Joni Mitchell ‘Asylum Albums (1972-1975)’ Box Set Due 9/23/22

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by belardd, Jul 28, 2022.

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    I always had a soft spot for "For The Roses" which tends to get overlooked coming between "Blue" and "Court And Spark."
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    Great news. I was just disappointed with the original For the Roses CD. This could be the answer.
  7. I posted this in the other thread, but I'm really hoping for all AAA mastering just like the previous box (barring the debut)
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    Having never owned any Joni vinyl I'd be very interested in this if it turned out it was AAA (though I'm not adverse to a great cut from digital).
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  9. Old Fred

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    Which box set?
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    Are these likely to get stand alone releases? I already have the recent Court and Spark cut by Chris Bellman, which is excellent and am not interested in the live album but would like to get Roses and Hissing Lawns.
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    I'm conflicted about this one. I could do with better versions of Miles of Aisles and For the Roses, but I have the practical hifi edition of Hissing, and DCC vinyl of Court and Spark.
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    Given the quality of the Reprise Years vinyl boxset, this was an easy instant pre-order for me.
  15. Musicisthebest

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    I suspect if you don't go for it then you'll regret it later.
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    I saw a recent photo of Joni at a Dolby Atmos mixing session. I was hoping those mixes would be included. I hope there is a physical release rather than just on Apple or Tidal.
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    For us CD listeners, is there a reasonable expectation that these "remastered" CDs will sound any better than our already-paid for CD versions from back in the day? I was nineteen years old in 1972, when For the Roses was released. We didn't overlook this album . . . it was fantastic.
  18. Alan2

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    I was thinking that, so I've ordered it. :):cool:
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    A good question. In the case of Hissing Of Summer Lawns the original CD has some pops in places, in particular on The Jungle Line. Not being able to decode HDCD, I didn't like the HDCD version of this album very much. The version in the Studio Albums box has been at least partially remastered but still has these pops. I'm hoping they'll be gone on the forthcoming box.
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  20. Phil Tate

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    Just please, no remixes this time...

    RAZORMADE I crawled out from the bottom in the dark...

    Just gave Song to a Seagull (2021 Mix) another listen and yuck... the track that really bothers me is a personal favourite, The Pirate of Penance. The new mix of the album is awful and I believe someone on the forum accurately described it as Joni singing in a fishbowl.

    Love the Archives series but not into how the studio albums are being re-issued.
    Wish that they released 2012's The Studio Albums 1968 - 1979 10CD set as an 11LP box set instead and separate deluxe box set editions for Miles Of Aisles and Shadows And Light with live footage DVD/BRD.

    I'm guessing the next box will be, "Asylum Albums (1976-1980)" 6LP set...
    Hejira (November 1976) 1LP
    Don Juan's Reckless Daughter (December 1977) 2LP
    Mingus (June 1979) 1LP
    Shadows and Light (September 1980) 2LP
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    No there isn’t.
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    Thanks. I see the differences now.
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