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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Coricama, Jul 12, 2019 at 8:30 PM.

  1. Coricama

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    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I have the latest version and earlier this week encountered a weird problem. I have about 20 albums that keep showing duplicate songs.
    Two - track 1s with identical titles, run times and file names
    Two - track 2s with identical titles, run times and file names
    And so on throughout the album.
    Some these were downloaded or ripped months and even years ago, but they now show up as recently ripped.
    I've tried removing one of the duplicate files for each track and it works at first, but they reappear after restarting JRiver or downloading a new album. I've looked at the JRiver help sites and can't find anything about it. I could get a screen shot if it helps. Any advice is much appreciated. I
  2. Madness

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    Look at the track properties in JRiver and look for File Location. There might be two instances of the same albums in two different locations.
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  3. Slippers-on

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    I've had that issue...still don't know why. I deleted those files and added them back.
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  4. johnnypaddock

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    I've run into this a few times and I think it was due to having a .cue file in the same folder. If you have one you might consider moving or deleting it.
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  5. vinylontubes

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    I don't think so. I have a cue file for every rip I make. I don't have this problem. I have had two copies of the same file. Some times entire albums. Mistakes get made during file management and moving things around. You make a copy instead of moving them. I've had entire albums nested in a subfolder.
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  6. JRiver MC can be configured to not import CUE files. And you'll get the behavior that you describe. However, I think the default setting for JRiver MC is to import files from CUE files. In which case the OP will get the behavior he's seeing.

    I usually don't keep the CUE file with a rip that gets imported into my music library. However, when I do I change the file extension by adding a .txt to the end (like album.cue.txt) to avoid any potential problems with media players trying to import both the CUE and the individual files for each track.
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  7. beowulf

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    Try going through the meta data tag properties of each file in JRiver. Line by line ... there may be one item that is slightly different in one of the tags that's causing this (I forgot how many options there are, but look past just the song titles and go through each tag line).

    I've had this happen to me a few times and once I found and fixed the difference they merged into the same file.
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  8. Mike-48

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    Something like this happens (to me anyway) when editing tags. JR makes a backup copy -- filename(1).flac -- and occasionally doesn't delete it. It shows up in views as two copies of the same thing, but on a closer look, one has the (1) in the filename. Every time I've checked, the (1) file has older versions of the tags, so I've deleted it to solve the problem.
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  9. ibanez_ax

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    Try converting the file type of the duplicates and then deleting them. For instance if they're FLAC, convert to mp3.

    Right click>Library Tools>Convert Format.
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  10. One thing that can help is to go into a detail view that shows the individual tracks rather than just a thumbnail for the entire album.

    The right-click on one of the duplicate files and select "locate >> on disk (external)".
    Then right-click on the other duplicate file and select "locate >> on disk (external)".
    See if they're both in the same folder.

    From there you can hopefully figure out what is going on.

    Some possibilities:
    Same album but one is a CD rip and one is a high-res download.
    In that case select the high-res files and rename the album tag to something like "album [24/192]" to make it different from the CD rip version of the album.

    Another thing that could happen is that the files have moved to a new folder but the library auto-import settings are not set to update for external changes or to fix broken links.
    Go to Tools >> Options >> Library & Folders >> ...configure auto-import...
    Configure auto import to update for external changes and to fix broken links

    Then do an import of your library (File >> Library >> Import...)
    That will go through all your library folders and fix broken links and update for external changes
    That may fix the problem

    Keep in mind that JRiver MC does make regular backups of your library database.
    If things have gotten messed up you can revert to an older version of your library
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  11. Coricama

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    Marietta, GA
    What is a cue file?
  12. Coricama

    Coricama Classic Rocker Thread Starter

    Marietta, GA
    A lot to work on today, thanks for all the replies! I'll let you all know what happens.
  13. Black Elk

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  14. Coricama

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    Marietta, GA
    This is what's going on with the CD rips. I deleted the (1) files and that seems to do the trick. The (1) files were all created on the same date, July 11th. Not sure what I did to trigger this. The downloads are a still a mystery to me. The file locations look identical. I decided with the downloads to send a copy of the files in Windows to a thumb drive, then delete them from JRiver and Windows, then reload them. This works but is time consuming. Luckily this only affected about 25 albums. Unfortunately, I permanently deleted Neil Young Roxy yesterday trying to delete just one of the 2 files for every song without having backed it up on a thumb drive. Thanks for all the advice, wish I could tell you all what triggered this so you could avoid it. I've been running JRiver for 5 years and have never seen it before.
  15. Are your files local or are they shared on a network drive?
  16. One common way for duplicate files like that to happen is to have those files or folders selected in File Explorer and accidentally drag them a bit and then drop them in the same folder. Windows will dutifully copy the files back to the folder and add the (1) to the end of the file name.

    Other ways are to have those files open in another application for editing that locks the files. Then open the same files in a different application and edit the files and then write them back to disk. In peculiar situations like that one application may decide to write the files with a (1) extension since it can't write them back to the original name because those files are locked. It requires a peculiar set of conditions for that to happen, so not as common.
  17. Mike-48

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    Let me suggest some things you can try that would be easier and would avoid deleting the files and restoring them.

    The next time this happens, try running JRiver's AutoImport. This cleans up some errors of this sort. In JRMC, click on "Tools > Import > Run Auto Import Now."

    If that doesn't work, you could try highlighting the album in JRiver, right click, select "Delete", then "Remove from Media Library." This is JRiver-speak for "remove cataloging information only, not music files." Then, in Windows, select the folder containing the album, right click, and select Media Center > Import. This does more or less the same thing, but for that folder only.

    Good luck!
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  18. quicksrt

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    There are several suggestions in this thread for fixing this problem. None of them really get to the root of this problem. I think it's a JRiver glitch that they have yet to completely figure out. I just delete the extra tracks after I confirm that they are not a different copy of the album (one I wish to keep) that is not tagged different enough. I have not seen a return of a deleted album "copy" yet.

    I often have 3 of 4 copies of an album and sometimes one is not tagged uniquely enough. So albums show two tracks for every song, and a tagging correction fixes that.
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  19. Coricama

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    Thanks, I have a few left to do, I'll give it a try!
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