John Atkinson no longer editor of Stereophile.

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Thouston, Mar 2, 2019.

  1. aorecords

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    Do it.

    What are your reservations?
  2. russk

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    I’ve seen that quote so many times and always think the obvious response is, or the person doing the listening has a problem or peculiar tastes.

    It reminds of of an interview with Andrew Jones I listened to. He was being asked about his work with Pioneer and TAD and stated at first he was really nervous about going to work for a Japanese company as a chief speaker designer because no Japanese company had really made a great speaker that was famous in the rest of the world. When asked why that was he said he thought it was what the Japanese engineers were listen for. Stated that they placed their emphasis on dynamics and impact and percussion and that Europe and the U.S. placed theirs on tone.
  3. Agitater

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    It's well worth it.
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  4. F1nut

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    That quote is attributed to Daniel von Recklinghausen, a renowned audio engineer at EAD and KLH and spoken at a Boston Audio Society meeting a very long time ago.
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  5. Blair G.

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    Delta, BC, Canada
    You can’t lose at that price. Up here in Canada the best we can do is over double
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  6. Agitater

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    . . . which is still dirt cheap.
  7. Worth it.
    I subscribe to the digital version through Zinio. Regular price for the digital version is $9.99 per year. Zinio currently has a sale with Sterophile showing a 12 months digital subscription price of $4.99.

    Zinio works if you don't mind reading magazine style layouts on a computer screen or large tablet. I get the digital version so I don't have to keep and store old paper magazines.
  8. Blair G.

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    Delta, BC, Canada
    True, I figure I’m paying just under $3 CDN per issue
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  9. patrickd

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    At $10 a year, you're barely paying for delivery. I still get the paper mag after more than 20 years subscribing, sometimes it piles up but I usually get to it and enjoy it (though I will sorely miss the great Art Dudley). I used to subscribe to TAS but found it a poor imitation content-wise, and I don't care to read about audio shows months after they've happened either. John A's departure as editor was going to happen sooner or later and it seems only to have freed him up to write more reviews anyway, so that's fine. What they will do when he's no longer around to provide all the measurements on everything else is another matter but presumably they have a plan.
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  10. jhw59

    jhw59 Forum Resident

    Thanks all. I'm in!
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  11. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    Good riddance to J.A. The last bunch of years he turned into a grouchy old man. Reminded me of the way J. Gordon Holt went.
  12. rischa

    rischa Where'd Dizzy go?

    Madison, WI
    I got my $10 subscription offer. I'd like to bite but Stereophile just doesn't review enough gear that I'm interested in (especially now that Art Dudley has passed).
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  13. cdash99

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    For $1 per issue it’s a no brainer. If you find one item a month to look into further, or one artist to stream because of an album review it pays for itself.
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  14. Drekow

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    This. Well worth it. Buy it.
  15. Stone Turntable

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    So, grouchy is a *bad* thing? Innnnnteresting... Not sure you’ve got the modeling your values thing quite nailed down yet.


    And John Atkinson is very much still there, still testing and writing alongside his hand-picked successor, who shows zero signs of shaking up the operation in a good-riddance mode.
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  16. rischa

    rischa Where'd Dizzy go?

    Madison, WI
    You guys talked me into it. I figure these $10 offers are mainly for increasing subscription numbers to sell advertising, so I can do my part to help keep Stereophile alive. I'm not that interested in measurements other than for system matching purposes, but I think the fact that Stereophile performs them keeps manufactures honest about their own measurements (which in turn ensures I can properly match components). I'm happy to support that.
  17. Classicrock

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    South West, UK.
    There seems to be an unsavoury gleeful attitude on here to people losing their jobs if their journalism is unliked. I thought 1 / 0 attitude alludes to hired and fired next day here (rather than computing)? Not reserved for audio journalism these days.
  18. timind

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    Westfield, IN USA
    This quote always bugs me. Let me fix it with the most charitable language. "If it measures good and sounds bad, -- you don't like equipment which measures well. If it sounds good and measures bad, -- you prefer the sound of equipment which measures poorly."
  19. Kal Rubinson

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    That is quite generous.
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  20. TarnishedEars

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    That does not mean remotely the same thing as the original quote.

    Liking one piece of equipment which measures poorly does not in any way mean that one cannot also like another piece of equipment which measures well.
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  21. Rolltide

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    Vallejo, CA
    My guess is that quote was originally presented in a fairly specific context about speaker design. It's since morphed into a catch-all get out of jail free card for silly subjectivism.
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  22. Archimago

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    While I've had some issues with the Zinio app before, it works and with a nice tablet, is convenient to access even when away from home.

    Subscription for Stereophile here in Canada still more expensive than the US. I had let it lapse for the last few months but re-sub'ed today. CAD$11.50 including taxes with 20% off and 1 year free back issues... 3 Starbucks Grande Lattes here in Canada; there are certainly worse deals in audio :).
  23. PB Point

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    Glad I clicked on this thread. I just subscribed for 2 years for print. Only ever flipped through the mag while waiting at the local stereo repair shop. Was sorta intimidated by it with all the high end gear.

    I’m definitely in the vintage realm. I LOVE 1970’s QUAD Sound. Sansui Qrx 8001 and a sansui quad reel. Still can’t figure out why that really never had legs, especially today...but sorta get it.

    BTW...I really like reading your “Sound in the Round” online. Great stuff. Thanks for all the insight/info...would love to see that continue.
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  24. Kal Rubinson

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    Welcome aboard.

    Thanks. I would be happy if someone else would pick up the task but I am at a place in my life where I've shed most tasks that come with regular deadlines.
  25. jonwoody

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    It's funny until I read your post right now that never occurred to me and Andrew is right. I can think of lots of great producers of amps, turntables, digital but not speakers. Obviously TAD became the exception to that and Sony has put out a few good speakers here and there and Yamaha with the NS-1000 but that's all that comes to mind.
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