Jimmy Page says previously unheard Led Zeppelin music will be released for band's 50th anniversary

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bartels76, Dec 19, 2017.

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    I understand how soundboards can sound sterile, and lack dynamics - but perhaps the Master tapes of soundboards would sound better than 2nd or 3rd gens, or tapes that have been futzed with by 3rd parties.
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    Nah. The bootleggers have the masters and in some cases 1st gens of all this stuff. It's not going to sound much better if they locate better tapes. They just aren't good recordings. Barely reference quality. Not anything like Grateful Dead or Frank Zappa road tapes, that's for sure....
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    I believe what some around The Stones camp say in that Keith's drug survival due to things like this is more of his myth making. He had supposedly overdosed a number of times but lived as there was always someone there to make sure Keith was thtown in a bath or given a shot to revive him. As gsr as Jimmy the more salacious books seem to say he never mainlined either and always snorted or smoked heroin. Like Keith he could always afford the best so never went to the needle to get more bang for his buck as it were. Alcohol probably has done as much if not more damage to Jimmy as he continued to drink heavily right up through Page/Plant and that really affected his playing.
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  4. ODShowtime

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    Madison Square Garden 2/12/75 is the best Zep matrix I've heard. Seattle 7/17/73 is good too, but the encores are the best part and the SB is missing for that section of the show.
  5. Jimmy Cooper

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  6. Roberto899

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    There is a soundboard/aud matrix of march 21, 1975 floating around that sounds great.
  7. ZippyPippy

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    Ooh, baby; do you know what that's worth?
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    whatever they have has to sound better than any of the Metallica tapes recently released.
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    4/27/69 Fillmore West! I know some songs are better in other concerts and everything but overall that is my favorite.Both the raw soundboard as well as the matrix.Page would never allow a warts and all version.There are plenty of imperfections,mistakes,and cover songs.

    I`m glad Metallica released all of those shows.I love the music despite I still wish they were mastered more audiophile sounding.It should all be made available less compressed on vinyl from their site,the other vinyl shows are good.Like I said I am really happy to hear these shows (a bunch from every part of the tours)and I still think it`s better they put them out even with the cuts and limitations than not release them because they weren`t up to par or their legacy would be tarnished.Who cares about the egos if the music is being enjoyed by people?
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  10. ohnothimagen

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    So would Copenhagen 1979 for that matter...:righton:
    IMO the Four Blocks In The Snow 12/2/75 matrix is like the Gold Standard for matrix recordings.
  11. Yayastone

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    Picked up a Rhino 2018 calendar today and when looking through i noticed this..
    Could it be a clue?

    Deluxe HTWWW?

  12. HotelYorba101

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    Sound better at the most in terms of less transient noise due to tape transfer, but the actual mix won't improve at all unfortunately. A lot of Zep's sounboards are very dry with little ambience captured from the venue and the dry guitar signals and dry vocals mixed loud above everything else can make Plant's vocal cracks 75-onwards and Page's imperfections stick out more than they probably would in person or even compared to a decent audience recording
  13. ohnothimagen

    ohnothimagen I don't suffer fools or trolls gladly...

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong 'cos I'm going from memory, but I want to say the only Zeppelin soundboard that is confirmed to actually come from a master tape source is The Destroyer- all the other SBD's ('75/'77 and '80 in particular), especially the ones distributed as part of Empress Valley's "soundboard revolution", are all "unknown gen"...something which is a bit of a bone of contention amongst certain Zep collector circles. Collectors have been trying to suss out exactly where these soundboards come from in the first place for years.
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  14. The Hermit

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    If that's all that gets released, I'll be very, very disappointed... to say the least.

    Still hoping for Earl's Court... c'mon Jimmy, don't let me down!!!
  15. ponkine

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    Cool show!

    I'd love to hear a soundboard from LA 27 March 1975. That was one of the best shows of the tour, and certainly one of the best ever live Zep performances after 1973
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  16. violetvinyl

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    I'm sure it will be more than just a page in a calendar...
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  17. steveharris

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    Several volumes of deluxe sets like Pink Floyd/also released vinyl only cd only-
    Deluxe Song Remains The same original 76
    Deluxe HTWWW
    Earl`s Court box
    Japan`71 box
    (Figment of my imagination)

  18. Daniel Falaschi

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  19. Mark J

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    I'm only in for concert material not officially released (I stopped buying LZ bootlegs in 1987 because of the lousy quality of the LPs so most would be new to me), not interested in buying HTWWW again, even if there is some kind of re-mastering.
  20. misteranderson

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    If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's a nice try, and as long as the famous Seattle Supersonic aud recording is there, it's pleasing, although the guitar sounds like it's going through a phase shifter at times.

    However, once the other audience source(s) kick in during Stairway, it's a rough listen.

    I confess I have lots of admiration and respect for anybody who attempts any kind of matrix. Must be a tremendous amount of work.
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  21. fishcane

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    HTWWW doesn't constitute "previously unheard" (although that could just mean we haven't heard the remastered version in Jimmy-speak)so I will keep my hopes up.....
  22. Roberto899

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    I would pretty much agree with what you say about it, but overall I thought it improved on the original soundboard which I found kinda of dry.
  23. misteranderson

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    I don't really know how much the bootleg companies use compression/limiting on the Zep soundboard releases. But I agree even the best, most sensitive transfer of a master on the right equipment isn't going to change the mix and overall character of the recording.

    Those 1975 'boards do Page and Plant no favors at all. Page didn't exactly do himself any favors in '75 either with his tone of choice, which was odd for a guitarist playing an all-electric set with Gibsons -- clean, thin, piercing, with not much overdrive or fatness. Honestly, his '75 sound is the same on the audience recordings. I know live Zeppelin was very loud, and that made up for some of the thinness, but Jimmy's choice to go that way was odd, because his live sound was just killer from the end of The Yardbirds until 1973.
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  24. Cheepnik

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    If the recent deluxe editions are any indication, all that's left are live recordings. Bring 'em on, as far as I'm concerned.
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  25. duneman

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    Pretty sure that was the show I saw - it was amazing - I was floating for days after with "In My Time of Dying" on repeat in my head.
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