Jimmy Page says previously unheard Led Zeppelin music will be released for band's 50th anniversary

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bartels76, Dec 19, 2017.

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    That's what he meant by "would have". The tour was cut short.
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    I hope you are right.
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    "How The East Was Won" was rumored as a follow-up as far back as 2003 -- how cool would that have been? TBL reported the rumor that it would be comprised of 1972 tapes. No one has been able to figure out if that was a typo or if there really are 1972 tapes from Japan. Dave Lewis reported in his "Concert File 2" book that the Japan 1971 tapes were reviewed for possible use during the planning stages of the HTWWW/DVD projects, so at the very least, Japan 1971 could be used for a "How The East Was Won" release.
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    In the ICE Magazine cover story about HTWWW/DVD, the following was presented regarding 1977: "As stated here in articles past, remarkably, none of the 1977 or '80 Led Zeppelin shows were professionally recorded or filmed, Shirley confirms."
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    I have been quoting that ICE Magazine (May 2003) article since I bought it.

    This has haunted me ever since I read the following as I was expecting more shows to come out:
    It's still unknown if How The West Was Won will be the first in a series or not, but the potential is certainly there. For example, a Southampton University show from January 22, 1973 was under consideration, Shirley says. "They played to about 12 people (actually around 400), so it was an entirely different show, with the band really turned down. Maybe that'll see the light of day; there's a Rain Song on there that is unbelievable." As stated here in articles past, remarkably, none of the 1977 or '80 Led Zeppelin shows were professionally recorded or filmed, Shirley confirms. And keep in mind, in house CCTV or video screen are not considered "pro-shot" when it comes to the band filming the show for a release.
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    Good distinction here regarding CCTV footage. That said, we all know that Earls Court was put together using similar footage... we also know that Seattle 77 video is out there. I wonder if the band has that material in their possession? I assume there are no audio multis so that might kill any possibility of that era being represented. It would be cool to have the band acknowledge that era somehow. The great moments were more scarce, but they did happen. Wishful thinking on my part.
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    Robert Plant thinks the video screen footage from Earls Court or Seattle or anywhere else is boring. And I agree. If they were able to show the band at Earls Court with one of the camera angles that shows the whole band for a longer period of time, that would be pretty cool but I don't know if they have the entire footage for each camera on it's own. I am sure in Page's mind Knebworth covers the 1977-80 era perfectly. You have both Presence songs played just like in 1977 or 1980, plus a couple of In Through The Out Door tracks and the laser pyramid with the bow solo. And as an added plus, you don't have to cringe during Battle of Evermore when Jones sings the harmony. You don't get Page in the white dragon outfit, but other than that 1979 will suffice.
  8. I don't know about that. Maybe strictly out of necessity. I can't believe he doesn't realize how '77 is a Zep era unto itself.
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    Different perspective than yours and mine for sure!

    I listened to a lot of these audience/soundboard recordings 30-40 years ago and seriously if JP wants to release anything, it would need to be close to perfection. Something with added value. There’s already a lot of stuff cheaply available on the net, in various degree of sound quality. I am not ready to shelf a few hundreds dollars for the sake of it. With a few exceptions, the material on the Companion discs were mostly fillers, let down IMO.

    Earl’s Court Volume I and II were always a good listen IMO. The video boreness is probably killing the audio experience.
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    The band has the Seattle '77 video footage, but does not have mulitracked audio to go with it. JP allegedly considered putting something from Seattle '77 on the "DVD," but Plant allegedly barred it from being used (considering all Zeppelin has is soundboard audio for Seattle, one wonders if it was going to be more of an Easter Egg situation rather than an entire devoted segment to that show).
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    I wish Page would release the pro shot video for the entire August 4 Knebworth show, then- personally I'd rather have Knebworth over Earls Court when it comes to "latter era" Zeppelin.
    Given his state at the time, I wouldn't be surprised if Page doesn't remember a whole helluva lot about the '77 tour. Doing crazy sh-t like going onstage in Chicago in the infamous "Stormtrooper" outfit probably stands out more for him fourty years on than the actual music they performed.
    I could see Robert Plant putting the kibosh on an official release of anything from the Seattle '77 show simply based on how bad his voice was on the night. Not as bad as at the next gig in Tempe, mind ya, but when you see the video when his voice cracks during "Ten Years Gone" you can see the look of embarrassment and frustration on Robert's face.
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    I say,never mind the visuals,Just give us some Zeppelin live audio Pagey!:cheers:
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    Hey what is the Kevin Shirley tweet from september 29 that reads

    Led Zeppelin
    KS mixed!

    I cannot have full access to the link provided.
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    Well it was a law unto itself off the stage!

    " To this day I never been on a tour that was so beyond the norm. They suspended all the rules of normal human behaviour" Jaan Uhelzski
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    Knebworth Show mixed...??
  16. I assumed the KS was his initials.
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  17. Kingdome show.
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    Agreed. I don't typically care for live DVDs beyond the first watch or two...I like to listen to my music 99% of the time.

    ...like literally s**ting himself live on stage. There's a story that's been around for years that he was so whacked on H in '77 that during one show, he soiled himself onstage and had to change pants between songs (which I believe has been corroborated on another LZ forum).
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    I see absolutely no necessity for any more 1970-72 tapes. We have HTWWW, BBC, and the RAH show. That is far enough. From 1975 we only have 40 minutes from Earls Court on DVD, from 1977 nothing, from 1979 just the hour of Knebworth on DVD.
    GIVE US KNEBWORTH NOW!!! And Earls Court while they're at it. Please...
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    The Facebook link in the tweet no longer works. No idea what it could've been but he must have deleted it, like John Davis did with his Facebook post. :)


    Thinking...if Kevin Shirley is mixing Zeppelin and John Davis said he was mixing Zeppelin, then maybe Shirley is mixing stuff he worked on for the DVD and HTWWW releases e.g. EC and Knebworth and John Davis is working on different stuff that was not really worked on at the time.

    I'm not an expert on mixing but this makes sense to me. Kevin already mixed Knebworth and EC tracks so get him to finish the rest (assuming they weren't already prepped for the most part at the time) and get John Davis to do anything new.
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    Well actually, Jimmy Page mentioned in an interview at the time (mid-70's) - and I read it online a year or two back, but don't ask me for a link, I wouldn't know where to begin in finding it again - about those twin L.A. shows in '72 being recorded, it was probably in the context of talking about his planned chronological live album, but he did specifically mention those shows that ultimately made it onto HTWWW.
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    Maybe Shirley finished mixing the Osaka 929 show on that very day...Went through their tour dates history and with the exception of Osaka 71, they never played during the last week of september. Strange days indeed
  23. The Hermit

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    Got a link for that? I always heard that story too, but was never sure if it was apocryphal or not... none of the bios mention such an incident and you'd expect something like that to make it into the overall myth, especially in something as scurrilous as Davis' Hammer of the Gods.
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    Considering even just rumoured shows that might exist from that era in multi-track we absolutely do need more 70-72 tapes. That doesn't mean we shouldn't get EC or Knebworth as well. :)

    We can forget about the 1977 requests. No multi-tracks for any of those shows so that won't be happening. One or two tracks from a board tape? Maybe as a bonus or something but anything substantial is unlikely to happen, unfortunately.
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    Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

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