Jimi Hendrix - The All-Encompassing Live Shows Thread

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    Jimi Hendrix - The All-Encompassing Live Shows Thread...

    Most of the other threads have been started and then closed, as they are mostly about a certain release at the time: the moment passes and then they are gone.

    So, how about something a bit more dynamic? Your favorite shows? The best moments? What's great about Hendrix live, and what's not-so-great?

    ***NOTE: Of course grey releases will be mentioned, but please don't advertise where you can get a recording, and especially never purchase grey releases (otherwise known as b**tl*gs). That is always bad news. Those days should be gone forever***

    I would like to start off with Isle of Wight
    , August 30/31st, 1970, which can be purchased in full on the album Blue Wild Angel: Live at the Isle Of Wight, from Experience Hendrix, L.L.C.

    We recently touched on this show again in another thread. The whole show is what I call a fabulous disaster. Hendrix was jet-lagged and a little strung out (maybe), yet he soldiered through equipment problems, and other events, to put on what is probably the most polarizing show of his life. Despite circumstances beyond his control, Jimi seemed to be in a good mood backstage; moreover, for the most part, he was able to control the situation on stage.


    God Save the Queen * charming
    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band * middling
    Spanish Castle Magic * Pretty good. Not the best, but certainly not the worst
    All Along the Watchtower * I still think this is the best live version
    Machine Gun * an abstract version of a classic. This one is a classic, too.
    Lover Man * fair
    Freedom * the best live version
    Red House * Starts fine, but maybe a little muscular, then falls apart. At about the 7 minute mark it smokes as good as any version.
    Dolly Dagger * Horrid
    Midnight Lightning * a miracle of modern music. Not only does Hendrix nail it, but what kind of music is this? Blues/Jazz/Rock/Dada?

    Foxy Lady
    Message of Love
    Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
    Ezy Ryder
    Hey Joe
    Purple Haze
    Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
    In From the Storm
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  2. KevinP

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    Out of curiosity, how many more-or-less complete live shows are known to exist? Soundboard, audience-recorded, the works. Anyone ever count them?

    (Sorry for the early thread-drift.)
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    There is no "thread-drift" with Hendrix threads (at least the way I see it).

    I wish I knew the answer to your question. I've been collecting since the late '80s. I have about 40 shows, mostly complete, obviously in various shades of SQ, ranging from damn good soundboards, to damn good audience recordings, to horrible examples of both. There's some shows I never bothered to grab, though.

    @funkydrummer, @Chris M, @Purple Jim, @Experiencereunited, @DTK, @J.Lucas, @jhm, do you guys know, not counting multiple sources?
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  4. Jimi Bat

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    tx usa
    Always thought that was a good version of Dolly Dagger. The only real problem is when he's playing with the tone knobs and the song kinda comes to a halt. Edit that part out and he makes a good job of it.

    Also allow me to be the first to stray off topic. "... three sugar walls and two candy cane windows..." Happy Birthday Jimi :shtiphat: :shtiphat: :shtiphat:
  5. funkydrummer

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    I haven't an exact number - but this site serves as an excellent resource...
    Jimi Hendrix Website #6743 - Recordings live 1967
  6. Purple Jim

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    Why have you started the thread with the worst Hendrix live album? To get it out of the way?
    It would've been better to work throught the releases chronologically, no?

    I never listen to Blue Wild Angel as I find it depressing to hear Jimi in such a bad state - tired and playing badly. His courage to carry on and put in such a long set is admirable of course.
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  7. Brian Lux

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    Placerville, CA
    I recently started reading Pete Townshend's autobiography, Who I Am (and now that I'm into it, I can't believe I waited this long to read this most excellent book!). On page 108 Townshend writes:

    "He [Hendrix] was a mesmerizing performer, and I hesitate to describe how fantastic he was to actually see play life, because I really don't want to make his legions of younger fans feel they've missed out. We all miss out on something. I missed out on Parker, Ellington and Armstrong."

    I often have that same feeling when I talk about seeing Hendrix twice. But at the same time, because I enjoy hearing from others who have seen performers I myself missed (yes, like Pete, that would include Parker, Ellington- who I had tickets to see but the great Ellington fell ill, cancelled the show, and died shortly thereafter- and Armstrong) I think it's important for those who have seen some of the greats to share their experiences.

    I wrote more at length about all this in my music memoir but to be more brief, the man was a force of not just nature, but of the cosmos. Yes, this sounds like druggy talk but it's not at all meant to be. Why, even (and perhaps especially) hearing Jimi's sound check through the walls of Winterland that October night in San Francisco, 1968, it sent shivers up my spine, raised the hair on my arm and transfixed me in awe. And no, I was not high. It was (again to put it as a cliche) unreal.

