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JPC music company germany

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by plant, Dec 27, 2021.

  1. plant

    plant Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    tel aviv
    i would like to share some experience i had with JPC .
    made an order for two items, it was a bit late in the evening.
    by mistake i choose for one of the items ( a triple vinyl can live it Brighton 1975) the cd set instead of the vinyl set.
    it is the Japanese cd version which it's price was same as the vinyl.
    a minute after i find out the mistake, i tried to cancel or change the order.
    there is no option to do it.
    wrote immediately in the contact form and tomorrow morning called them by the phone, tried to fix the subject.
    the answer i got is it was already prepared for shipping and can not change.
    "you can only return it after receiving" . and "since it your mistake you will have to pay fir the return postage." ( which is not cheap from my country to Germany).
    that is one of the advantages to order on amazon, or such.
    it was cheaper on JPC , but sometimes cheap is more expansive...
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  2. TheSeldomSeenKid

    TheSeldomSeenKid Forum Resident

    I have also recently had an issue with JPC that was the first time I had to make a return, as they shipped the items in less secure bubble wrap mailer instead of a box, like for past purchases, and items were partially damaged. Even though I switched the language to English on their website, I could not understand the return process, and I emailed them a few times asking for a Prepaid Shipping Return Label, otherwise I was just going to make a return claim through PayPal which will reimburse my return shipping cost.

    It has been a few weeks and they had not gotten back to me, as I also mentioned if they would make an exchange but ship in a sturdy box, I would do an exchange, instead of asking for a refund, but with their poor follow up communication to verify acknowledgment of my request, I am going to just make a return request through PayPal, although I asked JPC for a Return Mailing Address and they still had not even gotten back to me with that information. Just could not locate it on their website after conversation to the English Language. If they will not provide a Return Mailing Address at least, if not an actual Prepaid Return Shipping Label, I will need to ask a PayPal Rep how to handle this issue.

    I had a few items from JPC delivered in the past with no problems and securely packaged, but now doubtful I will use them again, since this return has become a hassle living in the US. Maybe, easier to make returns for those who live in Germany though.
  3. Claus

    Claus Senior Member

    I can't recommend jpc for US customers, but it is the best online store for european customers. I never had any problems with jpc.
  4. fra_pe

    fra_pe Forum Resident

    Ordering from them for more than 20 years and multiple times a month. The very few times there were issues (mostly because of mistakes by me) these were resolved smoothly. But I‘m ordering from Germany….
  5. plant

    plant Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    tel aviv
    i guess that in side Germany it goes smoother .
    their shipping times are very log to other countries and the communication is a bit difficult.
    i know it was my mistake.
    what confused me is that the price was same for cd and vinyl.
    but there is no option to cancel or make change a minute after the order ????
    or make something the morning after?
    another thing i don't like so much from them is that if you make a search for a specific record on their site , it always there .
    but in the small letters it say depend on supplier.
    and for example i have now an order i made and paid for, that waiting more than 6 month...
    other online stores, like juno and others aloud to choose a notice when the record will be available , without making the order and pay for it.
    i guess that in the future i'll choose other options to order from
  6. plant

    plant Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    tel aviv
    btw there is a Denmark online store i had very good experience , communication and prices.
  7. Yost

    Yost “It’s only impossible until it’s not”

    I frequently order at JPC and have had no problems. I’m ordering from outside Germany, but inside continental Europe.
  8. plant

    plant Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    tel aviv
    most of the online shops allow to manage or remove an order , at least for a reasonable time after making it.
    or after you contact them .
    they don't have it.
    to my opinion serious disadvantage
  9. yesstiles

    yesstiles Senior Member

    I've ordered from JPC to USA several times with no issues. Great shipping prices too.

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