Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures 40th Anniversary Limited Edition

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by bettsaj, May 8, 2019.

  1. Vinyl Fan 1973

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    Thanks! I also scored a mint pressing of closer. An original US translucent pressing, and it sounds wonderful.
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    My 2007 UK copy has the deadwax etchings. It's identical to this copy on Discogs - including the serial number in the deadwax - but it also has 'This is the way FACT 10 Outside-1' and 'Step FACT 10 Inside-1'.
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  3. SCOTT1234

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    I have 3 UP and 2 Closer pressings.

    UK Porky 1979 is my favourite soundwise. Very cohesive, slighty narrowed stereo. Punchy. Good eq balance. Fresh tape. Just sounds right.
    German 1979. Wider stereo. More separation on each instrument. Slight boost to high end frequency over the porky. Very good.
    2007 US Rhino reissue. Soundstage and eq is more similar to the uk porky than the German. It sounds fine but I put in 3rd place because it just doesn't sound as vibrant and fresh as the originals. Probably due to a combination of the older tape and lacking that George Peckham magic touch.

    I would happily recommend this UP reissue to someone who doesn't want to pay a sky high price for an original uk porky, but would also suggest they give the (still reasonably priced) German a try.

    Closer is a different story. The 2007 reissue sounds nowhere near as good as the uk original to my ears and I would recommend spending the extra to get a 1980 uk pressing.
  4. c-eling

    c-eling I never dreamed another way.

    I'm going to take your word on Closer. While my US 2007 is fine/passable, i'm thinking it's going to be like a comparison between the Movement remaster and the old UK Townhouse GG.
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  5. SCOTT1234

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  6. c-eling

    c-eling I never dreamed another way.

    Thanks. I know exactly what you mean. :cheers:
  7. bettsaj

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    I've not heard the german pressing, but totally agree to your assessment of the UK first pressing against the 2007 Rhino. The 2007 remasters got a bad wrap at the time I think all down to the CD mastering and not the vinyl mastering. I think they're very different, and were done by different mastering engineers. I've not heard the 2007 Closer remaster, but I'll take your word on that.... I'm happy with my first pressing of that record.

    Bottom line is the mastering on the 2007 US Rhino's are different to the 2015 Frank remasters. Although Frank Arkwright states on his resume page on the Abbey Road website that he did the 2007 remasters, I think there's something awry with his recollection. None of the 2007 vinyl remasters are signed by him on the dead wax, maybe he just did the CD mastering which is quite possible..... In which case he screwed them up as they were awful.
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    no we are aging like fine wine... :cool:

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