'Just One More Thing'--- Favourite Columbo Episode

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  1. Wildest cat from montana

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    As Columbo told John Cassavetes's character in the episode ' Etude in Black ' : " Homicide's my specialty".
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  2. A great episode. And the only one I can think where the murderer admitted he may not get away with it, but he hated his wife so much he just had to go for it.
  3. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    He had to go for his beautiful young assistant too!
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  4. JozefK

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  5. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    Never saw his wife before !
  6. Beatlened

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    Candidate For Crime is one of my favourites. Great ending.
  7. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    Another good episode that features one of my favourite things about the series.
    Often when the murderer first meets Columbo he/she thinks he's some dim-witted flat foot. But it 's not long before they realize they're dealing with a serious problem as Columbo tightens the noose.
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    Inspired by this thread and by my own occasional fascination with random viewings of Columbo whenever I would find it during channel surfing, I decided to finally watch them all in order. I'm up to this episode now (#4).

    So far in the series, whenever you see the murder, its always portrayed and edited in a really interesting way. Slow motion or with odd angles or whatever. But, wow, the way they did it in this episode was just outstanding. The close up to the killers eyes, then a freeze frame, and then his cleaning up the evidence shown reflected in both frames of his eyeglasses. And how this actually mirrors his use of the 2 surveillance TVs in his office. How genius. This show is a treasure. I'm so excited I'm here at the beginning and there's so many more episodes left.
  9. Oh there was always an apparent reason. A badly-faked attempt at grief upon hearing the news, or a not so subtle attempt to steer the investigation in a certain direction.

    My favorite season may be #4: The season included some episodes that were sometimes padded-out with humorous side action, like driving with Larry Storch, or being mistaken as a vagrant at a homeless shelter. Funny stuff. The first 3 episodes are as strong as any in the series, the back three are ok.

    1 "An Exercise in Fatality" Bernard Kowalski S : Larry Cohen; T : Peter S. Fischer Robert Conrad Philip Bruns September 15, 1974 97 min
    2 "Negative Reaction" Alf Kjellin Peter S. Fischer Dick Van Dyke Antoinette Bower, Don Gordon October 6, 1974 95 min
    3 "By Dawn's Early Light" Harvey Hart Howard Berk Patrick McGoohan Tom Simcox October 27, 1974 98 min
    4 "Troubled Waters" Ben Gazzara S : Jackson Gillis; S/T : William Driskill Robert Vaughn Poupée Bocar February 9, 1975 98 min
    5 "Playback" Bernard L. Kowalski David P. Lewis & Booker T. Bradshaw Oskar Werner Martha Scott March 2, 1975 73 min
    6 "A Deadly State of Mind" Harvey Hart Peter S. Fischer George Hamilton Stephen Elliott, Lesley Ann Warren April 27, 1975 74 min

    And as an aside, Bruno Kirby played young Clemenza in Godfather II the same year he portrayed a military acedemy student in By Dawn's Early Light. He looks about 7 years younger in the Columbo episode.
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  10. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

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  11. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    I like all those episodes
    I particularly enjoyed how Oskar Werner in 'Playback ' got caught by the very same means he used to provide his alibi. He was a slimy character.
  12. I need to watch this episode again. I remember liking it, but not many details.
  13. Ignatius

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    How about the one with Lee Grant?
  14. PCM7027

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    I particularly like By Dawn's Early Light and Troubled Waters from that season.
    An Exercise in Fatality features the lovely Gretchen Corbett as Janus' secretary, Jessica.

  15. The Hermit

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    I love me some classic Columbo from the 1970's... that was one great character, one great show, and some genuinely great murder-mystery writing to boot... it was a stroke of genius to actually see the murder/murderer first then watch it be solved after the fact!!!

    I always liked the final 1970's episode, 'The Conspirators'... not only 'cause it was a fun episode but it treated the Irish terrorism issue for what it was; murderers not freedom fighters... "this far and no further".

    The finale of 'How to Dial a Murder' was an all-timer... Nicol Williamson, killer mutts, and a brilliant score... that was something else.

