John Williams says that Star Wars Episode IX is his last Star Wars score.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PaulKTF, Mar 7, 2018.

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    John Williams to quit scoring 'Star Wars' films - NME

    There are some additional quotes from Williams in this NME article. He says he hasn’t seen many of the films he’s scored, and considers some of the scores uninteresting.

    People may find it surprising that he has little desire to listen to his old work, but I can appreciate where he’s coming from.
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    He is getting up there in age. Over 80?
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    Yeah, he's 86. :)
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    Lazy bum!
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    Yeah, no work ethic there! :)
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    You mean he's never seen Daddy-O? He's missed out on Dick Contino slapping an apple demanding "I want an answer!" Did he write Rock Candy?
  8. SixOClockBoos

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    Well considering how Disney is milking Star Wars franchises now, it' be best for John to back out after the new trilogy is done IMO.
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    No kidding. The last one was so bad I'm not even interested in Star Wars anymore :cry:
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    Have you seen Episode 1?

    ...Don't see Episode 1. :)
  11. Claus

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    Good decision, one of the worst soundtracks!
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    Episode 1 is a masterpiece compared to the latest disaster.
  13. 16s

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    Whole heartedly agree!
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    I didn't see the latest film. I was invited to go watch it with a few friends back when it first came out, but I decided not to go and I regret it (for other reasons not related to the film). But anyways, I didn't actively pay attention to when I watched Episode 7 for the first time so I most likely wouldn't watch Episode 8 on my free time considering how I think the series should have ended after Episode 3 was made.
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    I think the only times he listen to his scores these days is when he works on soundtrack reissues with companies like La-La Land Records (who do tend to get composer involvement/approval where possible).

    Anyways this news is sad, but expected. Despite my love for his compositions, I have found his recent Star Wars scores to be quite bland and forgettable. The fact that there are far more hummable moments in the prequels than the sequel trilogy is troubling. Say what you will about the prequels as a whole, but I think most would agree that the scores were quite interesting and experimental; bridging influences from across the globe with great success. The sequel trilogy however sounds like he's trying to make it sound like the original trilogy, but without the energy he then had. A real shame.
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    I recall seeing a interview with him where he was talking about having scored all 9 films and saying he didn't know of any other composers who had done so many movies in a series. guess he forgot about john barry and bond and even more so akira ifukube and Godzilla guess when IX comes out in 2019 Williams will have the longest time period between his first and last scores for a series one more year than ifukube.

    any other series with 9 or more films by one composer out there?
  17. Chris C

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    I have two words for Sir John Williams and those are simply, THANK YOU.

    John has provided so much movie and TV music in my lifetime, he is clearly my Lennon & McCartney's of "soundtracks". From those great season changing themes from "Lost In Space" to almost every great movie that have really mattered in my life, John Williams has been behind the scoring. At 57 years old I have no earthly use for new "Star Wars" movies anymore. The characters, the plots, Jar Jar Binks, just don't matter to me anymore, but, I will still listen to the soundtrack, just to see what John has done to even outdo himself and he often succeeds.

    As an example, here is the finale of "The Force Awakens". To hear that great John Williams magic, one only needs to listen to the final minute of this piece and realize just how important, just a few of his simple notes, can stay with you forever and still tug at your heart. Just amazing ...

    John, whatever you decide to do, soundtrack wise, my deepest thanks for all that you've already done!
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    I think you need to go back and watch Episode 1 again. It must have been awhile.
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    I have been slowly showing my kids each movie in the series for the first time and we watched Phantom Menace about two weeks ago. I hadn’t seen it years and during the first ten minutes I thought to myself, “This isn’t so bad.”

    And then Jar Jar came on the screen and it was every bit as bad as I remembered.
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    *sniff*-*sniff* Iiii smell a boxxxx seettttt...! 23 different flavors!
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    As a 9-year-old in '77, was the perfect auduence for the film... waited in line opening day for both Empire and Return... interested in Phantom Menace when it came out, but not surprised at how awful it was... saw rest of trilogy, hoping for some redemption... no luck... avoiding new movies but must say, my 4-year-old has me watching and enjoying the Rebels cartoon...
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    For the love of God, he's done more than 100 of them. Cut him some slack!
  23. yasujiro

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    Seriously, his scores for SW ep.1 and2 are genuine masterpieces in every respect.
    And his scores up to 2005 (War of the Worlds, Sayuri) show no clue of aging at all.
  24. TLMusic

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    Some one posted a YouTube video with a condensed orchestral score of "Star Wars (Main Title)". The person who created and input the condensed score comments that the piece is almost as complex as The Poem of Ecstasy (Scriabin). Practically no other movie soundtrack music has anywhere near this level of intricacy.

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  25. yasujiro

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    From SW ep.1, it is the incredible tour de force in composing for orchestra.

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