Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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    I'll admit up front I'm an easy lay when it comes to dinosaur movies. Men in suits, puppets, lizards with fins glued on - I've seen them all and the only real standard I judged any of them by as a 7-year old was "Did they have enough dinosaurs?"

    Having said that, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is a let down. My main complaint is how it flirts and teases with being the movie everyone wants to see - dinosaurs finally off the island and escaping into the the modern world. Given these images turn up in the trailer, that's not much of a spoiler. The real spoiler is those brief scenes of a hungry mosasaur about to chow down on a surfer come in the last few minutes of the movie which ends with a brief montage of dinosaurs large and small escaping into California and Las Vegas, presumably a set up for the next movie (Jurassic World: Fallen Real Estate Value?).

    I can't speak for everyone, but I've been waiting for dinosaurs to get off the damn islands since the end of The Lost World: Jurassic Park. They tease it at the end of Jurassic Park 3...and then by the fourth movie, we have another park up and running...but I guess all those pterodactyls released in the last two movies wisely found a deserted roost somewhere and avoided man altogether. Good move. I'd hoped the film's subtitle of "Fallen Kingdom" was meant to be about our modern world (as "whoops, here come the dinosaurs.") and not the island that was consumed by a volcanic eruption (a dinosaur film cliche the screenwriters avoided...until now). Jeff Goldblum is briefly on hand to offer the usual dour monster-movie warnings about "messing with nature" (to a tone-deaf government committee) but it just feels like set up of what's to come, then summation of what we've seen.

    Like the Alien series, the Jurassic Park movies have fallen into repetition - mostly man-sized monsters chase people down dark hallways, briskly running to beat out an elevator's closing doors, all while constantly looking behind them. Naturally, an evil corporate entity is trying to exploit the beasts for profit at the less-than-delighted expense of the main cast. Much of this repetition - and the Alien comparisons - come from focusing primarily on the Velociraptors (who do the chasing) and not the bigger, more fascinating animals (who, frankly, put on a better show). Not that those big animals get to do much this time around except flee from the volcano, then spend most of the movie sedated in cages. I'm puzzled the screenwriters and producers thought this was the movie we wanted to see after Jurassic World, which wasn't shy with the hot dino-on-dino-on-human action. Long stretches of the movie are just plain dull as we wait around for something to happen with all those sleepy caged dinosaurs.

    ...so, applying my 7-year old self's standard for dinosaur movies...the answer is there were plenty of dinosaurs in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. They just didn't do anything.
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    Finally saw Fallen Kingdom, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I am curious to find out if I still enjoy it after buying it on BD.

    Much better than the first Jurassic World, IMO.
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    Well I did go and see it and it was pretty good more intense/adult than the first /Pratt one. I shan't buy the DVD though ( maybe a dollar ). Seen Ant Wasp & Wasp trailer looks kinda meh..especially after Avengers Infinity.
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    alexpop, where do you get DVDs for a dollar? I pay $6 to watch new movies on Google play.
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    Cheap ? Gotta wait a decade :)
    I'm a luddite don't do Netflix/Amazon heck don't even have a movie pass. I see about 30/40 new films a year in a cinema ( about 3 a month ) started to save a bit of money as I stopped buying movie/rock magazines ( has to be a exceptional title now)Bought a book,first in many a year, physical copy natch ..Stephen King-The Outsider.
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    This movie is the symbol of mediocrity: endless sequels in a franchise, each one with a main title and a different subtitle, bland lead actors with an equally uninteresting backstory, a screen filled with unrealistic CGI, no dialogue, just chases, crashes, and explosions. Bring your brainless family, buy your huge tub of buttered popcorn, and waddle home.

    How many more Jurassic Park/Fast And Furious/Star Trek/Star Wars/Marvel Comics/Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson movies do we need?

    Long live Molly's Game, Wind River, American Made, and wow, drawing a blank. Hell Or High Water. Sicario.
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    My friend who works at Sony said they thought this movie was going to bomb at the box office.
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    Did very well apparently
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    The novelty of CGI dinosaurs were off on me 25 years ago. Now it's just a Kentucky Fried Dinosaur movie.
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    As a guy who hasn't cared about any of the Jurassic Park movies after the first one, why do folks think the franchise continues to not go there? Why don't we have a movie of dinosaurs trashing, say, Havana? Even the original King Kong movie had the beast running amok in New York City before he died. It's such an obvious plot device, there must be a reason there hasn't been Jurassic World - Bar Hopping.
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    I went into this movie not expecting much, and it ended up being pretty much what I anticipated. I wasn’t completely appalled by it or anything, but I just thought it wasn’t very good. The story was predictable and the action wasn’t very entertaining, but I already knew that from the trailer. One thing that really annoyed me was the characters. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas-Howard’s characters were alright and their performances were decent, but but the rest were just irritating collections of tropes. The two main antagonists (the nice-guy business man and the military guy) were annoyingly predictable and trope-y, and the two “millennial” characters were infinitely more annoying than any of the other young characters in the franchise. Another thing that bugged me throughout the film were the desperate attempts to make the audience care, such as the story with the little girl, the doomed dinosaurs wailing on the edge of the island, everything to do with “Blue,” etc. It was cheesy and came off as very forced. Similarly to that, the whole notion of making the non-engineered dinosaurs the heroes felt like the lamest form of fan-service.

