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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dan MacIntosh, Dec 6, 2018.

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    Doyle is good. I remember seeing him open for Jeff Beck circa 1999 in Las Vegas and he was noticeably out of tune and quite underwhelming. I couldn't believe he was the same guy a few years later playing with Clapton's band.
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  2. BDC

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    Going a bit far IMO, but yeah a great version.
    JB IMO isn't a very original player, but he's very studied and kind of an encyclopedia of classic rock licks and tones. I good singer who hasn't written and songs I know of to write home about.. I haven't heard anything new from him in a few years, so things might have changed.
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    Lots of comments here remind me of a John Lennon song....
    “Jealous Guy”
  4. Socalguy

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    Pros: He's the real deal. He doesn't just play "fast" he plays well, with almost no cliche licks. He's also got a great voice.
    Cons: He's not the strongest songwriter. His songs tend to be lightweight and pretty predicatble.
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  5. And that’s what I meant about he’s like a great bar band. He mostly plays covers. No disrespect meant.
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  6. carlwm

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    Genuine query.

    What do you mean by "authenticity"?
  7. Guy Smiley

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    Are you a member of Congress? You should be.
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  8. Dan Steele

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    What a coincidence, never heard of the guy but yesterday on my XM radio Deep Tracks station they played his cover of Zeppelin’s Tea for One, and I thought he did a great job with it.
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    Seems like a good guy, good player. Tours endlessly. I loved Black Country Communion. Great band. Pretty much a self made success story. Him and his team hustle like no other. Pretty much created a template of how to run your own career. If you view him as "blues rock" and not blues then what he plays makes more sense, too many people who don't like him don't like him because they view him as a traditional blues artist. Great choice in covers.


    Over does the marketing, he will put his image on anything and try to sell it. Too much product outside if the swag, probably putting 2 or 3 albums out per year. Kevin Shirley's production. Sometimes plays too many notes, doesn't let enough space between the notes. Guitar face. Ticket prices have prices him out of some markets. Only has a couple of really memorable songs despite his playing.
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  10. mkane

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    too loud and the crowd sucked. left at halftime.
  11. 911s55

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    Maybe if there was a song called "Envious Guy".

    Envy is a reaction to lacking something. Jealousy is a reaction to the threat of losing something (usually someone). … but I don't think that applies here, just callin it like we see em.
  12. Socalguy

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    Cliche to the max
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  13. Socalguy

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    He kills it here...

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  14. sunking101

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    Yorkshire, England
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  15. Tullman

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    Elvis did covers.
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  16. Synthfreek

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    Austin, TX
    Might be one notch above Blueshammer.
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  17. Picca

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    He needs a singer.
  18. Marc Daniel

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    Los Angeles
    Thank you for posting the GM clip.

    It makes me crazy. The owner of my daughters music school plays those JB videos endlessly. But he didn't even know who Gary Moore was! I was crazed. No knowledge at all of Thin Lizzy other than Boys and Jailbreak. I gave one of the young teachers a few CD's.

    Makes me so sad. How is this possible. I have lived in LA almost all my life. From the 70's through most of the 90's this was a great place to see live music. Great musicians just showed up at small clubs and played to audiences so small it was almost like being in someones living room. My friends and I saw everyone we could. And I mean everyone.

    Gary Moore is at the very top of my list. And I am very sorry but JB is stealing his sound.
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  19. Yup and Elvis totally made them his own. A very unique style. Same with Joe Cocker. All covers, but totally his.

    It seems that JB has a huge fan base so all the power to him. If people enjoy it then cool.

    About six years ago I saw Jeff Beck live. He was amazing but I was ultimately bored with the show overall. He too plays a lot of covers and at least changes them up and he adds a selection of rock and fusion instrumentals. The sound was great, the band was great, but in the end, I was left cold. Then a few years later, he release Loud Hailer. Many folks hated the loud and different style, but that album was amongst my favorite of that year. A punk-ish, new wavy assault and an album that had balls. I wish I saw him play that set.
  20. Spaghettiows

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    Silver Creek, NY
    I think that it is a mistake to judge him as a blues artist. What he does is not blues, it is rock influenced by blues.

    Unlike previous generations of blues-based but firmly rock guitarists such as Jimmy Page, his playing has absolutely no warts or blemishes. Some people enjoy that, and I can to a degree, but I prefer a sense of danger.
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  21. txguitar

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    I'm afraid Joe is in the school of let me impress you with how many notes I can play.
    It's often the case with younger players, hopefully he'll grow out of it. Or maybe
    he can join the Eric Johnson, Steve Vai (there are many) these days there
    many players that play to show off how fast they are, quantity or quality.
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  22. HfxBob

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    A lot of Joe's soloing sounds exactly like Eric Johnson-fast and fluid, up and down the fretboard stuff. It's good, but just a little repetitive and predictable.
  23. txguitar

    txguitar Forum Resident

    I respect Eric Johnson's skills, he is a very talented guitarist. I got to know Eric when
    I lived in the Austin area, he is a great guy and really humble and really works at his
    craft. I went to one of his shows and after several tunes, I kind of got bored, it seems
    to be the case with doing a bunch of instrumentals, after a fashion they tend to run
    together. And as good as Eric is, he is guilty of over playing.
  24. DJ LX

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    Eric achieves the proper ballance between restraint and excess, precision and looseness, on his cover of Electric Flag's "Texas." Also a good move to bring in Steve Miller on vocals (EJs voice doesn't work for blues) and Jimmie Vaughan on guitar for contrast (he plays the second solo).

  25. Marc Daniel

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    Los Angeles
    I saw Eric Johnson come out and do a set with Robben Ford in the "Talk to Your Daughter" days. Tiny club. Great band. Great night!
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