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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by neo123, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. Shoehorn with Teeth

    Shoehorn with Teeth Romans 6:23

    I watched the first one and thought it was just alright. After all the hype I was expecting to be blown away; instead it left me kind of ambivalent. Batman has an incredible rogues gallery but they're only as interesting as their relationship to Batman. The same goes for his character. Take one of those out of the equation and there's just not much there to work with.

    The sequel sounds pretty bad. Was anyone clamoring for a Joker musical?
  2. Chrome_Head

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    Los Angeles, CA.
    They have literally 75 years of Joker material to draw on from the comics, but they’re going to make a Joker La La Land instead. I think that says it all.
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  3. muzzer

    muzzer Forum Resident

    Where does it say it’s a musical?
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  4. BeatleJWOL

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  5. Spaghettiows

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    I don't watch many Marvel/DC movies, but I did see Joker and thought it was very good. However, I'm jumping off the bandwagon if the sequel is a musical. That's just trying to be too cute, but this could all be a misdirect to get people yammering about it.
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  6. muzzer

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  7. FrankieP

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    I hate musicals.
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  8. SRC

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    I like *good* musicals, but I'll admit this development seems odd and troubling. But Joker was a rather dark R-rated movie, so the idea of a very dark R-rated musical followup, that deals with a continued theme of the main character's mental illness, is potentially interesting and certainly unprecedented. So I won't write it off until I know more. Many people said an R-rated Joker movie without a Batman in it would never work, but it went and made a billion dollars, first R-rated film to ever do that I think.
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  9. agentalbert

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    That sounds good to me.

    Ditto. That DOESN'T sound good to me.
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  10. Chrome_Head

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    Can’t see Gaga doing Harley Quinn better than Margot Robbie. It will a different take or a new character altogether.

    There was another female Joker-type introduced several years ago in the comics named Punchline.
  11. aorecords

    aorecords Forum Resident

    I read somewhere it's 50 million for the next two movies.
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  12. maui jim

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    Was in queue for tckt but after hearing it’s a musical I’m doing a 180. Yikes
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  13. Mirrorblade.1

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    With new ceo of warner bros.. based on fans feedback he will say Todd, this is not going to work..
    Figure out something else before you start anything 2024 is long ways away
  14. brucewayneofgotham

    brucewayneofgotham Forum Resident

    it is a musical
    in the same way
    Purple Rain is
    Dick Tracy was

    this is not "Cats" or "West Side Story"
  15. brucewayneofgotham

    brucewayneofgotham Forum Resident

    I actually have been told "Dick Tracy" is the closest comparison
  16. cwd

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    Clarksville, TN
    and that's better???
  17. FrankieP

    FrankieP Forum Resident

    Opening scene… Gaga’s character is harassed by three guys on the subway train. So the Joker intervenes and he gets thrown around. He then whips out a knife and violently slashes their throat with blood spilling all over the place.
    He looks at Gaga, she’s in a state of shock.
    Then they both belt out a tune about how Gotham has gone to the dogs…

    Yep, i wanna see that!:unhunh:
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  18. 5th-beatle

    5th-beatle Forum Resident

    Here's Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn:


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  19. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe 3 months since last false death report!

    It'll probably be a dark musical, like Pennies From Heaven, with the music existing only in Joker's mind.

    This direction was sort of hinted at in that scene with Joker dancing down the stairs.

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  20. Scope J

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  21. Chrome_Head

    Chrome_Head Planetary Resident

    Los Angeles, CA.
    Not expecting a lot out of this sequel, but then again I wasn’t expecting much out of the original, and it ended up being a nice surprise.
  22. noname74

    noname74 Allegedly Canadian

    Musical? I’m out.
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  23. MRamble

    MRamble Forum Resident

    Musical? Cool. I'm in.
  24. brucewayneofgotham

    brucewayneofgotham Forum Resident

    This is looking really , really good.
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  25. agentalbert

    agentalbert Senior Member

    San Antonio, TX
    I don't like musicals either. Outside of the South Park movie and Rocky Horror Picture Show, I can't think of a single I've enjoyed. So I wasn't happy to hear that was the direction they are taking with this, but I'm open to being surprised.

    I've been impressed with Gaga as an actress. She's legit. I don't have any qualms about her taking a role, and certainly she would seem ideal for Harley Quinn in a musical.

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