Joni Mitchell ‘Asylum Albums (1972-1975)’ Box Set Due 9/23/22

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by belardd, Jul 28, 2022.

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    Got to say I prefer the way they are doing this - 4lps at a time. I owned no JM before 2020 so would never have sprung for a huge box. Now I’ve got, and really enjoying, the first 4 studio and both the archive concerts that had stand alone releases.

    Think I’ll stop there though.
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  2. backeast

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    I'm a little confused, is this the next archives box? If so will there be no outtakes, demos or early versions of this material? Amazon lists it as the straight albums as they were released.
  3. No.This is not the next Archives box.Same as with The Reprise Years they are reissuing the original albums first.
    The press release confirms Archives Volume 3 is coming next year.Also worth noting that it confirms the program of reissues and Archives boxes will continue until they cover her entire career.So they will be going into the ‘80s and ‘90s.
    That means we will get 6 volumes or possibly even 7.
  4. That would be a big mistake IMHO.
    Hejira,Hissing Of Summer Lawns and For The Roses are my 3 favourite Joni albums and the forthcoming archival live material with LA Express and the Shadows And Light band should be stunning.
  5. SRC

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    Just curious, how was the previous LP set (except the debut) determined to be AAA?
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  6. Fortysomething

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    On the one hand....I'm incredibly excited for a repress of For The Roses. I was convinced it was one of the Joni recordings that were lost in the Universal fire, because we never saw a repress of it. (Now I wonder if this will be from digital.)

    On the other hand, it's frustrating that we can't buy that title on its own. I wouldn't mind a new pressing of Miles of Aisles but I already have great versions of C&S and Hissing and really don't want to be strongarmed into buying them again. It really sucks.
  7. stratmel

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    Geez, no "Urge for Going." (Sigh...)
  8. It doesn’t belong in this period.
    A studio version and multiple live versions on earlier Archives volumes.
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  9. stratmel

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    I thought for sure it belongs in this time frame - the copy I have is an Asylum 45 (AS-11010) released in 1972, same as For the Roses.
    It does make sense that it would not be here, though, since it's a non-LP track.
  10. Phil Tate

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    Just wait til you hear the next few albums, you're in for such a treat!

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    I think you'll get this response from quite a few fans but you're really making a mistake there. 'Court and Spark', 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns' and 'Hejira' are in my opinion, three of the best albums ever recorded, with the last two rising into my top ten albums of all time since discovering them a couple of years ago.

    Her music expanded so dramatically from 'Court' onwards that it's hard to fathom the leaps and bounds Joni stylistically made. That doesn't mean that I don't like the earlier material, but in terms of ambition, execution and material, Joni's mid to late seventies albums are phenomenal.
  12. It was an older recording though.
  13. SRC

    SRC That sums up Squatter for me

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    Sorry for the bump, but, bump...
  14. brimuchmuze

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    Any confirmation on who is mastering?
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  15. aseriesofsneaks

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    None of the masters for Joni's Asylum albums would have been lost in the fire; Asylum was always under the Warners umbrella, not Universal. The only Joni masters that might have been potentially affected are the four albums she recorded for Geffen: Wild Things Run Fast, Dog Eat Dog, Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm, and Night Ride Home.
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  16. Vinylfindco

    Vinylfindco The Pressing Matters

    I'm in for this, loved the first set, Song to A Seagull notwithstanding.
  17. jlf

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    It was not. The 1972 single was recorded during the Blue sessions. You’ll find the single version with added strings which were buried on the multis, on Archives vol 2.
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  18. Aegir

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  19. kwadguy

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    They should have put Heijira on this box, then the boxes could be "Asylum: The hit years" and "Asylum: The rest of the years".
  20. chrisblower

    chrisblower Norfolk n'good

    Yes but it was on the B side of the '72 single You turn me on I'm a radio. Although as you say it was a sixties recording. So can see the reasoning
  21. jlf

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    It was not a ‘60s recording. It was recorded during Blue. The same take is on the Archives 2 box set with an unused strings part.
  22. SRC

    SRC That sums up Squatter for me

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    Yes thank you so much...I did find that one, when I was looking for the answer myself, but is that it? What's his source? I'm not uptight if it's digital or analog, this is trivial stuff, but in the light of some recent events, I'm curious.

    I'm not truly likening it to the whole MoFi thing, but in the light of that I have felt that there have indeed been a lot of assumptions and half-cocked information about some releases over the years. I've seen nothing official that says that the three Joni LPs in the previous set were AAA, yet I've found numerous references to people repeating that it is, but at best they ultimately just link back to that site you linked to. Maybe the LPs are indeed AAA, and either way I'm not saying there's any deception going on in this case at least. Doesn't really matter too much to me if something is AAA or not, but I would think we might take a little more care going forward with bandying that designation about. For what it's worth (which is next to nothing), until there is an official source, I'm going to assume the last set was digital, because I've asked for a proper source in a few threads now, and as with my own research, the Analog Planet blog is as far as it goes. The set included a definitively digital step with one of the records, where's the evidence that they didn't do them all the same way, for convenience? Again, not looking to start any controversy whatsoever, but I find this interesting in light of 'current audiophile events'.
  23. chrisblower

    chrisblower Norfolk n'good

    Well sorry but I think it was recorded in the sixties. But to my ears a new vocal has been applied later to a second release which may be the one you know.

    Listen close and you hear the vocal difference. With same guitar backing. Btw a second guitarist ? She did play with one for a short time didn't she ? David Rea. The one I'm used to hearing is the first one. I believe that is the one on the B side of the single I used to own before I bought the album. But stand to be corrected. Her voice sounds younger.

    The latter one sounds a little maturer just like her 'Blue' voice. And the phrasing is slightly different.
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  24. Luxury_Liner

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    Urge For Going: the liner notes of both Hits and Songs Of A Prairie Girl collections state it was recorded in 1967. I'd always assumed it was recorded for Blue as it made it as far as a test pressing before it was pulled at the eleventh hour. (Unless the info on Hits and Prairie Girl is incorrect...)
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  25. PhilBorder

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    I'm with you re C+S and HOSL. Hejira is very good but I've got to be in the mood, or driving across northern Alberta or something. After that, I think her grasp didn't quite reach her reach. Ambitions noted and appreciated but only fulfilled about half the time. 'Don Juan' for example, is filled with interesting songs and ideas. But is also rather tuneless. so its more of an academic than enjoyable listening for me. And on her more 'conventional' late album the songwriting is generally not as inspired. But, yeah, no one should stop listening before For the Roses or Court and Spark. Seldom equaled, rarely exceeded by any singer songwriter.
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