    I think 'By Dawn's Early Light' may be the high-point of the original run; that episode could have been a standalone movie in it's own right.

    Mixed feelings towards the 1989-2003 episodes - I personally think Columbo should have continued into the early/mid-1980's then hung it up - but there are some gems in there nonetheless... 'Ashes to Ashes' for example.

    What a pity that Peter Falk's health precluded him from making one final Columbo episode in 2007-08 prior to his passing... he had already approved the script but no studio or outside investor was willing to back it, mainly because of Falk's precarious and failing health at that time, his Alzheimer's was becoming more pronounced and it was believed (rightly or wrongly) that he wouldn't have lasted through the shoot.

    Haven't bought the Japanese DVD box-set, but I believe the transfers currently shown on UK television are the same ones as those on that set; if our own @Vidiot is correct, the 1970's episodes were scanned at 4K from the original camera negatives and remastered in the OAP of 1:33... they look immaculate, what a pleasure it is to view them in such restored clarity... a Columbo Blu-ray set would be just the business!!!

    I wish Warner Bros. would give the same treatment to the two original V mini-series'; new 4K transfers, meticulous remastering, and in original 1:33 aspect ratio and remastered mono soundtrack...
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  16. One of my favorite episodes. It includes the rare occurrence of Columbo losing his cool / temper when Robert Conrad pretends he cares about the widow he drove to attempt suicide. Excellent stuff -and Robert Conrad was a fine villian.
  17. a customer

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    he was also good in braveheart.
    I didn't know he was still acting then.
  18. reddyempower

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    Isn't that part of the charm, though? Trying to figure out exactly when Columbo is on to them?
  19. indy mike

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    Type casting...
  20. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    That's an oldie !
    That.must have been one of the very first instances where the murderer completely underestimates Columbo.
  21. Wildest cat from montana

    Wildest cat from montana Humble Reader Thread Starter

    Great post!
    Regarding ' How To Tell A Murder '.... I have a book about the early Columbo seasons and the author contacted many of the villain star for their recollections. Nicole Williamson said he could barely recall doing the episode saying it was one of many things he did at the time just for the money. A frank albeit disappointing answer. All the other ' villians' provide fine recollections about their appearances on the show.
  22. The Hermit

    The Hermit Wavin' that magick glowstick since 1976

    The good Lieutenant also loses his cool with Leonard Nimoy's villainous doctor in 'A Stitch in Crime' when the latter laughs at him to his face and Columbo slams the water jug down hard on the desk... a rare and dramatic flash of emotion and an even rarer glimpse of Columbo's true personality, which we know very little about as he puts on The Act with suspects to disarm them, for them to underestimate him, to wear them down, and ultimately to nab them.

    Case in point; 'Death Lends A Hand' wherein Columbo is acting normally at the mansion of the missing wife, asking questions, taking notes, a normal detective going about his investigative duties... when Robert Culp enters the room, you can almost visibly see Columbo switch on The Act and get to work on Culp's character (who was the murderer in question)... he just KNEW in seconds that guy was the killer!!!

    The best cops in real-life have that 'sixth sense' about potential suspects... it's just instinct, a hunch, a feeling... and it's often completely accurate. So Columbo having it in a television show isn't that far-fetched... at all.

    Happy watching... there's some absolute gems ahead.
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  23. rocketmotor

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    What a great show! Was interesting watching how different directors made the show different. Patrick McGohan really had chemistry with Falk.

    What about the episode that opened with a auto return turntable triggering and firing a pistol or lighting firecrackers?
  24. Jrr

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    I bought the ridiculous pricey cigar box blu-ray set, I think from a forum member if memory serves, for around $300 but what a beautiful set. Really cherish it, and have watched many of the episodes multiple times. It’s amazing how much more detail there is. Also, some of the shows have an additional scene.
  25. rocketmotor

    rocketmotor Forum Resident

    Yes, that is a good book. Details every episode. Bought it and read it many years ago. I had every episode of “Colombo” and “The Equalizer” record to video tape.

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