    All that being said, the film definitely did some things right. The cinematography was great, and the occasional animatronics were very impressive. The CGI was good, but the film (predictably) leaned way too much on it.
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    So...just like the previous film.
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    Good movie for the home cinema. It looked great on my 114" scope screen. And sounded excellent in DTS:X.
    I liked the first part on the island, the second half, not so much. The man child was extremely annoying.
    The little girl was a nice twist. Bring on the next one!
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    My friend who worked on this movie gave me a Jurassic Park pin that’s only given to ppl who work on the movie. Pretty cool.
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    I liked it more than I thought I would
  16. I keep hoping the annoying kids will get gobbled up by T-Rex but I am continually disappointed.:D
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  17. We rented this on demand last night. I had Jurassic World still in my mind when renting but the wife wanted to see the movie so off we went. I found myself turned away by so many things, both blatant and subtle...especially the cliched predictability.
    Zia and Franklin (young phenoms in their fields) were dislikeable characters.
    Eli and Mr. Eversoll were so stereotypical corporate characters that I knew what they were going to do 5 seconds into the movie.
    The Owen and Clair stories were not terrible but they were cliche and predictable.
    The Ken Wheatly character (hunter, mercenary) was just so dang dumb predictable...I mean C'mon a little bit. At least Muldoon respected the creatures for what they were.
    The little girl, Maisie, was a plausible choice but the reveal happened way before the actual movie reveal.

    Then we get to the actions that just don't make any sense at all.
    The Brontosaurus standing on the pier, looking dejected for being left behind, burning up and wailing in the lava as the volcano erupts. The Brontosaurus is pretty tall, and supposedly capable of wading into the water pretty far. How does the Brontosaurus know the boat is the way off the island anyway?
    The rolling tour ball. Why hide behind a log when you have the very durable ball right there? Three can't fit? Try laying across the other two.
    If college kids can get 42 people in a VW Beetle you can get three in that ball in a pinch.
    The ball is pretty indestructible...except against a hunting knife I guess?

    Need some carnivore blood for a transfusion? Sure, get if from the T-Rex. Oh, but we have to climb into the cage WITH the thing rather than simply staying outside poking the beast through the very large spaced bars.

    Oh the humanity when letting a few dinos loose into the world...What will ever happen? What will we ever do?
    I dunno? Wait for winter to take its toll on the cold blooded things. Shoot the dinos as needed when they break into the local Piggly Wiggly and raid the Deli section? We do have a fully outfitted military, and so do most other countries.

    The whole movie was this way and I ended not liking it at all. The visuals were good and so was the sound but a movie should be so much more than lights and sounds.

    Jurassic Park is a pretty good movie from a fun ride standpoint. The rest of the franchise is not so fortunate...and I wish it was.
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    It stars the audience.
  19. Michael

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    will watch this tonight...
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    And just to update this thread...


    (I'm not responsible for the misspelling, but the thought is funny.)
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    I learned a lot about Santa Claus!

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    And, don't visit a dinosaur park if you have a particular aversion to being eaten.
  23. TheSeldomSeenKid

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    And if one is Allergic to Dinosaurs. I get severe Asthma(breathing quickly shuts down) to Cats due to their Dander and also with certain breeds of Dogs. Maybe, if I got the same Asthmatic Reaction to Dinosaurs(or maybe like Dogs, only certain Breeds), I would die from not getting air to my Lungs before I was to be eaten?
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    This movie was the definition of mailing it in for everybody involved, just to get that paycheck. Sets up part 3 with all the dinos loose as well. Complete filler and full of tropes as mentioned. At least in the first JW there was a bit of heart behind all the tropes and well-worn plot. Here, not so much.
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    You might die before you have the chance to get eaten.

    But you might be already dead from an Asthma attack on the airplane, with all the people bringing their emotional support animals on the airplane heading to the park.

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