Jimmy Page says previously unheard Led Zeppelin music will be released for band's 50th anniversary

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bartels76, Dec 19, 2017.

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  1. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    While not perfect sound quality the osaka black dog and immigrant song sound a hell of a lot better then Orlando Toronto and hampton . I'm sure the osaka boards would sound a lot better with some professional studio work
  2. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    Well I'm sure page was referring to the general public when he said unheard . There are many zeppelin shows where the is no recording in circulation . So those shows are unheard to anyone who did not attend those shows. Technically any unreleased multitrack recording is unheard as to the public as we have not heard the actual multitrack tape i think jimmy was simply saying there will be previously unreleased zeppelin coming out. And not a recording of s show nobody has ever heard although I really hope it will be an unknown gem
  3. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    The osaka festival hall was a small venue . The Toronto Orlando and hampton concerts all took place in much larger venues maple leaf gardens was a hockey rink. Maybe that accounts for the difference in sound between the soundboards . The north America boards from 71 are a lot more muffled and dry and a bit overloaded sounding . The osaka ones are not perfect but they are certainly better . I'm am excited at the prospect of s osaka 71 release whether it's official or bootleg . At least with a bootleg release it will be unedited.
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  4. Led Head

    Led Head Well-Known Member

    Oviedo, Florida
    The Orlando show was at a venue called Eddie Graham Sports Stadium. It was down a dirt road in East Orlando, about 7 miles from downtown, and was torn down in 1995. This was a small time wrestling arena, had no air conditioning and couldn't have held much more than 3000 people.
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  5. duneman

    duneman Forum Resident

  6. mrcond

    mrcond Forum Resident

    Vernon, CT
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  7. angelo73

    angelo73 ⬚⿻⬚⿻⬚

    Orbiting Sgr A*
    ........Home ! :cool:
  8. Liquid77

    Liquid77 Forum Resident

    James Patrick, please, pretty please confirm that this will be How the East Was Won. This would pretty much be my Zep holy grail.
  9. Zep Fan

    Zep Fan Sounds Better with Headphones on

    N. Texas
    22 Page section on LZ with JP Interview:

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  10. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    I wonder if they fact they are releasing stuff over the next 10 years is their plan to deal with the copyright problem and if so we might just see some soundboards from 70 71 and 72 . I truly hope so and and it sounds like a some point over the next few years we will get a japan 71 release as the copy write will run out in 2021. Happy times to be a led head.
  11. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    Really hope the plan for the 10 year release plan will be a bootleg series of some kind bring on the board tapes.
  12. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    So with a live release this year and more releases to come over the next 10 years does anyone think that will make this year's live release less likely to be a chronological live set ? The copy right for japan 71 will expire in 3 years so it makes sense to do it know but they could wait a couple of years. They could release s live box as a sampler of sorts with a few choice cuts from full shows they plan on releasing latter but that does not seem likely. Just tell us already what the release will be jimmy please!
  13. Daniel Falaschi

    Daniel Falaschi Live detective

    My bet is on Southampton now.
  14. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    At least now all the people who tore jimmy apart for only giving us a remaster for the 50th can call down now.
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  15. audiotom

    audiotom Ground Control to Major Tom

    New Orleans La USA
    In the days of my youth I was told what it means to be a man
    now I reach that age I try to fleece all the flock the best I can
    no matter how I try I can't do anything new since that band

    good times we had times
    you know I had my share
    when Percy won't tour for my big pay day
    I got to release some live stuff to earn some clams
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  16. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    Oh I hope not . Please no. I think it might be hard to get Robert to sign of on that one because of his voice . As great as the recording sounds there are issues with instrumental drop outs that can't be fixed and that's why it was passed over bit jimmy did say he was listening to dazed from january 1973 so it's possible. I can't see jimmy releasing a sub par show for the 50th . There is no exiting he could do as it's only a single recorded shoe . I think he will hold off on Southampton . He will want to release a show that shows the band in a better light . After all the editing page had done to shows far better then Southampton in an attempt to preserve the myth and protect the legacy i can't see Southampton but it's certainly possible .
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  17. Adam Ryan Watson.

    Adam Ryan Watson. Well-Known Member

    He needs money for the inevitable alimony he will have to pay the young red head . If you marry her jimmy be smart make her sign a prenump. Potential ex wife number 4
  18. matt79rome89

    matt79rome89 Forum Resident

    I don't see how it could be Southampton or Japan 1971 based on his quote “It's so different to all the other things that are out there. It's another view compared to How The West Was Won or The Song Remains The Same."

    I would guess 1969, 1975, 1977, 1979 or even Bath 1970.
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  19. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Senior Member

    The Southwest
    It is difficult to decipher what JP's interpretation of "so different" is. Southampton was in front of a couple hundred people, so perhaps the intimate audience and ambiance is what he is referring to. Or perhaps he is referring to the rumored 1968 tape that is allegedly being worked on, which would conceivably be very unique. Bath 1970 would not be a significant departure from RAH. Both Earls Court and Knebworth are already out there in abbreviated form on the DVD. Maybe it is Japan '71, which is somewhat different than what is officially available. Whatever it is, it is probably not that different.
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  20. n.phelge

    n.phelge Forum Resident

    I would gladly purchase each release in a Jimmy's Picks series. Other than some initial press for the 50th and setting up jimmypage.com or whatever distribution channels, it should be a slow, steady revenue stream - not as big as the super deluxe boxes, but easy money.
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  21. Overthehillsandfaraway

    Overthehillsandfaraway Forum Resident

    technically 3 as him & Charlotte Martin were never married
  22. matt79rome89

    matt79rome89 Forum Resident

    He didn't reference the concerts from the DVD. The fact he singled out TSRTS and HTWWW suggests it won't be from those tours (or dates close to them). I don't consider Japan Sept 1971 that different from HTWWW June 1972. Some differences of course in setlist and playing, but not drastic like 1968, 1969, 1970, or anything 1975 and after.
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  23. RangerXT

    RangerXT Forum Resident

    United States
    I wouldn't mind a full release of a Knebworth concert or perhaps even a 1980 concert (If such multi-track recording from this period even exists). Their playing wasn't the greatest at this time, for sure, but the first Knebworth performance was pretty good and 1980 at has some tunes from In Through The Out Door played which haven't been played much would make a nice appearance.
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  24. coniferouspine

    coniferouspine Forum Resident

    Ah, yes, but "WHAT IF" there were animals (cats, mice, insects, birds in tree branches outside the building, etc) that were within earshot of the deaf musician. What if he had a seeing eye dog, for instance. Or a roach that was hiding under the sofa. The dog heard it. Roach heard it. All it takes is one nearby alley cat or one bug feeling the vibrations in its tiny hairs on its leg or whatever it is they do to hear stuff, and scratch that one off the list. I have a feeling this is going to be tougher than that "Verified AAA albums in 2018" thread.
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  25. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Senior Member

    The Southwest
    It is difficult to imagine Knebworth would receive an expansive release other than to meet copyright expiration concerns, and that is a number of years away.
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