Just how good is Ed Sheeran?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Cool Chemist, Jan 14, 2022.

  1. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader

    ontario canada
    Not just " fantastic" but perfect.
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  2. drbryant

    drbryant Senior Member

    Los Angeles, CA
    Uh oh. Another episode of “Retirees React”. This week, Retirees react to . . . Ed Sheeran! [cue applause track]

    Next week, we’ll play Beat Sabre!
  3. MikeManaic61

    MikeManaic61 Forum Resident

    I love his early work like "X" but after it's a little iffy for me.

    I hope this thread doesn't Spiral down to disaster lol.
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  4. docwebb

    docwebb Forum Resident

    He and Adele fill a musical niche. Heartfelt songs which are pleasant but have no bite, no cutting edge. Not really bland but smooth. Not that that is bad, there has always been a market for that kind of music. I don't own any albums by either but I don't dislike them either and when I hear their music played I find it "pleasant".
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  5. Cool Chemist

    Cool Chemist Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Bath, England
    I would have never predicted that Ed Sheeran would open for The Rolling Stones.

    That is so weird.

    Surely, with sales alone, it should have been the other way around?

    Or maybe Ed has not cracked Kansas yet?
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  6. Jimmy Jam

    Jimmy Jam Forum Resident


    Ah now I feel bad, I went too far, I was only taking the piss,…..”Galway Girl” is the worst song I’ve heard in 20 years…..I can’t believe I made someone listen to that drivel, I hope you can forgive me
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  7. Tanx

    Tanx Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I don't own any of his albums, and his recent stuff grates on me. That said, he's an honest to God songwriter, and along with Taylor Swift and a few others, that makes him stand out on the Top 40. My vote was "good."
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  8. Bobby Morrow

    Bobby Morrow Forum Resident

    I’ve never been much of a fan, but his new = (Equals) album is pretty good!

    Got to give him credit for lasting so well. He’s hardly a flash in the pan.
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  9. Cool Chemist

    Cool Chemist Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Bath, England
    It was a really brazen move to name his albums after buttons on a calculator.

    Which button will he pick next?

    And if he has done +, ×, ÷, =, what was wrong with - or was that too negative a title?

    It does show he has more creativity than Led Zeppelin or Scott Walker, though? Or Chicago.....shudder!
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  10. Wild Horse

    Wild Horse Forum Resident

  11. Robsonschoice

    Robsonschoice Forum Resident

    Ipswich UK
    Lives not a million miles away from where I am, local boy made good, well very good actually...does lots locally for charities etc even pops into the local supermarket and his local pub...musically you can't deny he appeals to the younger generation and sold shed loads of albums, I don't own any but have listened to some tracks, i wouldn't buy any albums and he's not my sort of act but give him credit he's worked hard from playing on the local street corners to where he is now..
  12. Lightworker

    Lightworker Forum Resident

    Deep Texas
    I'm not sure that I could identify Ed Sherran by sight sound or casual reference.
    Since he's big in the U.K. I guess I'll crank up You Tube and solve this mystery.
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  13. JosepZ

    JosepZ Digital knight of the analog masters

    Barcelona, Spain
    Can't say anything about him because I honestly haven't heard any of his songs. My daughter thinks he's fine but she's not a fan. I might give him a chance at some point just to see (hear) what it is all about.
    His success makes me think this thread will become a home for grumpy grampas.
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  14. Gordon Crisp

    Gordon Crisp Forum Resident

    Portland, Oregon
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  15. JosepZ

    JosepZ Digital knight of the analog masters

    Barcelona, Spain
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  16. TheRunoutMatrix

    TheRunoutMatrix ∴Sleep like a pillow∴

    I really liked it. The premise is fabulous. Sheeran was quite good in it, actually; I enjoyed his part in it. Like most here agree, he seems like a nice, affable guy.

    I think he's a decent songwriter, although not really my cup of tea. But even though I don't really care for his music that much, it isn't hard to ascertain that he is an effective songwriter that is above average in comparison to most of his generation. Still doesn't hold a candle to the greats, but that doesn't mean he's terrible.
  17. pinkrudy

    pinkrudy Forum Resident

    i dont really care for the singer songwriter genre in general. when its just one person with a piano or guitar...
    i like it when there is a whole band.

    although i do own a few records i admit.
  18. head_unit

    head_unit Senior Member

    Los Angeles CA USA
    Me neither, like John Mayer or John Legend. But I have to specify I haven't actively listened to any of this. I gotta try some Ed Sheeran, only heard like some stuff on the radio. His one-man-band tour would have hit a BILLION :eek: dollars if COVID had not intervened, that is just wild.
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  19. Chemically altered

    Chemically altered Forum Resident

    Ukraine in Spirit
    Option number 4.
  20. head_unit

    head_unit Senior Member

    Los Angeles CA USA
    Wait are we talking about Dave Matthews Band?!? :laugh: (actually I can kind of picture what people like about DMB and I don't detest them, it just doesn't move me too much. But a lot of those fans probably would not like my heavy metal selections, though who knows I might get surprised).
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  21. culabula

    culabula Unread author.

    Belfast, Ireland

    I don’t know. I don’t outstay his welcome. All I know is when it’s on it drives me bonkers and bad thoughts run through my head like ‘how can anyone stick this’? I keep schtum, mind.
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  22. Onkster515

    Onkster515 Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Do you know how Wienerschnitzel bills itself as the worlds biggest hot dog chain… But not the best?

    This is how I think of Ed Sheeran.
  23. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader

    ontario canada
    There's a scene in it where Ed challenges the 'Yesterday' guy to a songwriting duel. Whoever can write the best song in thirty minutes wins.
    Ed writes something or other and the other guy 'writes' The Long and Winding Road.
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  24. President_dudley

    President_dudley Forum Resident

    Once I was down in Chinatown
    I was eating some Lin’s Chow Fun
    I happened to turn around
    And when I looked I see
    My Chow Fun’s gone

    Paul Simon Track 10 - Paranoia Blues

    i don't really know his work but i'd think he's in the conversation
  25. Gaslight

    Gaslight ⎧⚍⎫⚑

    Northeast USA
    He's fooled millions

    And I've never heard anything of him
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