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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by neo123, Aug 22, 2017.

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    Wanna see a magic trick?

    All my fans are... gone!



    Even with Scorsese, it will not live up to "The Dark Knight"

    I wish it the best as I love the Joker. Just glad Leto is..... gone. Hahaha.
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    Let me guess. They make him a sympathetic character. He's not evil, he just misunderstood. :sigh:
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    We'll probably get 20 mins of the actual Joker. Like the Burton Batman movie, too much Bruce Wayne and not enough Batman.
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  6. The Hud

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    I think the origin story for the Joker from Batman 1989 was perfect.

    If the previews for this look good, I will go see this, however.
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    Hasn't this already been done?

    Isn't The Killing Joke an origin story?
  8. The Hermit

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    Okay, that's it, Hollywood... I'm outta here.
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  9. That is almost certainly what will happen. We may only get the "classic" Joker in the final shot of the movie, after his face has changed. I bet this ends up being the gangsterized Red Hood origin of the Joker. The Martin Scorsese connection is the real tell for this.
  10. Solitaire1

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    I think this will work against The Joker. One of the things that makes the character work is that no one (not even The Joker himself) knows his actual origin. There are hints but nothing definite and everything changes from moment to moment.

    As an example of how confused The Joker's mind is, in one issue of JLA Superman and The Martian Manhunter enter a building that is The Joker's mind in physical form. It is so confusing and disorienting that neither can make sense of it. They only manage to escape by The Martian Manhunter reshaping his brain so his mind is just as insane as The Joker's (only then is he able to see the path out of the building).
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    [​IMG] Gotham did a great job with the kid, Jerome. But then they messed him up.
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    A hood who fell into a vat of acid. What more do you need to know? These people who sit around and lap up every spinoff baffle me. Why do they need to know the minutia of all these silly comic book stories? Same thing with the Star Wars spin off's. Is that the only universe in the world that interest them? Doesn't anyone else think they might be better benefited by maybe picking up a book on the real cosmos, or British history instead of the "Game of Thrones", or literature that explores the human condition like Checkov, Tolstoy, Joyce instead of living solely with their nose buried in dime store pulp characters? I mean expand your horizons, people.
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    The Killing Joke Was made into animated movie last year....
    I highly recommend it And yes it's sad some of it he didn't want to become criminal.
    There is nowhere to go.. Bob, Yes ? Hollywood Needs A Enema...
  14. Jtycho

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    I'll pretend your comment is completely pretentious and respond by agreeing that there's truth to what you say, but also feel there's a place in the world for both Tolstoy and Batman.
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    That's exactly how I feel. Even though I am a fan of the '89 film, I don't think you should ever give Joker a concrete origin story. To me, he should just be. He's an entity, a force, a nightmare, an agent of chaos.
  16. hbbfam

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    Looking forward to Heath reprising his role. That is east made The Dark Knight such a great movie, and such an enticing character.
  17. Oatsdad

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    Is this supposed to be a sick joke or did you forget that Ledger died a decade ago? :confused:
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  18. hbbfam

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    Well I wouldn't necessarily call it "sick" but it was meant as a joke. In all seriousness I thought Heath Ledger was a superb actor and I am sorry for all the great roles we will never see.
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  19. No, we don't want to know how The Joker got his scars. Is this a case of DC and WB having so little faith in their audience that we need every last detail spelling out, or do they really want to deprive this iconic character of any mystique because nobody can think of any other way to hold our interest? Suicide Squad and the animated adaptation of The Killing Joke were enough back story for most, but I suspect those responsible for the current DC Extended Universe are getting really desperate now. If anything, this will hopefully accelerate the somewhat inevitable superhero burnout many have been predicting for a while - the town is now very much long overdue that enema!
  20. Vidiot

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    Well, The Joker did have an origin story in the comics. And the comics inform the background for the films, so I think it's a valid idea. Longtime Batman writer Bill Finger was actually the creator of the Joker, and here's what it says in Wikipedia:

    In 1951, Finger wrote an origin story for the Joker in Detective Comics #168, which introduced the characteristic of him formerly being the criminal Red Hood, and his disfigurement the result of a fall into a chemical vat.

    I think the story about the scarred face were retconned by Chris Nolan (and there's yet another explanation in the Gotham TV series). I think if you went to his background before this, dealt with the accident, and then his emergence as a criminal mastermind, it might make an interesting film. But casting is so critical, this could go horribly wrong very quickly. And I'm not sure I trust the guys running Warner Bros. to do it right.
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    That's a relatively new development in his history. Prior to 1977, the Joker (despite being called "crazy") behaved in a more-or-less rational manner. Writer Steve Englehart introduced the idea of having him act irrational and do things that didn't make sense, but even then he was still just a normal guy. In recent years he's been made inexplicably powerful to the detriment of the character. As noted above, no less than Bill Finger (the creator of both the Joker and Batman) wrote an origin story for him. I think Finger struck the right balance in that he explained where the guy came from, but didn't spend time telling us anything about his background other than that he was a thief.
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    It will be interesting to see Willem Dafoe's take on The Joker. I think he has the acting, demeanor, facial expressions, etc. to pull it off.

    He played the Green Goblin pretty well in the first Spider-man movie.
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  24. BeatleJWOL

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    "New concept trailer for Warner Bros. and DC's The Joker solo spin-off movie by Retcon Comics."

    This is a fanedit putting together scenes from several movies, along with what appears to be digital manipulation.

    From the channel description:
    Also, Willem Dafoe is 62 years old. Ten years older than Jack Nicholson in 1989. Let that sink in.
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    I didn't bother going to the channel. I should've known it was fake since there was no previous word about who the Joker is going to be in the Origin Story. Obviously has to be someone young. LOL

    Last I heard was it may be Joaquin Phoenix playing the Joker. But that has not been confirmed. Really nothing about it has been confirmed except Todd Phillips directing and co-writing with Scott Silver.

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