Quebec
    Well if u ever feel like going on with this great listing, know that there is at least one person building a playlist accordingly. This is great!
    I just bought 12 Bar With Horns because this is one of the few I did not have. Wow! What a track!
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