Just when you though you've seen it all---THE RECORD REVERSER

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chip TRG, Jun 8, 2006.

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  1. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member Thread Starter

    I don't know which is weirder: the fact that this product needed to be invented, or the fact that they use a Pat Suzuki disc to demo it!

  2. reechie

    reechie Senior Member

    So who wants this? Backwards masking zealots or "Paul Is Dead" fanatics?

    And can't you just reverse an MP3 on any computer these days? :rolleyes:
  3. Pug

    Pug The Prodigal Snob Returns!

    Near Music Direct
  4. mfp

    mfp Senior Member

    Paris, France
    My brother used to have a "record reverser"; he used to work in a DJ magazine, so sometimes Technincs or other turntable companies would lend him equipment so he could review it.
    We spent a great evening listening to backwards records, like Revolution 9 (sounds better backwards :) ) or Robert Wyatt's "Little Red Riding Hood Hit The Road" (an amazing listen since half the instruments on this track are backwards, so it was like listening to it on the other side of the looking glass). I don't think it would be usefull for any other song though...
  5. PMC7027

    PMC7027 Forum Hall Of Fame

    Hoschton, Georgia
    Did you notice how the person in the video held the LP by the grooves when putting it on the record reverser?

    Do you have to run the turntable on your VPI or other vacuum cleaning machine backwards before playing a record backwards? :laugh:
  6. mrtanner

    mrtanner Active Member

    .tcudorp taerg a si siht kniht I
  7. Jamie Tate

    Jamie Tate New Member

    Watch the video and count how many vinyl fouls they commit. I stopped at 17.
  8. Chili

    Chili New Member

    What are the vinyl fouls? I'd like to know some of the not-so-obvious ones seriously...like what procedure should be used?
  9. rene smalldridge

    rene smalldridge Senior Member

    I buried Paul......I love Yoko.........rebmun enin, rebmun enin,rebmun enin.
  10. JohnS

    JohnS Senior Member

    London, UK
    Stereo L-R flaw?

    If you're flipping your stylus/cartridge through 180 degrees, won't this invert the L and R channels of the playback??? (pauses to go and have a lie-down in a nice dark room)
  11. Chip TRG

    Chip TRG Senior Member Thread Starter

    Ya know, it just occurred to me...now we can find out what exactly was on the flip side to "They're Coming To Take Me Away" by Napoleon XIV! ;)
  12. mandel

    mandel New Member

    London, UK
    The stylus and cartridge will pick up the signal with the channels swapped however you've also got the whole headshell on reversed which will swap the channels back to being correct. However turning the headshell upside down will make both channels be in inverse phase.

    More of an issue is that your tracking angle will be totally off, massively if you have a straight-tone arm.
  13. Jamie Tate

    Jamie Tate New Member

    I was mostly being funny. You shouldn't take anything you saw in that video seriously, especially the concept of carving up your records while playing them backwards.

    I assume the video was made just for fun. This thing isn't actually being sold, is it?
  14. mrtanner

    mrtanner Active Member

    I just listened to Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd with this thing and during "Pleasant Valley Sunday", I clearly heard, "Peter Tork is dead. Peter Tork is dead."
  15. Tetrack

    Tetrack Forum Resident

    Scotland, UK.
    .gnob eht em ssaP .eerga I

    The religious one was kind of funny.
  16. Jimbo

    Jimbo Forum Hall Of Fame

    Zero/Zero Island
    "The music is reversible, but time is not. Turn back! Turn back! Turn back! Turn back!"

    (...anybody? Bueller?)
  17. Anders B

    Anders B Forum Resident

    Bev Bevan, ELO - Face The Music 1975.
  18. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

    (Aaaaah Ah) Yawa Em Ekat Ot Gnimoc Er'yeth
  19. Jimbo

    Jimbo Forum Hall Of Fame

    Zero/Zero Island
    No more calls, we have a winner! That didn't take long! :)
  20. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

  21. Larry L

    Larry L Senior Member

    Allen, Texas
    How about "Are You Experienced?" There's a lot of backwards stuff on that one.
  22. XMIAudioTech

    XMIAudioTech New Member

    Petaluma, CA
    I used to have a modified B-I-C turntable that was capable of going from zero to ludicrous speed in either direction at the twist of a knob... Used it mainly for SFX work, but it of course was a natural for playing the 'backwards' messages on records before the advent of WAV files... :)

  23. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled me!

    :biglaugh: :unhunh:

    All you have to do is copy the song onto the computer, reverse the file, and burn it on CD. Oh, I guess it's made for those people who don't like computers.
  24. BradOlson

    BradOlson Country/Christian Music Maven

    They should distribute this product to the head shops and other stores where the hippie and "goth" people hang out in, and also tattoo parlors.
  25. Geez, it's just two LP record centers glued to a toilet paper tube with a screw through the middle. Even I could do that for less than $15. Not that I want to!

    Anybody recognize this label?

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