Johnny Cash- Favorite cover performed by Cash?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Randal_SS, Mar 26, 2020.

  1. Randal_SS

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    Cleveland, OH
    Today I dialed-up Cash on the iPod while I worked and eventually I got to the "Unearthed" box set, which I hadn't listened to in a while. This stopped me in my tracks:

    With so many excellent choices, what's your favorite cover performed by Cash?
  2. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    Rusty Cage
    Highway Patrolman

  3. RSteven

    RSteven Forum Resident

    Brookings, Oregon
    My brother bought this 45 single cover of Tim Hardin's The Lady Came From Baltimore. It also features Elvis Presley TCB band members James Burton and Ronnie Tutt. The great Bobby Darin had covered it too as he had on Hardin's previous gem, If I Were A Carpenter.

  4. Mr. H

    Mr. H Forum Resident

    I’m a huge fan but there’s too many to choose from. I’ll give an honorable mention to his somewhat obscure covers of Rod McKuen’s Doesn’t Anybody Know My Name. Here’s a version, and there’s another on the More Personal File release.

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  5. Mr. H

    Mr. H Forum Resident

    I’ve always loved his cover of Kristofferson’s Just The Other Side of Nowhere, as well. Cash was really great with covering songs. He sounded like he lived them.

  6. Rick Bartlett

    Rick Bartlett Forum Resident

  7. jwoverho

    jwoverho Senior Member

    Mobile, AL USA
    His voice was capable of covering just about everything and the conviction in his performance often made it his own. Hurt is a perfect example, and given his health concerns, all the more powerful.
  8. czeskleba

    czeskleba Senior Member

    One More Ride. My favorite track from his best album:
  9. Uncle Miles

    Uncle Miles Wafting in and out of Forum

    Phoenix, AZ USA
    "One" -- I like this cover better than the original:

  10. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    Definitely. No matter what was going in Reznor’s life, he was still a young guy with many years ahead of him, while Johnny was near the end after a lifetime of one battle after another (also, could a more perfect track have been chosen for Logan’s trailer?)
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  11. czeskleba

    czeskleba Senior Member

    Interesting choice. As I'm sure you know Johnny wound up hating this album, but it's really kind of a cool change of pace from his usual sound, featuring studio guys instead of his usual touring band.
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  12. bRETT

    bRETT Forum Resident

    Boston MA
    Ring of Fire!
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  13. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Senior Member

  14. Zoot Marimba

    Zoot Marimba And I’m The Critic Of The Group

    I love what he did with “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. It’s a traditional gospel album rather than a popular song, he gives it this dark menace. It’s spiritual yet it feels like Satan is charging after you.
  15. Jimmy Phelge

    Jimmy Phelge Well-Known Member

    Nick Cave's "The Mercy Seat" for me.
  16. Musical Chairs

    Musical Chairs Forum Resident

    Neil Young's "Heart of Gold"
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  17. Lemon Curry

    Lemon Curry (A) Face In The Crowd

    Mahwah, NJ
    Sunday Morning Coming Down
  18. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    Long Black Veil
  19. nosticker

    nosticker Forum Resident

    Ringwood, NJ
    The man could sing any song and make it his own. He was amazing.

  20. Nate-O-Phonic

    Nate-O-Phonic Forum Resident

    Jacksonville FL
    No doubt Cash was a great interpreter. Ring Of Fire was mentioned above. One of Cash's bigger chart hits was also a cover: Johnny & June were the only people that made this song sound like a possible real couple NOT taking a humorous approach in telling the story.

    Jackson was also recorded by the Kingston Trio four years before the Cash/Carter hit four years later (with a contemporaneous competing version by Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood) by the song's writer Billy Ed Wheeler in 1963-

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  21. humpf

    humpf Allowed to write something here.

    thread closed
  22. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    "Rusty Cage" for me...such a badass cover it blows the original away!
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  23. Record Rotator

    Record Rotator Forum Resident

    Either "Hurt" or Dylan's "Forever Young".
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  24. stepeanut

    stepeanut Forum Resident

    “Darlin’ Companion”.
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  25. Yankeefan01

    Yankeefan01 Forum Resident

    Tonawanda, NY, USA
    Rusty Cage and Hurt. The video for Hurt still is the most emotional music video I've ever seen, both for myself as well as how well I think Cash did it. Just awesome, and sad.

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