    In performance with an audience, Jimi was totally in his element. He loved sharing his talents with a crowd and I think he loved it that we loved him. When his amp begin to cut out, he gave a shy smile and a profuse apology. And when, at the end of the set, his roadies were unable to solve the problem, he flashed us the peace sign, charged at his amp with the head of his Stratocaster, and gave us glorious destruction. He gave his performances everything he had. A music fan could never, ever, ask for more.
  8. E.Baba

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    I go with the earlier single LP version of this one.
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  9. Experiencereunited

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    No details on the 2nd half tracks like the first half of the show? I like the Ezy Rider from the back half of the show’s tracks. I also dig the bass and drums jam during Foxy. None of the others stick out as very memorable to me.
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  10. Purple Jim

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    I used to quite enjoy Side 2 of that one back in the day: Freedom/All Along The Watchtower/In From The Storm
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  11. Experiencereunited

    Experiencereunited Forum Resident

    Cool thtat u Saw Jimi. Which 2 ahows did u see? Sounds like u saw at least one of the 6
    October 68 Winterland shows
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  12. Jimi Bat

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    tx usa
    In the 70s I would put on that record and play it along with the old Inside The Rainbow boot to try to piece together the show as much as possible.
  13. James5001

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    I think IOW has some good moments despite his state but it always makes me think he should've been back in New York finishing his album rather than out on the road replenishing Jeffery's pockets.. sad.
  14. DTK

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    Me too. The mix is excellent, and it has practically all the highlights except Machine Gun.
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  15. DTK

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    Watching the show it looks like Jimi didn't really want to be there, but he does his best to put on a good concert despite battling jetlag, equipment problems, organizational chaos and possibly a heroin dependency problem.
  16. Isle Of Wight is Jimi at his worst, WAY off his game.
    I'd go with Monterey as his best.
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  17. All Down The Line

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    I also enjoy Ezy Rider, Foxy Lady, Hey Baby, Voodoo Chile (slight Return) but especially the sensational finale of In From The Storm!
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  18. All Down The Line

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    I am in part fascinated by the show and why it was how it was also.
    Jimi was tired and jet lagged which would shortly turn into some sort of flu, fever or virus that would mar later shows.
    As Mitch has stated they should have rehearsed!
    Jimi's heart was perhaps not in the tour at all.
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  19. Purple Jim

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    In New York, he had said (to I can't remember who) that he didn't want to go off to Europe to do the tour.
    Kathy found Jimi in a real mess in a London hotel room just after he arrived. I also read (can't remember where) that Jimi was late for the festival and couldn't be found. They eventually found him sleeping in someone's garden.

    Absolutely (but with moments of brilliance)

    A fab SHOW but at the expense of great soloing.
  20. Cokelike-

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    Columbus, Oh
    I did a count one time. I came up with around 100.
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  21. All Down The Line

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    Agreed he voiced he did not wish to go on the European tour, in fact i think management may have arranged for some sort of police escort to appease Jimi.
    I have heard the story of Jimi sleeping in a garden or under some stairs but can't recall where in the UK it was.
    I thought Kathy bumped into Jimi at a market in the daytime 1 or 2 days before he died but she felt her husband Ray (who worked or had worked with Clapton) was jealous of her going of with Jimi so it didn't happen.
    I think Jimi was also in a mess when they met in London approx March 1970.
    Was he not crestfallen that she had married and Kathy later said Jimi almost had her convinced she should not have done it.
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  22. pool_of_tears

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    Eastern Iowa
    Monterey is a good set, but I'd say that San Diego 1969 is a really good show, too. Best ever Red House, in my opinion. I never understood why the Stages box set omitted Foxy lady from San Diego. Were it not for that omission, you'd have the full show.
  23. Purple Jim

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    That was two weeks after the London hotel room incident which happened on the 28th or 29th of August. Kathy got a call, telling her that Jimi was in The Londonderry Hotel going beserk. He'd thrown two naked girls out of his bedroom (into the suite) and was shouting his head off, telling them to get out (they couldn't, because their clothes were still in the room). So they called Kathy in desperation. Kathy sped over there to find the suite all smashed up and Jimi shivering uncontrollably in bed while a fan heater was at full blast. The room was baking hot (and this was in full summer). There was an empty bottle of Jack Daniels on the bedside table. He complained that he had a cold but Kathy thought it looked more like withdrawl symptoms.
  24. David67

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    It's heartbreaking to read about Jimi's problems a day after his birthdate. I would rather we focus on the music and what he achieved live.

    Great thread though I wished it could have progressed chronologically otherwise the discussion will simply wander all over the place.
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  25. All Down The Line

    All Down The Line Forum Resident

    I had heard about the incident with the 2 girls (Alvenia Bridges?) wasn't this the one where he tried to bang their heads together? I did not know Kathy was called, did she mention it in her Gypsy Eyes book?
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